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Most Turks use the Internet to browse and access Facebook

Uses the majority of Turkish citizens international information network "Internet" for two commonplace reasons browsing and access to social networking site "Facebook".
According to a study, prepared by the "Turk Telekom" Telecom, and center, "Ipsos" for Studies and Research, about 87% of the homes in Turkey use the Internet mainly for browsing, while using 82% of homes Web to access Facebook. wp pipeline
According to the study, which included a survey of the views of the Turks in homes in 38 different Turkish province, that about 59% of Turkish homes have no "Internet".
The study, conducted to analyze the use of the Internet in Turkey during the first quarter of the year 2012, that 76% of Turks are using the Internet to read their e-mail, "email", while using 71% of the Turks to chat on the Internet.
According to the results of the study, published on the website of the newspaper "Hurriyet Daily News" on Saturday, that half of Internet users in Turkey ranges between 18 and 34 years old, and that there is a sharp decline in the use of "Internet cafes", where the most preferred users access the Internet from homes using broadband Internet service "any DSL." Coupon Mage

Twitter global festival called novels of 140 characters

Launched micro-blogging site "Twitter" social network in the world, a novel festival will run for five days from November 28 / November to 2 December / December in order to "honor the storytelling."

The custodians of the site "Twitter" in France that "Twitter is a place to share topics that often touch on the latest events, politics, sports and music. Constitutes" Twitter "also an ideal place for storytelling, and when the imagination and wide, enough to write a story composed of 140 symbol Only ".

They on the site, "We want to believe the book a chance to express themselves on Twitter throughout the whole world. Therefore host site at the end of November for a period of 5 days festival of the novel is about an event Default will honor storytelling will be exclusively on Twitter."

And called for those responsible for the book to use "all available jobs on Twitter to be more creative story."

Should wishing to participate in the proposed topics in a maximum of 15 November / November, and the book will be announced selected on the program of the festival in the 19 of the same month.

Hangout sessions on Google+ A new generation of video conferencing technology

After the number of users exceeds + Google exceeded 400 million users within one year of the launch of the service in 2011, Google prove to be one of the key players in the social networking space. Service has become + Google now a "social pillar", which includes all Google products and services - ranging from research and passing maps through to YouTube and Viral List Crusher.

Thus, the service Google+ platform and include one with it all the services and features provided by Google users.

But what characterizes this nascent social platform specifically to become the fastest growing social network over the course of history?

Session Hangout on + Google is a technology video conferencing Google's, which can host up to 10 people at once and through hearing Hangout one, as it offers the possibility to broadcast session Hangout scale year simultaneously via feature live broadcasts on YouTube.

Hangout feature has attracted great popularity since its launch on Google+, also proved its efficiency and its growing importance to the media around the world.

Provide hearing Hangout on Google+ capita unique way to communicate with the audience because it allows him to make a very interactive discussion, whether it wants to share documents or participate in watching a video clip on YouTube or just use some interesting surface effects.

People also due to the huge technical Hangout to it enabled users to have a discussion on a global level.

I have benefited a large number of news channels of potential technology Hangout on + Google through dialogues with celebrities and distinguished guests live via their pages on + Google, where it can be for an unlimited number of fans watch the dialogue in real time and interact with him also through comments , thereby transforming users from mere spectators to partners in the dialogue.

Also joined senior figures from across the Middle East and around the world also to the public users of technology Hangout on Google+ to connect with the public through interactive dialogues in an open and transparent.

He also participated politicians like Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki in session Hangout on + Google as part of events the day of World Press Freedom and hosted by Tunisia earlier this year, while gave presidential candidate Egyptian Hamdeen Sabahi on his campaign character digitally through session Hangout involving 30 people were during which exposure to a very large number of important issues. easy cash code review

Because most journalists need a presence in the heart of the event to the news when they occur, necessary to enable them to tools they can rely on in the transfer be reached immediately. This application is designed + Google to work on Android, iPhone even lets reporters from the site of the event to join the session live Hangout in Google+ and their smart phones to transfer events as they occur.

All sessions Hangout broadcast on-air broadcast immediately on YouTube, so that a wider range of public view.

Not only use Hangout sessions on media outlets and politicians; There are celebrities and stars from across the Middle East and who will help them in this innovative feature to communicate with their fans and crossing borders that divide them.

Examples include meetings of the General Hangout held Almtrban Alshahyran Amr Diab and Myriam Fares with fans to discuss the track record and the latest versions and future plans for them.

As companies use and commercial entities worldwide sessions Hangout on + Google for meetings video, in addition to the use of this technology among university students to collaborate with each to prepare collective projects, as well as a means of communication between loved ones thousands of miles away.

