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Effective Marketing of the Project Concepts and Objectives

From the moment which will exercise the functions of your daily life, and even go to bed, you find yourself surrounded by a sea of ​​marketing activities; you are dealing with goods, services and ideas on a permanent basis and on footprint and is giving a new form of life.

Marketing aims to form a base of customers and marketing is that is a complex process to form a base of customers for your products and services, and marketing plan is a written document that will help you carry out this process, including the steps you need this plan to ensure its success. Walk Away Winner

Known as the marketing function:

As "a set of integrated activities performed by the facility to facilitate exchanges, and in the way that the marketing department at the facility are two main two functions.

Create demand for products the facility, and identifying marketing opportunities, research, product planning, advertising, personal selling and sales promotion, pricing and discrimination.
Service demand and through the practical realization of the exchange is done by the functions of storage, transport, and implementation of requests and exchanges, and technical service, warranty and distribution outlets, and select customer segments, marketing and financing, and export. American Grown
The definition of modern marketing:

Modern marketing knows that he (the efforts of individuals and groups in social and administrative framework for specific needs and desires by creating and exchanging products and values ​​with others) and this definition indicates that marketing is a combination of several elements:

1 - the needs and desires (Needs & Wants):

Means the needs of Needs in general that the basic requirements that individual feels the need to satisfy on a continuous basis and is considered the humanitarian needs a starting point to study the marketing activity, and examples of needs required by the human: food, clothing, shelter, security, and a sense of belonging, respect, and is different to satisfy these needs according to the nature and progress of society. Wants are desires the means to satisfy these needs so the man satisfying the desires of marketing and direct, and influence the decisions for the selection of goods and services required for this saturation.

2 - Products (Products):

Product product refers to any service or activity, or a person, place, organization or idea, and affects the quality of the product several effects such as money and time and habits of customers, competition and technology. Creating a demand for new products and changing consumer purchasing habits is impossible, and the introduction of new technology that would cause an increase in the cost. Mobile Monopoly 2

3 - exchange (Exchange):

Exchange is the natural form to satisfy the desires Valtpadl is the core of the marketing process and will be exchange through marketing operations, which are based on trading between the parties and include two things news coming out value, may not process cash which is the exchange of goods and services in units of cash in the process of buying and selling unusual, and the process is done in the form of swap where the swap is between the products of other products.

4 - commercial transactions (Transactions):

If the exchange is the essence of the marketing system, the transaction represents a unit of measurement for this system, and process business transactions require several measurable factors are:

The presence of at least two things have value.
Case to be agreed upon.
Time of the agreement.
Place with the agreement.
Markets (Markets):
Markets are the places that enable buyers and sellers of a particular commodity from constant contact with each other and take all the information related to this item. And the progress of the means of communication and multiplicity of expanded markets and stronger links between them. It can be a market somewhere, any particular geographical area or a group of individuals, companies or countries are linked physically or electronically.
The size of the market varies according to a set of considerations Vmekdmtha price offered by the good or service, as well as the number of people who have the interests of the commodity and check them the benefit of and have the desire to acquire the ability to do so. The $100 Startup

From the above it is clear that marketing is a set of integrated activities which are based on directing the flow of goods and services, ideas, and within the limits of the effects of the surrounding environment.

The importance of marketing:

Contribute to marketing activities in the provision of goods or services to customers and so is the marketing of the main effects of the specific capabilities of the project on the life and continuity, and in general marketing activities help to increase economic activity in society and reflected the importance of the marketing function in the following areas:

1 - Establishment of the benefits:

The function creates marketing benefits of time and space, in addition to the benefit of beneficial ownership and formal, and the illustration number (1) shows the functions of marketing and the benefits arising therefrom.

