Hangout sessions on Google+ A new generation of video conferencing technology

After the number of users exceeds + Google exceeded 400 million users within one year of the launch of the service in 2011, Google prove to be one of the key players in the social networking space. Service has become + Google now a "social pillar", which includes all Google products and services - ranging from research and passing maps through to YouTube and Viral List Crusher.

Thus, the service Google+ platform and include one with it all the services and features provided by Google users.

But what characterizes this nascent social platform specifically to become the fastest growing social network over the course of history?

Session Hangout on + Google is a technology video conferencing Google's, which can host up to 10 people at once and through hearing Hangout one, as it offers the possibility to broadcast session Hangout scale year simultaneously via feature live broadcasts on YouTube.

Hangout feature has attracted great popularity since its launch on Google+, also proved its efficiency and its growing importance to the media around the world.

Provide hearing Hangout on Google+ capita unique way to communicate with the audience because it allows him to make a very interactive discussion, whether it wants to share documents or participate in watching a video clip on YouTube or just use some interesting surface effects.

People also due to the huge technical Hangout to it enabled users to have a discussion on a global level.

I have benefited a large number of news channels of potential technology Hangout on + Google through dialogues with celebrities and distinguished guests live via their pages on + Google, where it can be for an unlimited number of fans watch the dialogue in real time and interact with him also through comments , thereby transforming users from mere spectators to partners in the dialogue.

Also joined senior figures from across the Middle East and around the world also to the public users of technology Hangout on Google+ to connect with the public through interactive dialogues in an open and transparent.

He also participated politicians like Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki in session Hangout on + Google as part of events the day of World Press Freedom and hosted by Tunisia earlier this year, while gave presidential candidate Egyptian Hamdeen Sabahi on his campaign character digitally through session Hangout involving 30 people were during which exposure to a very large number of important issues. easy cash code review

Because most journalists need a presence in the heart of the event to the news when they occur, necessary to enable them to tools they can rely on in the transfer be reached immediately. This application is designed + Google to work on Android, iPhone even lets reporters from the site of the event to join the session live Hangout in Google+ and their smart phones to transfer events as they occur.

All sessions Hangout broadcast on-air broadcast immediately on YouTube, so that a wider range of public view.

Not only use Hangout sessions on media outlets and politicians; There are celebrities and stars from across the Middle East and who will help them in this innovative feature to communicate with their fans and crossing borders that divide them.

Examples include meetings of the General Hangout held Almtrban Alshahyran Amr Diab and Myriam Fares with fans to discuss the track record and the latest versions and future plans for them.

As companies use and commercial entities worldwide sessions Hangout on + Google for meetings video, in addition to the use of this technology among university students to collaborate with each to prepare collective projects, as well as a means of communication between loved ones thousands of miles away.

Hangout technology provides feature for people where they can build relationships with activities and trademarks and other institutions that interest them in a useful manner unprecedented in the history of communication 1 Option Profit.


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