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IPhone beats Android in the mobile market in the United States

Early success led to phone iPhone 5 to help Apple to excel in the smart phone market on devices that use the Android operating system from Google in the United States, according to the company confirmed the "World Banel" Research on Tuesday.

Apple's share rose from the U.S. market doubled in the 12 weeks prior to October 31 / October from a year earlier to 48.1 percent. Apple had captured 49.3 percent of the market in early 2012 before retreating.

The share of Android has declined from 63.3 per cent to 46.7 per cent, according to figures from the "World Banel," is that the Android operating system is still dominant in the most important European markets, where it occupies 74 percent of the German market and 82 percent of the Spanish market.

The share of Android in the five largest European markets combined to 64 percent, while it was 51 percent last year, while Apple's share in these markets do not exceed 21 percent.

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Google announces an initiative to support Internet freedom

The Google company has established a web site contains material help educate people and make them aware of their rights, as well as ways in which the user can rely on when confronted with the laws limiting freedom of navigation of the Internet.

The company noted that it has taken several steps to repel the law (SOPA), which recently emerged to limit the freedom of Internet use, and it's time to spread the culture of the Internet, which is open to all by helping to educate and teach the user, according to the company.

The company said that as of 3 / December, the world's governments will meet out of sight to discuss the future of the Internet, and this meeting is organized by the International Telecommunication Union ITU, and will be held in the city of Dubai. The company says that some governments want to use this meeting to increase the monitoring and regulation of the Internet as they claim.

To learn more about how to get involved in this initiative, you can visit the page assigned to them on the Google site, which says that the world is free and open depends on the free and open Internet as well, and that the success of this initiative depends on you, in referring to the Internet user.

As can be signed in support of this issue on a page dedicated to this purpose, and can be disseminated initiative on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
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Google launches Arab days of the Internet

Google announced the launch of the program "Arab days of the Internet" to enrich digital Arabic content, through a series of activities and initiatives to be implemented by a group of prominent global and regional actors in the Middle East and North Africa.

The activities will continue throughout the whole month to stimulate the Arab user to take an active role in increasing the Arabic content on the Internet. Was chosen "in Arabic sweeter" tag for this program.

Google cooperates with Vinnie Lab and "flash" and "initiative Twitt" in the Middle East and North Africa for the development of this program, which also involved both Twitter and Wikipedia and Ted and Sound Claude YouTube. They also take part in the program two points of strong support at the local level and are the Media Zone Authority in Abu Dhabi, twofour54 and Qatar Research Institute for Computing (QCRI).

The idea for the program came in response to the urgent demand for digital content in Arabic, especially that Arabic is the fastest of the world's languages ​​prevalent on the Internet, despite the wide gap between the number of users who speak Arabic and the volume of Arabic content on the Internet at the moment fx capitalist.

At the time in which it does not represent the size of the digital Arabic content only 3% of the total digital content, the Arabic language is ranked seventh among the most commonly used languages ​​of the world on the Internet.

Said Maha Abu-eyed, Google's communications officer in the Middle East and North Africa that "the purpose of the activities of the Arab Internet days is to encourage the community to actively participate in enriching the Arabic content on the Internet."

She added that "the program seeks primarily to enhance the participation of users, we want to contribute to the availability of digital Arabic content to suit the needs and aspirations of the Arab user." fx capitalist

Google is facing legal disputes in our Privacy Policy

European Commission called on Google to make a radical change to the privacy policy to permit it to disseminate information users in services.

Escalate hottest dispute digital privacy to the boiling point in the global company "Google", and the main points of dispute so-called selection "not tracking" while searching for sites Web that allows consumers Send desire it, not be tracked down or targeted ads "personalized" during wandering in the Internet.

The squabbling companies concerned about the voluntary standards that followed a manner threatening not to implement those standards.

Lawmakers are skeptical whether the voluntary regulations to ensure the protection of privacy on the adequate and effective, and move up from the monitored increased activity capture consumer information and sale of their personal data and their life behavior. Commission Robotics

Said John Aiputez head and the U.S. Federal Trade Agency: "I fear that result in the absence of a specific approach and a clear agreement in the end to an armed race against privacy."

He added: "Maybe advertisers are killing the goose that lays them golden eggs."

Indicators came a mounting concern of legislators on the privacy of Internet Finally when called on the EU Commission to privacy "Google" to make a radical change to the privacy policy to permit it to disseminate information users in a wide range of services, but will face hefty fines.

Despite the escalating conflict is still data brokers who compile more comprehensive information about individuals based on Ihsalunha data from the Internet and from the retail sector alike.