Marketing jobs and benefits

Figure (1) marketing jobs and benefits
2 - Strengthening of specialization:

The degree of specialization over the communities, the more the progress of society has increased the degree of specialization, and with the progress of time began to specialize in production, and was the result of this specialization increase the size of the total production of society and focus on the degree of mastery and development of what is produced, and with the increasing standard of living in different societies and the emergence of producers who produce large quantities of goods and services, it has become difficult to sell these goods directly to the final consumer, and it was necessary to specialize in production after that there will be facilities specializing in the distribution and sales ... Etc.. To act as intermediaries between producers and consumers and then grew up centers and trade groupings. Automated tv profits

3 - Development of standard of living:

Marketing can satisfy human needs and raise the standard of living for members of the community, by providing the required products of goods and services and ideas with a view to satisfy the needs of current and prospective consumer is also working marketing to identify the needs and desires underlying the harmonization of these needs with the use of the findings of modern technology in the provision of goods and the development of new services and existing products, thereby helping to raise the standard of living of individuals. Job Replacer

Objectives of the marketing system:

Maximize consumption.
Maximize the satisfaction of consumers.
Maximize the chances of selection. سوق دوت كوم
Maximize and improve the quality of life.

Online Marketing Tips

There are many methods of promotion on the Internet or online Marketing
Allows emarketing and new means by which to interact closely and more effectively than with the customers in the methods of promoting the traditional, and although that might be interesting for you when planning your campaign's promotional website, but it means at the same time that you have to be very careful in how to use such possibilities; For example, it is possible that allows you to promote through e-mail messages to send your message directly to the public that you choose. However, the e-mail messages to people they do not request or send e-mail messages more than necessary to those who request could adversely affect the reputation of your company like SEO Fight Back

Classification of web sites:

When it comes to promotion and advertising campaigns through the Internet, it is useful to classify Web sites into two categories: sites that sell advertising services and sites that purchased advertising services, and despite the fact that these two categories Tstmlan some overlap in practice, they both separate from the other and allows useful means to determine the roles that should be carried out by web sites review engine roi.

1 - Press Publishing sites:

Can be called to service delivery sites advertising news reporting, and adopt these sites to provide advertising services in exchange for some expenses. In spite of that the advertisements provided by these sites include marketing messages, but they do not constitute the bulk and core of the site.

Examples of sites publishing the press the following:

A - ports of entry:
Which is about the entrances and corridors to access the Internet can be used as a normal user. The central location of these sites to browse the Web by providing services such as news or information related to weather or search mechanism or a special register with the website. Include sites login successful - such as Yahoo and Excite - on some of the highest numbers, rates of traffic on the web, and sites offer ads on a high degree of quality can be any user to see, as we find that targeted ads are included in the categories substantive evidence of its web. Easy FB Commissions review

B - sites that depend on the contents:
Although these sites are not loading the size of that enjoyed by the previous sites, some of the magazines on the Internet - such as the salon - have a wide base of readers. And comprises the sites based on content, which had the advantage of targeting a widely technical magazines like Webmonkey and World and Internet, and these sites attract advertising from companies targeting Internet professionals.

2 - Marketing sites:

These sites do not rely on advertising for revenue, but seeks primarily to the sale of the product. In fact, you may not be in favor of the company's site to be marketed shall contain no advertising at all. It is the title of this site is clear to us that the goal of the third-party marketing of products marketed not interested in marketing the products of these sites of others. It could be argued that most of the sites retailers dealing in the field of e-commerce fall into this category. CPA Freedom review

3 - overlapping categories of Web sites:

Types of these sites overlap with each other when they choose the organizers of a marketing sites sell ads in the narrowest limits, for example, when deciding in charge of marketing a site with a limited marketing budget to join a private network with tapes on the web advertising business, they find themselves in this the situation obliged to offer such tapes ad on their site for the benefit of other members of the network, in contrast, the tapes will show the ad on their sites of other members.

Other examples of overlap when the officials of the location depends on the content advertise on entry or the location of the sites of rates of the visit high, although the sites that rely on content-based ads to earn revenue, they need to prepare advertisements for them to expand mass base of readers.

In both cases we find that the primary objective of both locations remains the same, which is the advertising industry, and it can be said in this regard that the e-commerce site that engages in the field of advertising tapes are still working on a marketing position slightly in the field of news reporting.