Hangout technology provides feature for people where they can build relationships with activities and trademarks and other institutions that interest them in a useful manner unprecedented in the history of communication 1 Option Profit.

E-marketing philosophy

Most people look up to e-marketing on it is limited only to the wording advertising and ads. Marketing is meant Innovation "Marketing is innovation" said Dr. Ibrahim al-Fiqi.

Marketing philosophy: should a successful marketer openness in his thinking, where focus his thinking on how to attract more clients and Kevilh overcome rivals.
Select the appropriate market: the customer is the focus of your business so you to buy a product or interaction with a particular offering that are marketed and determine the appropriate slide and the market that cares about the customer.
Make what Aradoh and not what you want: attention must and marketing for products of interest to your customer and make sure that his interest in this product and it does not market the products may believe in the personal point of view to have a large and your customer will certainly need it. Study the market and the needs of your customer well.
Know who buys them places people: Continue your customers well to learn from any places they buy their products and make your product within these places and be in the expected places for your customers.
Select the appropriate propaganda means: there is a lot of electronic means of propaganda, but none of these methods fit the marketing of the product you develop like Easy Cash Code .
Put achievable plan: Be always realistic, and develop a marketing plan help you reach your goal without excessive marketing methods that will definitely distracting thoughts and wasting time.

What is e-commerce?

In this digital age, which spread the Internet prevalent enormous, popularized the concept of e-commerce that allows many advantages, for a business, it became possible to avoid the hardship of traveling to meet with their partners and customers, and became able to reduce the time and money to promote their goods and displayed in the market. For customers it is not them navigate a lot to get what they want, or to stand in a long queue, or even the use of traditional money, with enough acquisition of a computer, and Internet browser software, and subscribe to the Internet.
Not only e-commerce (E-Commerce) - as some think - on the sale and purchase of goods and services online, as the e-commerce - since its inception - was always include addressing movements of buying and selling and send remittances over the Internet, but e-commerce in fact It involves what is much more than that, it has expanded to become operations include buying and selling the same information along with the goods and services, and not stand e-commerce at this point, as the prospects that you open e-commerce for companies, institutions and individuals do not stop .

What is e-commerce?

E-Commerce: is a system that allows online movements buying and selling goods, services and information, it also permits the movements electronic support revenue generation, such as strengthening demand for such goods, services and information, as e-commerce allows online support operations, sales and customer service. And e-commerce can be likened to the electronic market continues where sellers (suppliers, or companies, or stores) and intermediaries (brokers) and buyers, which provides products and services in the form of virtual or digital, also paid for with cash, electronic.
The activities can be divided into e-commerce in its current form into two main sections:
What the benefits of e-commerce companies?
E-commerce offers many advantages that can benefit the companies significantly,
We recall, for example, but not limited to:
 • marketing more effective, and more profits: The companies' dependence on the Internet in marketing, allows them to showcase their products and services in different parts of the world without interruption - throughout the day and throughout the year - giving these companies a greater chance for a profit, as well as access to more customers who interesting to buy our information products such as Auto Traffic Conspiracy .
 • reduce corporate expenses: The process of preparation and maintenance of e-commerce sites on the Web more economical than building or retail markets office maintenance. Do not require companies to big spending on promotional things, or installing expensive equipment used in customer service. Does not seem there is a need in the company to use a large number of staff to carry out inventory and administrative work, since there are databases on the Internet keeps on selling in the company and the names of the customers, and allows a single person retrieving information in the database to scan dates selling easily.
 • Communicate effectively with partners and customers: e-commerce folds distances and cross the border, which provides an efficient way to exchange information with partners. And provide e-commerce a good opportunity for companies to take advantage of the goods and services provided by other companies (suppliers), in the so-called e-commerce companies to companies
• Save time and effort: open markets electronic (e-market) permanently (all day without any holiday), and does not require customers to travel or wait in a queue to buy a particular product, also do not have to move this product into the house. Not require the purchase of a product more than clicking on the product, and enter some information about your credit card.
• freedom of choice: the availability of e-commerce is a great opportunity to visit the various kinds of shops on the Internet like, and in addition to that, it provides customers with full information about the products. All this without any pressure from sellers.
• reduce prices: there on the Internet are many companies that sell goods at lower prices compared to traditional stores, because online shopping saves a lot of costs incurred in the normal shopping, which is in the interest of customers.
 • Neil user satisfaction: Internet provides interactive communications directly, allowing the companies in the market mail (e-market) to take advantage of these features to answer customer inquiries quickly, thus providing better services to customers and accounts for customer satisfaction.

