What is e-commerce?

In this digital age, which spread the Internet prevalent enormous, popularized the concept of e-commerce that allows many advantages, for a business, it became possible to avoid the hardship of traveling to meet with their partners and customers, and became able to reduce the time and money to promote their goods and displayed in the market. For customers it is not them navigate a lot to get what they want, or to stand in a long queue, or even the use of traditional money, with enough acquisition of a computer, and Internet browser software, and subscribe to the Internet.
Not only e-commerce (E-Commerce) - as some think - on the sale and purchase of goods and services online, as the e-commerce - since its inception - was always include addressing movements of buying and selling and send remittances over the Internet, but e-commerce in fact It involves what is much more than that, it has expanded to become operations include buying and selling the same information along with the goods and services, and not stand e-commerce at this point, as the prospects that you open e-commerce for companies, institutions and individuals do not stop .

What is e-commerce?

E-Commerce: is a system that allows online movements buying and selling goods, services and information, it also permits the movements electronic support revenue generation, such as strengthening demand for such goods, services and information, as e-commerce allows online support operations, sales and customer service. And e-commerce can be likened to the electronic market continues where sellers (suppliers, or companies, or stores) and intermediaries (brokers) and buyers, which provides products and services in the form of virtual or digital, also paid for with cash, electronic.
The activities can be divided into e-commerce in its current form into two main sections:
What the benefits of e-commerce companies?
E-commerce offers many advantages that can benefit the companies significantly,
We recall, for example, but not limited to:
 • marketing more effective, and more profits: The companies' dependence on the Internet in marketing, allows them to showcase their products and services in different parts of the world without interruption - throughout the day and throughout the year - giving these companies a greater chance for a profit, as well as access to more customers who interesting to buy our information products such as Auto Traffic Conspiracy .
 • reduce corporate expenses: The process of preparation and maintenance of e-commerce sites on the Web more economical than building or retail markets office maintenance. Do not require companies to big spending on promotional things, or installing expensive equipment used in customer service. Does not seem there is a need in the company to use a large number of staff to carry out inventory and administrative work, since there are databases on the Internet keeps on selling in the company and the names of the customers, and allows a single person retrieving information in the database to scan dates selling easily.
 • Communicate effectively with partners and customers: e-commerce folds distances and cross the border, which provides an efficient way to exchange information with partners. And provide e-commerce a good opportunity for companies to take advantage of the goods and services provided by other companies (suppliers), in the so-called e-commerce companies to companies
• Save time and effort: open markets electronic (e-market) permanently (all day without any holiday), and does not require customers to travel or wait in a queue to buy a particular product, also do not have to move this product into the house. Not require the purchase of a product more than clicking on the product, and enter some information about your credit card.
• freedom of choice: the availability of e-commerce is a great opportunity to visit the various kinds of shops on the Internet like http://hedge-fund-traderx.blogspot.com, and in addition to that, it provides customers with full information about the products. All this without any pressure from sellers.
• reduce prices: there on the Internet are many companies that sell goods at lower prices compared to traditional stores, because online shopping saves a lot of costs incurred in the normal shopping, which is in the interest of customers.
 • Neil user satisfaction: Internet provides interactive communications directly, allowing the companies in the market mail (e-market) to take advantage of these features to answer customer inquiries quickly, thus providing better services to customers and accounts for customer satisfaction.


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