On the other hand, the sites that rely on content sites continue to operate a private press publishing in the field of marketing with very little.

Methods of Promotion:

1 - Promotion of the tapes during the ad:

Different sizes of tape advertising
The tapes advertising is the most common form of advertising web common and widespread today, in other words, we say that Internet users see these ads everywhere on the web, and others use the term tapes ad only to refer to the ads horizontal petition, which sees at the bottom and the top of web pages, while others use catchall phrase to describe a web video ads of every shape and size. Work From No Home review
In any case, the tapes advertising is the means number one for the promotion of the products on the Internet in spite of the ongoing debate raised about its effectiveness, and claim some experts, the web that bars advertising is not effective and it is a waste of time dedicated to marketing campaigns where it has become a common degree made Web users do not stop when the observed On the other hand, supporters of the tapes shows that advertising studies indicate that ad tapes increase public awareness of the product advertised, and is therefore a means of value in any promotion campaign on the Internet.

Despite this controversy, the tapes advertising tool advertising commonly accepted by many constantly, which is why it is important to e-commerce professionals to be familiar with the techniques and terminology relating to advertising tapes.

Concepts and terminology related to the tapes ad:

To identify clearly on the tape advertising and related issues, you should be familiar with the concepts and terminology related to the following tapes ad:

Ad click:
Refers to the ad click on the tapes, and this is one of the units of measurement used by the experts in web ads measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.
Also known as B bannerad It is a declaration is visible on the web page includes a link to one of the pages of the website of the Party stated, estimated size of the ad tapes generally offer of 468 pixels × 60 pixels in length, yet they vary in size. Usually referred to as the ad tapes to small tiles.
This indicates the shortcut to the coalition of advertising-supported information and entertainment, which was founded in 1994 by the Union of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agency in order to provide guidance and direction in which to raise the level of marketing campaigns and advertising.
Click rate:
Is a measure of the number of clicks on the ad title in exchange for a response rate of the Declaration, and this number almost.
This term refers to the user clicks on the ad title. It is synonymous with the term ad click.
According to these letters to the cost-per-click (cost per click) is a form of marketing on the Internet is used in setting the prices of tapes ad, and payment is made to the publishers of the Internet often by advertisers based on the number of clicks you recognize them on a tape advertising, and price ranges fovea is usually between ten to twenty cents. American Grown Michelle Obama
According to the cost-per-thousand is used this formula by marketers online to determine the price of tapes ad, and it can be said that the ads news reporting, which uses this formula in determining the prices of bars advertising ensures the advertiser response rate specific, and therefore these sites set rate based on such security in the rate of CPM. For example, we find that the web site has an average CPM of its thirty dollars and ensure that advertisers will be asked the amount of response 900.000 72.000 dollars for the tapes display advertising on the site's advertisers.
Standard sizes of the tapes ad:

Size is measured in pixels advertising tapes. The term pixel (pixel) is an abbreviation for an image (picture element) represents a pixel, one point in the image graphic, and the standard size of bar advertising is 468 on 60 pixels, and with this Vttnoa sizes and formats of tape ad, and have Web sites that offer advertising space in general, a variety of available spaces as they provide advertisers a list of sizes and shapes appropriate. Keyword Domainizer Review

The following is a list of the most sizes and forms of advertising commonly tapes (all measured in pixels):

