The basis of science SEO 2.0 is the "study of the behavior engine spiders research" and to create a website to Work From No Home System
To illustrate it, the Google or other search engines that sends spiders or programs that run on indexing or organization web pages in a database so that out the results of the database to users when matching Keywords that are seeking out what exists in the database and all the engine research has spiders vary or consistent with other search engine spiders in the mode of operation and indexed for web pages and often do not disclose in the search engines working on methods and strategies of spiders work so as not tricking owners sites Easy FB Commissions

Legal SEO and Illegal Seo
I have read many books that talk about "temptation Google Bot" or "control of the Google Bot," a books on how to dominate Google in ways that are legitimate or illegal means and to understand the difference between the methods of legitimate and illicit Let me show you the general framework in which it operates these spiders

When you visit one of these spiders locations where looking for so-called key words that recur in my website if you read this, which is now where you'll find that there are a number of keywords that are repeated often linked to a site entitled
"search engines"
"Commercial sites"
Because the repeated words in one of the topics means that the site deals with this topic mean like CPA Freedom, Google Bot is considering repeating the keywords and give her the value of iterative The site, which repeated the word "SEO 2.0" three times less in the arrangement of the site, which repeated the word "SEO" ten times when the stability of all other factors that may affect the order of sites such as  Rank or recommendations other sites

To illustrate it more between methods legitimate and not legitimate in the control of the Google Bot has write an article has nothing to do Search engine optimization then repeat the word SEO to con Google Bot and  that the site is talking about Hiye other than Heye located actually find it put in the position statements such as "SEO SEO ..."to get the order in Google Advanced illegal manner

To understand it more the way the project and the method of non-project, I also use repetition such as "Commercial sites Commercial sites Commercial sites", but I used it correctly and on the degree of upscale sophistication, I write these words is not for you alone, O reader, but also write for Google in care of Google to find the repetition, but in the framework of explanation as you see Vemoqay talking about SEO must be authorized to repeat the word SEO, but I repeat them properly does not use deception, because deception leads to prevent Google PageRank from appearing completely by placing it in the black list after several months Property Millionaire Maker
This method, which I repeat the words of SEO in place the best method, which repeated its phrases in their proper context by using the method, but the project legitimately tolerated by any expert of Google Inc. wants to check my website, I rose above the farce, which I see in some sites that repeat the owners words even find me I do not understand what it says because of the words superimposed on the context but I am Here I repeat the word "SEO" brilliantly and in the proper context and to return back and contemplate a new article from the
And I advise you not to repeat words haphazardly so do not put your site in Google banned sites
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