The files contain information on the data from users' search in the Internet and visits to web sites and buy individual products from supermarkets, and records their votes and their income and their ability to repay their financial obligations, mentioned that MasterCard sells to advertisers how to use information based on transactions credit card to target ads and measure their performance. WP Pipeline

Said Jeffrey Chester, executive director of Digital Democracy Assembly pro-privacy stationed in Washington: "This is no longer the industry can claim that it is harmful."

He added: "The data from the day of the Internet and other subject industry prefers not to talk about it, but it will be put sooner or later."

Expected that that day comes soon, as it moved the Economic Committee in the U.S. Senate finally an investigation into the practices of nine senior consumer data brokers.

And starting from November 2 (November), current companies had to respond to a query detailed consumer data collected by companies, and on the privacy of data and method of gathering information is bought and how they are used.

Said John Rockefeller Prime Trade Commission in the Senate, turning to a senior mediators Me "Axiom": "Because able consumers now make all their almost daily over the Internet, it became possible exploration unprecedented amounts of personal and medical information, financial them and assembled and sold. "

Scott said Hao chief executive "Axiom" The company looks forward to cooperating with Congress to help gain members a deeper understanding of the work of "Axiom", and how benefit people and the economy both from the proper use of the data. "Launched Rockefeller last year the law not to follow on the network, which will be binding legally on companies to comply with requests for non-tracking, which means he will not be allowed advertisers to collect information about users or target personalized ads to them.

The lawmakers also told the Federal Trade encouraging companies to develop voluntary standards, in addition to other self-privacy principles already in place, companies have pledged to implement it by the end of this year.

This comes concern after it announced Google's part of the policy specificity updated every users' information will be shared and disseminated via the services and products Google different, after the addition of service consolidation and take advantage of all the products and services across a single account, which you can log all products ''Google''.

Privacy Policy launched by Google earlier this year a brief 60-paragraph item, was accompanied by several questions by many users for the products Google's about the level of influence over their privacy when browsing these services and save their information where starting from the search engine world His step and leadership globally and locally occupied the first rank as the highest proportion of surfing on the level of websites in the world; according to site''Alexa'' Universal, and fork to the user often to the rest of products Google's like "Gmail" and "Google Plus", and "Google" and "YouTube", calendar, and the rest of the other services like Google plus ownage.

The management company is ready for these questions, both at the level of individuals or sectors or organizations benefiting from the products Google's or implemented and diverge to service the search engine in the search results across sites, images, or scientific research or books or music, or information the user who created the account '' Google'' and other rights and privacy. It is this principle initiated to clarify privacy policy adopted application finally had been the adoption of a privacy inclusive apply to all products multiple replace privacy policies, which were implemented in each product individually in the past, which contributes to reduce or shorten 60 paragraph item in the privacy policy for each product "Google"; and so out of shorter replacement policy to read and easier to understand than users of all categories.

Google Updated His Search Engine

"The long as someone else did not reach you," Thus says the Arab proverb famous and this is what happens all around us in the world, and technical part of this Being, In nineties calendar and the beginning of the new millennium was Yahoo on top of the pyramid of search engines on the Internet, but dropped sovereignty Google, which was not of their own volition, but the superiority of Google Search at the speed of show information for the researcher through the Internet.

And now runs the search engine Google pace developmental accelerated in order to stay at the top of the pyramid of this promising market, Vvriv work on the development of the famous search engine is trying hard to simplify search through the site, whether used by desktop computers or tablets or mobile phones, with careful planning The results are simplified to a web browser. siege commissions review

Through Global Page Google search engine, which does not contain Rabottha the name of the state and the English-speaking, the Google updated new and that puts lists revised and facilitate the search at the top of the page, with amendments in the style of presentation, and view the results of the best in the fund of knowledge.

It is scheduled to be put Google this amendment on the rest of the country specific search engines and all languages ​​in the coming weeks.

The search engine Google most prominent service offered by the company, in addition to being the most prevalent among the services offered by the company, followed by their e-mail free Gmail, Google plus and produces Google also own operating system mobile phones to call it (Android) as well as a web browser Chrome, an operating system for computers still trying hard to achieve his presence in the operating systems market.

Expected profits of 16.9 billion for social networks by the end of 2012

Revealed Foundation "Gartner" Research on growing revenues social networking sites this year significantly to of up to 43.1%, where it is expected to achieve social networks, particularly Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn with the end of this year 2012 profit up to $ 16.9 billion, up from the year 2011 when they recorded their social networking revenues of $ 11.8 billion.

The study indicates that by the year 2016 is likely to reach social networking revenues to nearly $ 34 billion, and most of these revenues will be representing 90% of the advertising and the mass games.

It should be noted that more than one billion people around the world use social networking sites which yields the opportunity to get more revenue, in addition to increasing technical maturity and awareness among users in the styles and methods of using social networking sites with siege commissions.

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