468 on 60:
Size, which is the traditional form of bars advertising that is displayed at the top and bottom of the web pages. It is more common forms of advertising tapes at the moment.
120 in 60:
He is the second most common form with respect to advertising tapes, called the ad tapes that belong to this form and name of the tiles can be placed on the side of the ad tapes ranging in size from 468 on 60 or in the column left or right of the web site.
234 on 60:
Sometimes called the tapes ad of this size half title of my ad, and this size is equivalent to the same height for the title but the traditional display advertising half the width of the latter. It is possible to put two of these tapes to the advertising side at the top or bottom of the web page. As can be placed next to the title, one ad size ranges between 60 and 468 on the site if the design sufficiently broad Mobile Monopoly 2.0 .
125 in 125:
And increasing demand for this size of the ad tapes and often what you see in the upper-right corner of the web pages or in the upper left or right column.
120 in 90:
The advantage of the ad tapes of this size it is longer by 30 pixels from the tapes ad 120 in size 60. In the view of these tapes advertising predominantly in the left column or the left of the web page.
125 in 400:
The advantage of these headers that belong to this size as alien to the users who are not only entrusting the horizontal bars advertising. And acquires these tapes ad on a large proportion of the column on the website.
Overall we can say that there are more and more shapes and sizes for advertising addresses that are currently used on web sites. With respect to the bulk of them, we can say that the form of tapes your ad is determined by the sites that will be advertising through them. The tapes were ad size (468 in 60) and (120 in 60) are the most common species and you should use the ad tapes that belong to these two promotional campaigns in Social Commissions Review on the Internet.

Types of tapes ad:

Is the coordination of all tapes in the form of advertising files with format GIF, and this coordination - coordination next to JPEG - is one of the most common types of image files and widespread on the web today. In addition to the use of media that are rich in the techniques of advertising tapes.

1 - GIF formats are fixed and graphical "animated":

Can be ad tapes that have been prepared using the GIF format is either fixed or graphical, and GIF format is a hard one image does not change. It can be said in this connection that has a fixed formats GIF file sizes less than the GIF graphic formats. Tapes were not dependent on advertising GIF format Fixed common for many years, but began to demand to use it recently, because recent studies show that the effectiveness of ads fixed not less than those which characterize graphical ads, and that some users prefer the first type of the latter. Binary Options Strategies

The GIF format is created from a series of graphic formats GIF fixed are organized through a program such as GIF Builder or Ulead GIF Animator to create an animated picture.

Although it has a larger file sizes, the straps graphical ad features a number of advantages over fixed ad cassettes.

And these advantages can be summarized in the following list:

A - the clarity of marketing message:
GIF formats can display graphical marketing message is not clearly better than GIF formats fixed. While the fixed formats GIF can only display one set of text and still images in the space available, the formats GIF graphic can display many images and text items in the space available over the same periods of time.

B - visual excitement:
As they move and change of forms, formats, the GIF graphics look more distinguished from the fixed content of the web site, and do not make the title of this movement more visible advertising only, but it attracts the attention of the viewer.

C - create excitement:
The possibility of the GIF format graphic masterly setting that creates an atmosphere of excitement in the same scenes, for example, it is possible to raise the first snapshot of the Declaration, the following question in the mind of the viewer: Where can I find a great gift and at a reasonable price? And after giving the viewer a few moments to think about an answer to that question represented in the name of the store advertised.
2 - rich media:

The rich media is effective and exciting way to give the tapes of vital advertising and gravity. There are common Tenseeqan are used to create these tapes are the ad: Shockwave and CGI.

Macromedia Shockwave:
A graphic format allows fees more complex and smoother than is possible with GIF graphic formats. It is possible to use the tapes ad that used with the coordination of Shockwave to create interactive experiences Thriller - like games - that can make both of the Declaration and the product interesting for the viewer, but the disadvantages of using the tapes ad depends on the coordination of Shockwave that the files of Shockwave requires the user to download a program to help so file is displayed, and if the user does not see that it includes a blank form icon to indicate that it is not possible to display the Job Replacer content.
And in which you can enable the display of the ad tapes small models, for example, a bar advertising that offers four options for the viewer button to send, and when the user chooses and sends the form it is transmitted to the site of the company stated. And in that case, recording the results of the model but can be used to assess the visitor experience and to identify the needs and wishes.
In general, there are some disadvantages for the use of tapes which are based on advertising rich media:

The first is:
That the file sizes for these tapes ad be much larger than those of the formats GIF. The download time can be long for users who do not have high speed connections to the Internet.

Not accept some Web sites that contain ads and rich media to the requirements associated with a frequency range. And then if you plan to use tapes that rely on advertising rich media in your campaign, you should also make sure to save a lot of GIF formats you have.

