Electronic stores attractive to researchers for work and Saudi investors

A group of expert girls and amateur in the field of designs graphics gallery and e-store and the Institute for Training Women is the first of its kind on the Web, to provide design services, advertising and training sectors different women, where it became e-commerce attracts a lot of girls seeking employment as well as entrepreneurs Saudi starters trip trade.

The group includes new designers from various regions of the Kingdom (Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Makkah, Qatif and also girls from the State of Kuwait) and file a through the site many services including designs for sites and typographical, Business Services office (business presentations and research), design services cards events forms, special services of male and female students.

She Mnsupac group Mersalh women they love girls Jmahen group design and Hdfhen create store mail hiring Mohbathen including that will benefit them to physical or mental by providing graphical and technical services in the field of graphics to the largest segment Women.

And aspiring Mnsupac eStore to be the girl Arabia and Arab position in the field of e-commerce and creative talents, while the site seeks to attract a number of girls from different countries and work to form the largest group of women working graphics and technical services.

And numerous stores women's electronic and achieved many successes and spectacular as Rima Shnefi designed in a web, which said that the reason behind the demand for the establishment of stores electronic is material cost at least access to the largest number of customers from different countries, stressing that e-commerce in itself is an area well than girls begin their own businesses and small without Tkfahn large sums of money, what is a good solution for researchers for jobs, noting that it requires a degree of creativity and excellence for competitiveness.

She Shnefi that the establishment of women's section cadres Women and includes dozens of girls from different parts of the Kingdom, or even from other countries has become easier and better over the network Alancubtah but offers opportunities to work from home for a lot of job seekers, and this has made electronic stores unless achieve women's sections on the ground in terms of the number of employees and the multiplicity of areas, in addition to the income of physical good. my binary recoded

And describes Ghaida Jerivani Executive Director of the Foundation to facilitate the goal of marketing and training advantages e-Project, saying, "The preparation and maintenance of e-commerce on the Internet is less expensive than building markets traditional retail or office maintenance, and the companies do not need to spend a lot of money on advertising and the like."

It adds Jerivani "in e-commerce is no need to use large numbers of staff to carry out sales and marketing, since there are databases on the Internet keeps on selling in the company and the names of consumers, allowing for a single person's information retrieval in the database to check the dates of sales operations easily.

And considers that the level of the average consumer, online commerce provides a big market for goods can not be compared to any other market as the traditional electronic markets are several advantages such as saving time and effort be open permanently, at any time of the day.

The relay Jerivani consumers will not need to travel or even move it requires the purchase of any product more than product selection and enter credit card details and bank account number, confirming that e-commerce provides freedom of choice as provide a wonderful opportunity to visit different types of stores, whether local or global, as, provides consumer information Detailed product and new products and inventions in the global markets, noting that prices also one of the positive points of the trade online, where there are thousands of websites that sell similar products, making competition among high and provides greater opportunity for customers to choose the best and most quality and least expensive.

Noteworthy that there are many successful examples of jobs electronic marketing and e-commerce women in Saudi Arabia such as Ramallah, Nike Foundation accompanied Princess Arwa bint Fahd bin Abdullah bin Saud Al-Kabeer specialized in designing sites on the Internet. Nawal Al-Otaibi experience "businesswoman" which established a trading real estate and land on the Internet and the number of visitors to its seven million visitors, and achieved a profit of seven million riyals in just the year and a half. الربح من الانترنت


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