Twitter global festival called novels of 140 characters

Launched micro-blogging site "Twitter" social network in the world, a novel festival will run for five days from November 28 / November to 2 December / December in order to "honor the storytelling."

The custodians of the site "Twitter" in France that "Twitter is a place to share topics that often touch on the latest events, politics, sports and music. Constitutes" Twitter "also an ideal place for storytelling, and when the imagination and wide, enough to write a story composed of 140 symbol Only ".

They on the site, "We want to believe the book a chance to express themselves on Twitter throughout the whole world. Therefore host site at the end of November for a period of 5 days festival of the novel is about an event Default will honor storytelling will be exclusively on Twitter."

And called for those responsible for the book to use "all available jobs on Twitter to be more creative story."

Should wishing to participate in the proposed topics in a maximum of 15 November / November, and the book will be announced selected on the program of the festival in the 19 of the same month.


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