Create effective advertising tapes:

There are many ways in which to make the viewer interested and attracted to the address advertising, and tapes can be said that advertising more effective if it is created and prepared in accordance with the methods and the following guidelines:

Ask questions:
You have to use the tapes in the advertising question was raised in the mind of the viewer, many Internet users are finding themselves forced to answer such questions, especially if asked their opinion. For example, if you are advertising a shop that deals in both the E-books and traditional paper books, in this case you should be put on the client the following question: Will the sovereignty of electronic books in the future? Because a lot of people have a strong correlation electronic books, this question is likely to excite a lot of viewers.
Call to make what you need:
Be determined through the tape ad to the viewer what to do from the action, as if asking him to click in that position.
Renewal and replacement of tapes ad:
You need to replace the tapes ad repeatedly, according to the Yahoo site, the viewers get bored of the address advertising in two weeks which means you must be willing to renew and replace advertising tapes every few weeks. If you have a limited number of tapes ad and you advertise in many of the sites in this case, you can view these ads, alternating between the sites.
Standard sizes:
If you are setting up a set of tapes ad, you have to make them standard sizes - and we mean here is that the size of 60 for 468 on the ads and the horizontal (120 in 60) and (125 to 125) adjacent to the ads.
The small size of the file:
You have to ascertain that the file size of a small advertising title as much as possible. There are at most sites limit to the size of these files. The good web designer is one who knows how to use colors and graphical methods to make optimal use of the files as small as possible.
Smart fees can help to highlight and clarify the tapes of the ad web page as a whole, as it earned great look attractive.
Avoid false claims:
You should make sure that the title accurately describes what advertising will find scenes on the site. If you are advertising services, brokerage and mediation on the Internet - for example, you have to use the title of my ad says "If you want to achieve more than they dreamed of wealth, click here." However, this method may help to increase the number of clicks and not the number of visitors interested in is already offered, including a Affiliate Overthrow site.
Visual attractiveness:
The title should be advertising attractive and interesting, and you in this regard that leaves the task of preparing the establishment of these bands advertising for a professional web designer, on the other hand, the weakness of the design as well as the limited use of Web technologies is reflected negatively on the reputation of your company, Valasthaddam limited colors can make the title Advertising appears to be well done. On the possibility of a good web designer to deal with a limited number of colors and creative fees in order to create the title ad adorable and attractive in terms of video while keeping the file size small.
The clarity of hyperlinks:
You have to show that your ad is a hyperlink, there is New Users of the Internet every day and may not be clear to all, it is difficult to distinguish advertising is drawing from the rest of the contents of the website design if you were not interested in highlighting that the ad contains a hyperlink, it is possible to achieve this quite easily by putting a blue border around the image color or write certain words in blue and put a line under it. Dropship Dinero Facil
Advertising positions the tape:

No less important than the subject of the tape advertising on a web page about the importance of the message you are trying to connect to customers. And then you'll be sure to assess where they might be to advertise on the site from which declares that the position you choose to serve your marketing campaign perfectly. You can in this regard conditioning design your ad depending on the location, which will be included in it.

Are putting a lot of tapes ad at the top of the web page, which is the area which may be good because it means that the address advertising will be the first element is loaded may be the only thing watching customer for a few moments by downloading the rest of the contents of the page - especially if the client connection Internet slow. On the other hand, it is possible to have put the ad at the top of the page disadvantage because this is the traditional status is common in all locations, which makes the client used to seeing tapes ad at the top of the web page always, which could lead to simply ignore .

