Most Turks use the Internet to browse and access Facebook

Uses the majority of Turkish citizens international information network "Internet" for two commonplace reasons browsing and access to social networking site "Facebook".
According to a study, prepared by the "Turk Telekom" Telecom, and center, "Ipsos" for Studies and Research, about 87% of the homes in Turkey use the Internet mainly for browsing, while using 82% of homes Web to access Facebook. wp pipeline
According to the study, which included a survey of the views of the Turks in homes in 38 different Turkish province, that about 59% of Turkish homes have no "Internet".
The study, conducted to analyze the use of the Internet in Turkey during the first quarter of the year 2012, that 76% of Turks are using the Internet to read their e-mail, "email", while using 71% of the Turks to chat on the Internet.
According to the results of the study, published on the website of the newspaper "Hurriyet Daily News" on Saturday, that half of Internet users in Turkey ranges between 18 and 34 years old, and that there is a sharp decline in the use of "Internet cafes", where the most preferred users access the Internet from homes using broadband Internet service "any DSL." Coupon Mage


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