Electronic stores attractive to researchers for work and Saudi investors

A group of expert girls and amateur in the field of designs graphics gallery and e-store and the Institute for Training Women is the first of its kind on the Web, to provide design services, advertising and training sectors different women, where it became e-commerce attracts a lot of girls seeking employment as well as entrepreneurs Saudi starters trip trade.

The group includes new designers from various regions of the Kingdom (Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Makkah, Qatif and also girls from the State of Kuwait) and file a through the site many services including designs for sites and typographical, Business Services office (business presentations and research), design services cards events forms, special services of male and female students.

She Mnsupac group Mersalh women they love girls Jmahen group design and Hdfhen create store mail hiring Mohbathen including that will benefit them to physical or mental by providing graphical and technical services in the field of graphics to the largest segment Women.

And aspiring Mnsupac eStore to be the girl Arabia and Arab position in the field of e-commerce and creative talents, while the site seeks to attract a number of girls from different countries and work to form the largest group of women working graphics and technical services.

And numerous stores women's electronic and achieved many successes and spectacular as Rima Shnefi designed in a web, which said that the reason behind the demand for the establishment of stores electronic is material cost at least access to the largest number of customers from different countries, stressing that e-commerce in itself is an area well than girls begin their own businesses and small without Tkfahn large sums of money, what is a good solution for researchers for jobs, noting that it requires a degree of creativity and excellence for competitiveness.

She Shnefi that the establishment of women's section cadres Women and includes dozens of girls from different parts of the Kingdom, or even from other countries has become easier and better over the network Alancubtah but offers opportunities to work from home for a lot of job seekers, and this has made electronic stores unless achieve women's sections on the ground in terms of the number of employees and the multiplicity of areas, in addition to the income of physical good. my binary recoded

And describes Ghaida Jerivani Executive Director of the Foundation to facilitate the goal of marketing and training advantages e-Project, saying, "The preparation and maintenance of e-commerce on the Internet is less expensive than building markets traditional retail or office maintenance, and the companies do not need to spend a lot of money on advertising and the like."

It adds Jerivani "in e-commerce is no need to use large numbers of staff to carry out sales and marketing, since there are databases on the Internet keeps on selling in the company and the names of consumers, allowing for a single person's information retrieval in the database to check the dates of sales operations easily.

And considers that the level of the average consumer, online commerce provides a big market for goods can not be compared to any other market as the traditional electronic markets are several advantages such as saving time and effort be open permanently, at any time of the day.

The relay Jerivani consumers will not need to travel or even move it requires the purchase of any product more than product selection and enter credit card details and bank account number, confirming that e-commerce provides freedom of choice as provide a wonderful opportunity to visit different types of stores, whether local or global, as, provides consumer information Detailed product and new products and inventions in the global markets, noting that prices also one of the positive points of the trade online, where there are thousands of websites that sell similar products, making competition among high and provides greater opportunity for customers to choose the best and most quality and least expensive.

Noteworthy that there are many successful examples of jobs electronic marketing and e-commerce women in Saudi Arabia such as Ramallah, Nike Foundation accompanied Princess Arwa bint Fahd bin Abdullah bin Saud Al-Kabeer specialized in designing sites on the Internet. Nawal Al-Otaibi experience "businesswoman" which established a trading real estate and land on the Internet and the number of visitors to its seven million visitors, and achieved a profit of seven million riyals in just the year and a half. الربح من الانترنت

E-business projects create a generation of young investors

Counting an economist e-business projects starting youth a new opportunity to establish a new generation of small investors beneficiaries of the technology revolution, which can help them to start their projects business without additional costs or procedural complications routine to start running those small and medium-sized enterprises on the ground. Esam al-Khalifa member Association economy Arabia, said e-commerce has become one of the necessities of life today, and there are hundreds of millions of users communicate Internet daily from all over the world, which is an open market and a variety from which to buy and sell products and services through the Web site. He pointed out that this new investment trend widespread horizons in various countries around the world, as highly profitable, In the UK exceeded the level of e-commerce the amount of two billion riyals in one year, confirming its importance and its role in the development of modern commercial transactions. And that online shopping is characterized with numerous advantages, Vsholth provide the time and effort beside it contains multiple options, and can be dealt with at any time, in addition to being less expensive by more than 20 per cent of local shopping, as it fits with the social status for ease of buying and selling and agrees the progress of civilization and women's suits, so now witnessing in recent years a growing demand offset by increased stores or electronic trading platforms and especially in the hedge fund trader x industry.

