Effective Marketing of the Project Concepts and Objectives

From the moment which will exercise the functions of your daily life, and even go to bed, you find yourself surrounded by a sea of ​​marketing activities; you are dealing with goods, services and ideas on a permanent basis and on footprint and is giving a new form of life.

Marketing aims to form a base of customers and marketing is that is a complex process to form a base of customers for your products and services, and marketing plan is a written document that will help you carry out this process, including the steps you need this plan to ensure its success. Walk Away Winner

Known as the marketing function:

As "a set of integrated activities performed by the facility to facilitate exchanges, and in the way that the marketing department at the facility are two main two functions.

Create demand for products the facility, and identifying marketing opportunities, research, product planning, advertising, personal selling and sales promotion, pricing and discrimination.
Service demand and through the practical realization of the exchange is done by the functions of storage, transport, and implementation of requests and exchanges, and technical service, warranty and distribution outlets, and select customer segments, marketing and financing, and export. American Grown
The definition of modern marketing:

Modern marketing knows that he (the efforts of individuals and groups in social and administrative framework for specific needs and desires by creating and exchanging products and values ​​with others) and this definition indicates that marketing is a combination of several elements:

1 - the needs and desires (Needs & Wants):

Means the needs of Needs in general that the basic requirements that individual feels the need to satisfy on a continuous basis and is considered the humanitarian needs a starting point to study the marketing activity, and examples of needs required by the human: food, clothing, shelter, security, and a sense of belonging, respect, and is different to satisfy these needs according to the nature and progress of society. Wants are desires the means to satisfy these needs so the man satisfying the desires of marketing and direct, and influence the decisions for the selection of goods and services required for this saturation.

2 - Products (Products):

Product product refers to any service or activity, or a person, place, organization or idea, and affects the quality of the product several effects such as money and time and habits of customers, competition and technology. Creating a demand for new products and changing consumer purchasing habits is impossible, and the introduction of new technology that would cause an increase in the cost. Mobile Monopoly 2

3 - exchange (Exchange):

Exchange is the natural form to satisfy the desires Valtpadl is the core of the marketing process and will be exchange through marketing operations, which are based on trading between the parties and include two things news coming out value, may not process cash which is the exchange of goods and services in units of cash in the process of buying and selling unusual, and the process is done in the form of swap where the swap is between the products of other products.

4 - commercial transactions (Transactions):

If the exchange is the essence of the marketing system, the transaction represents a unit of measurement for this system, and process business transactions require several measurable factors are:

The presence of at least two things have value.
Case to be agreed upon.
Time of the agreement.
Place with the agreement.
Markets (Markets):
Markets are the places that enable buyers and sellers of a particular commodity from constant contact with each other and take all the information related to this item. And the progress of the means of communication and multiplicity of expanded markets and stronger links between them. It can be a market somewhere, any particular geographical area or a group of individuals, companies or countries are linked physically or electronically.
The size of the market varies according to a set of considerations Vmekdmtha price offered by the good or service, as well as the number of people who have the interests of the commodity and check them the benefit of and have the desire to acquire the ability to do so. The $100 Startup

From the above it is clear that marketing is a set of integrated activities which are based on directing the flow of goods and services, ideas, and within the limits of the effects of the surrounding environment.

The importance of marketing:

Contribute to marketing activities in the provision of goods or services to customers and so is the marketing of the main effects of the specific capabilities of the project on the life and continuity, and in general marketing activities help to increase economic activity in society and reflected the importance of the marketing function in the following areas:

1 - Establishment of the benefits:

The function creates marketing benefits of time and space, in addition to the benefit of beneficial ownership and formal, and the illustration number (1) shows the functions of marketing and the benefits arising therefrom.

Marketing jobs and benefits

Figure (1) marketing jobs and benefits
2 - Strengthening of specialization:

The degree of specialization over the communities, the more the progress of society has increased the degree of specialization, and with the progress of time began to specialize in production, and was the result of this specialization increase the size of the total production of society and focus on the degree of mastery and development of what is produced, and with the increasing standard of living in different societies and the emergence of producers who produce large quantities of goods and services, it has become difficult to sell these goods directly to the final consumer, and it was necessary to specialize in production after that there will be facilities specializing in the distribution and sales ... Etc.. To act as intermediaries between producers and consumers and then grew up centers and trade groupings. Automated tv profits

3 - Development of standard of living:

Marketing can satisfy human needs and raise the standard of living for members of the community, by providing the required products of goods and services and ideas with a view to satisfy the needs of current and prospective consumer is also working marketing to identify the needs and desires underlying the harmonization of these needs with the use of the findings of modern technology in the provision of goods and the development of new services and existing products, thereby helping to raise the standard of living of individuals. Job Replacer

Objectives of the marketing system:

Maximize consumption.
Maximize the satisfaction of consumers.
Maximize the chances of selection. سوق دوت كوم
Maximize and improve the quality of life.


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