As such, we find that some of the ads that are placed down a little on the web page are attractive and the enthusiasm of the customers even more. The positions that are included in the ad tapes are frequently left column, which can accommodate the size of ad titles (120 in 60) and (125 in 125), in addition to the addresses with a vertical ad custom size. The status of the tapes ad in this position makes it a wider field of vision as part of the contents of the site and not as a mere declaration ad. سكر للتسوق


The basis of science SEO 2.0 is the "study of the behavior engine spiders research" and to create a website to Work From No Home System
To illustrate it, the Google or other search engines that sends spiders or programs that run on indexing or organization web pages in a database so that out the results of the database to users when matching Keywords that are seeking out what exists in the database and all the engine research has spiders vary or consistent with other search engine spiders in the mode of operation and indexed for web pages and often do not disclose in the search engines working on methods and strategies of spiders work so as not tricking owners sites Easy FB Commissions

Legal SEO and Illegal Seo
I have read many books that talk about "temptation Google Bot" or "control of the Google Bot," a books on how to dominate Google in ways that are legitimate or illegal means and to understand the difference between the methods of legitimate and illicit Let me show you the general framework in which it operates these spiders

When you visit one of these spiders locations where looking for so-called key words that recur in my website if you read this, which is now where you'll find that there are a number of keywords that are repeated often linked to a site entitled
"search engines"
"Commercial sites"
Because the repeated words in one of the topics means that the site deals with this topic mean like CPA Freedom, Google Bot is considering repeating the keywords and give her the value of iterative The site, which repeated the word "SEO 2.0" three times less in the arrangement of the site, which repeated the word "SEO" ten times when the stability of all other factors that may affect the order of sites such as  Rank or recommendations other sites

To illustrate it more between methods legitimate and not legitimate in the control of the Google Bot has write an article has nothing to do Search engine optimization then repeat the word SEO to con Google Bot and  that the site is talking about Hiye other than Heye located actually find it put in the position statements such as "SEO SEO ..."to get the order in Google Advanced illegal manner

To understand it more the way the project and the method of non-project, I also use repetition such as "Commercial sites Commercial sites Commercial sites", but I used it correctly and on the degree of upscale sophistication, I write these words is not for you alone, O reader, but also write for Google in care of Google to find the repetition, but in the framework of explanation as you see Vemoqay talking about SEO must be authorized to repeat the word SEO, but I repeat them properly does not use deception, because deception leads to prevent Google PageRank from appearing completely by placing it in the black list after several months Property Millionaire Maker
This method, which I repeat the words of SEO in place the best method, which repeated its phrases in their proper context by using the method, but the project legitimately tolerated by any expert of Google Inc. wants to check my website, I rose above the farce, which I see in some sites that repeat the owners words even find me I do not understand what it says because of the words superimposed on the context but I am Here I repeat the word "SEO" brilliantly and in the proper context and to return back and contemplate a new article from the
And I advise you not to repeat words haphazardly so do not put your site in Google banned sites
Learn more about Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing Ideas and Strategies