The Caliph that there websites control systems and laws and characterized credible, and there locations where there is no Government Secretariat or involving issues of fraud and manipulation, and are found in abundance during the recent period, and we must have official permission to take the nature of the official dealings, and if he wants young people or young investment through these ports, care must be taken to an official of their work, and in the interests of the investor and the confirmation of its credibility and also in order to preserve their rights, pointing out that the small projects through the portal are of lower cost and more easily in terms of procedures. He stressed the importance that has the young investor in this sector foundations needed for the success of his project, it must be to have the ability to manage project, whether through e-commerce or regular projects traditional, for example it attention feasibility studies and marketing that needs to be creative initiatives , because traditional marketing if applied to these projects may falter after a month of its launch, it must also adds a unique feature for other projects so as not to be products such as refined projects, and move the event of failure of traditional youth projects to it. He Caliph that there is a demand for e-commerce strongly, and there are models and experiments succeeded where companies in e-marketing, confirms the success of these projects, but the competition may be strong, especially as the open market and competitively priced, e-Project for young business start-ups is easier than traditional projects that need high costs and bureaucratic procedures and regulations and labor, but they need strong marketing, and be distinctive products or services. And that this kind of forex trendy project has been achieved payoff financially and gives some graduates from different disciplines investment opportunity specialties to turn seekers work to entrepreneurs, even if electronic, but it needs to be young innovative and able to study this market to reach ratios profitability reasonable, and able to compete, warning Random open these projects, because the failure rate high, calling for the importance that there be points of protecting these projects and users through awareness, whether for consumers or merchants employees, must be laws to protect entrepreneurs electronic and consumers. On the other hand, finds Architect Hani Al-Zahrani specializes in the world of technology, and a young people who have experience in e-commerce projects, these projects in the Kingdom faces some difficulties, notably the problem of electronic payment mechanisms, and easily deliver products to their customers. According to Al-Zahrani that trade in the virtual world may not need mostly to licensing but to build the website and support in social networking, and start marketing services or products investee, but the problem in the processes of payment and delivery or benefits distribution, because they may increase costs despite small investor flight from traditional project costs. And that there opens a business electronically can not be moved to the ground of the nature of bureaucratic procedures and material costs that may come down to the project, and the demand for them comes to the fact that the least expensive Internet projects both for the investor or consumer. He noted that the project for the sale of certain products over Btgrepettan, the first was when residence is outside the Kingdom and specifically in Australia, which could be the first young people who have succeeded in achieving a good reputation for his project to be a salesman first through tenders trade, pointing out that the success of foreign countries in this business line due to the presence of a fertile environment for these projects and the nature of the public systems that may need these projects such as low cost of transportation and delivery of products, and because there is a stronger postal service to support his business. He added that his second test after his return to the Kingdom and the opening of the business itself via the Internet, but the presence of other barriers have limited the continuance, the absence of facilities that existed abroad before this kind of modern commerce. The Omar Jerivani Vice Chairman of Young Businessmen in the East room, that there are some problems facing these projects most notably the absence of a mechanism for the work of postal services to connect, and the high cost to the issue of payment through banks. He stressed that once the solution most of these problems will be the projects of the projects feasible for young men and women work, and financial return her glory too, because they do not need to additional costs as cost location and staff, but it needs to basics any other project as having investor bases management. He said that there a large turnout of young people on them, but some fail not because of problems external but may be internal problems for the investor young man who may accept it without a feasibility study for the project, and that the young people who wish to engage in this area that the polishing itself and gain experience in project management . He added that the element of experience in the field, which will invest in it is very necessary and must be the existence of relations in the sphere in which it operates, and finally must be to have the capacity of physical enough, to succeed his project, alluding to the capital in the business of electronic vary costs. He stressed that the young people to take advantage of e-commerce, there are many models in this area, most of the sites have become the most important sites and labels as a "Google" started simple by Youth to the development and achieved great success. "And between Jerivani that there are two ways to invest in this area , the first to be markter to other companies as agents for them and reap a percentage of profitability through management platforms business, and the other through that merchant direct special products, and both cases are preparing successful projects. referred to some sites specializing in e-commerce businesses confirmed that start planning Project e-commerce is through easy steps, start setting goals required of commercial development even covers the requirements and reflects the information required to show to customers, to ensure the development of efficient operations and revenue collection rewarding, and not to enter into losses expensive, and the need for budget costs server location information and marketing costs, as well to the maintenance and management expenses and sources of information materials and the monthly installments and others, in addition to selecting appropriate web design companies that can offer regular services to the site, and focuses on the marketing of the site and ensure sustainable development. 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