Expected profits of 16.9 billion for social networks by the end of 2012

Revealed Foundation "Gartner" Research on growing revenues social networking sites this year significantly to of up to 43.1%, where it is expected to achieve social networks, particularly Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn with the end of this year 2012 profit up to $ 16.9 billion, up from the year 2011 when they recorded their social networking revenues of $ 11.8 billion.

The study indicates that by the year 2016 is likely to reach social networking revenues to nearly $ 34 billion, and most of these revenues will be representing 90% of the advertising and the mass games.

It should be noted that more than one billion people around the world use social networking sites which yields the opportunity to get more revenue, in addition to increasing technical maturity and awareness among users in the styles and methods of using social networking sites with siege commissions.


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