Viral Marketing Strategies

Has become competitive in the world of e-marketing so strong it is hard to survive in the midst of waves of sites that are published every day what that was browsing the internet with words related to my website, such as "make money online" or work from home or e-commerce, "but I find a barrage countless sites, despite the shallowness of material provided by most of these sites, it occupies a place in Google, which makes the marketer-mail that is marketed to conveniently get lost between the ways different marketing and we are in this article we offer a great way call it viral marketing, a type of publicity makes your site known and spread as the virus spreads from one place to another without the competitors to find a way to stop it or overcome it through the regular short-term review engine roi .
Before starting to give an idea of ​​the pattern catalog Let me tell you I do not cite to my site at all except on very long periods may extend to the year Do you imagine that neglects a person its a whole year and, although it remains his position would bring him an income superior to pin your income derived from his traditional. It is also already thanks to my use of methods of viral marketing that others drive marketing to me is addictive, which makes the idea of ​​my moving from one person to another just as the virus passes from person to person on a treadmill make my site and my sales flowing, although I have not marketing the traditional way.
Here we must be aware that the word virus is a word common to include underneath a large number of cognate concepts given by specialists different names for example, there is a "virus" and there "Alospay Brands" A "programs Alad Brands," and here you find English words many start Balzaúdh English
A redundant English means "against"
Just as there are the following terms
Virus Virus
Adware program publicity
Spyware spyware
Programs are resistant to these malicious programs we call in the order
So there is the design of programs to spread its mission is to move a Viral Traffic Optimizer infection of your device to let you know that there is a site is selling something or promoting a certain idea of ​​specific
Have you ever encountered that you found on your computer screen to open the browser against your wishes to take you to a particular site or a specific product that tells you?
Here we have to distinguish between this pattern catalog is rejected, which imposes itself on the client and the viral marketing legitimate, which has nothing to do Balsovi Webber, which imposes itself on the client machine, and there must also be aware that the term "viral marketing" has no relationship at all with viruses, but has to do with infection Thought-controlled so that the idea to the client makes it addictive than willing to convince two other people the same idea in a circle constantly expanding to include new customers Easy FB Commissions
Let me give you an example to illustrate
Do you entered a time to spread the sites where the terms "make money online" or "profit from the Internet" or "quick profit from the Internet" or "work from no home" or "profit more than five hundred dollars through the Internet" or similar
Have you found yourself crazy idea and presented in a way
Have you tried repeatedly to design the site and repeat the same words as if the injury from infection the virus has to make you - acting in a reckless out of consciousness - unfortunately the word - but that's what is really happening - and surprisingly you do and do and do and you Radi
Has been shopping for a site or one of the companies that call themselves "companies profit from the Internet" and shopping and shopping and shopping ..... ....... And you Radi
And you find yourself telling the other two up ..... And you Radi
Loya-month group profit from the Internet sites
Registered and Okspoa from the Internet
Shopping remains the company's hysterically
Have you tried this
Well .........
Certainly tried, and certainly heard about the profit from the e-mail or from the company CPA Freedom This pattern of viral marketing, which is marketed by the owners of these sites to their sites to your account here and I do not take this indecent style catalog, but I just introduce the idea in order to understand the meaning of viral marketing and know that it actually moves like a virus through your Loki Link Builder Review.

The Target Market Definition

After we were introduced to the market research. It is important to remember that marketing is focused on people. If you focus your efforts on your product or your earnings only, you will lose something. The term target market because the market, and is a group of people, is the goal that you should focus your efforts in marketing.

Target Market Analysis

Thus, we must not forget that the market is the people, and they are common attributes of people differentiate them from others as a group. Thus, the more your stats for a targeted market, the more you more accuracy in the preparation of marketing strategy. And table below shows examples of market segments (or collections):

Characteristics of The Target Market

The type of market sector
Group common specifications
Sector of the population
Measurable statistics such as age, income, profession, etc. ..
Sector mental specifications for buyers
Aspects of your lifestyle, such as love of make money online, the inhabitants of cities or urban areas, etc. ..
Sector based on the use of
The frequency of use such as Binary Options Strategy concerts and leisure travel, etc. ..
Sector benefit
The desire to get the benefits of the product itself, such as CPA Freedom, prosperity, comfort, food, etc. ..
Geographical segment
Location: such as home address, work address, etc. ..
The following are examples of targeted sectors can be created using the table above:
People who want to Work From No Home to earn Easy FB Commissions.
You must observe so as not to confuse the market sector and geographical location. Where the market are the people who live in a certain area, not the market is this particular area. And that of the common mistakes committed by employers and that cause them the loss of loss of focus in marketing their clients.

Design marketing strategies with attention to the target market
The reason that leads us to the attention of the target market is identified, because this leads to the establishment of strategies for the design and pricing, distribution, promotion and determine the impact and improve the product, service or idea more easily and more effective and less expensive. Loki Link Builder Review

For example, if research showed that strong packaging material can be recycled with blue letters attract the attention of your target market, and if focused on the target market, you must choose the kind of packaging materials. But if your interest was first focused on the product or profit rather than people, it can simply be made of packing material Alsterofum Gentlemen, it protects the product (product interest), or because it is cheap (interest profit).

Here is another example: If you know that your target market is men between the ages of 24 and 49 years and who like to investing in Property Millionaire Maker and often buy real estate and live in the suburbs of the city, you can prepare a message advertising attracts those types of buyers. In addition, you can buy advertising periods in a particular Property Millionaire Maker review sites or television program that appeals to the kind of buyers, rather than buying a commercial break during the TV broadcast is expensive. From here you should study it well. 

