Google announces an initiative to support Internet freedom

The Google company has established a web site contains material help educate people and make them aware of their rights, as well as ways in which the user can rely on when confronted with the laws limiting freedom of navigation of the Internet.

The company noted that it has taken several steps to repel the law (SOPA), which recently emerged to limit the freedom of Internet use, and it's time to spread the culture of the Internet, which is open to all by helping to educate and teach the user, according to the company.

The company said that as of 3 / December, the world's governments will meet out of sight to discuss the future of the Internet, and this meeting is organized by the International Telecommunication Union ITU, and will be held in the city of Dubai. The company says that some governments want to use this meeting to increase the monitoring and regulation of the Internet as they claim.

To learn more about how to get involved in this initiative, you can visit the page assigned to them on the Google site, which says that the world is free and open depends on the free and open Internet as well, and that the success of this initiative depends on you, in referring to the Internet user.

As can be signed in support of this issue on a page dedicated to this purpose, and can be disseminated initiative on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
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