In short, when you take the marketing decisions you should keep in mind all the ingredients, because that will cost you money. And you must know your target sector (target market) and prepare a strategy to achieve success directly.

The performance of marketing
After the application program shopping, business owners should evaluate their performance. And should be for each program performance standards for comparison with actual results. The research industry standards and past performance will help in the development of appropriate standards.
Is imperative for employers to review the performance of their companies once every three months at least. Key questions are:
Is the company doing all it can to be a focus on the customer?
Do staff make sure that the customer leaves satisfied and that he wants to return again?
Is it easier for the customer to find what he wants it and the price competitive? Viral Traffic Optimizer 2.0 review

Successful Marketing - What is Market Research?

In this new post will talking about the basic of  Market Research As the first step in the successful marketing.
Integrated marketing plan is key to success and should include market research you have, your location, customer groups, which target custmer, positioning, product or service they sell, pricing, advertising and marketing. Begin marketing and advertising planning and effective information about the current market such as Property Millionaire Maker.
Study the ads of other projects in your community, and consult any relevant professional associations, with this interactive tool helps you in assessing the strengths and weakness of marketing.
When you have all the necessary information you must type the plan:

  1. Nature of the work: ebook, software or service like SEO FightBack
  2. Product or Service
  3. Geographic marketing area: neighborhood, regional and local levels.
  4. Competition: Loki Link Builder Review
  5. Differences for competition, what the advantage of them?
  6. Price
  7. Means advertising to competitors
  8. Means of marketing
  9. The means of distribution or the work site
  10. Identify customers
  11. Current customer base: age, sex, Pin Your Income, neighborhood
  12. How to tell your customers about your product or service - Keyword Domainizer , advertising, direct mail, talk, user services and business.
  13. What are the patterns of behavior or habits shared by your customers or your customers current potential - where they shop, what they read or are reading and what they listen to him.
  14. What are the features that are appreciated by your customers about your product or service - selection, convenience, service, reliability, availability, low cost.
  15. What are the qualities that customers do not like about your product or service - is it possible to modify them to fit the needs of your customers better.
  16. Potential customers who do not reach them at this time.
  17. Select your plan and your budget
  18. Marketing plans used by the former in order to reach your customers to Work From No Home
  19. Means that were more effective
  20. Cost compared with the sales
  21. Cost per client
  22. Future marketing methods to attract new customers
  23. Percentage of profits that can be allocated to your marketing campaign.
  24. Marketing tools that you can apply within your budget - review engine roi, newspaper, magazines, Viral Traffic Optimizer 2.0 , directory services and business.
  25. Ad: rate TV ads, direct mail, telemarketing, public relations activities such as social contributions, sponsorship or press releases.
  26. Methods for test marketing your ideas.
  27. Methods of test for the results of your marketing campaign
  28. Marketing tools that can be adopted immediately
Must be the last elements of your marketing plan is the Millennium promotional College: In order to deliver your message, you must publish information about your product or service, motivate customers to buy more and increase sales. Or other specific targets.
Facilitates the design goals and an effective campaign and help maintain your campaign on track. When you can identify your goals easy for you to choose the most effective way.

Executive Summary
The current situation
Competitor analysis and issue
What would you like to achieve? - Marketing goals.
How to reach your goal? - Strategic Planning using the most important ingredient
List of "tasks" of your - the work programs.
Cost of each thing? - Your budget to earn Easy FB Commissions

Make Money With Pinterest Pin Your Income

Make Money With Pinterest

In This Post will talking about How To Make Money With Pinterest? and What's Pinterest? and How to use it to make extra Cash with pinterest ?

What's Pinterest?
Pinterest is Social media website Specializes in post images only, and the most users is Women , Pinterest allow us to create a boards and Pin ( share) others image.
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How To Make Money With Pinterest?
Make Money With Pinterest

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Pin Your Income

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