Google Updated His Search Engine

"The long as someone else did not reach you," Thus says the Arab proverb famous and this is what happens all around us in the world, and technical part of this Being, In nineties calendar and the beginning of the new millennium was Yahoo on top of the pyramid of search engines on the Internet, but dropped sovereignty Google, which was not of their own volition, but the superiority of Google Search at the speed of show information for the researcher through the Internet.

And now runs the search engine Google pace developmental accelerated in order to stay at the top of the pyramid of this promising market, Vvriv work on the development of the famous search engine is trying hard to simplify search through the site, whether used by desktop computers or tablets or mobile phones, with careful planning The results are simplified to a web browser. siege commissions review

Through Global Page Google search engine, which does not contain Rabottha the name of the state and the English-speaking, the Google updated new and that puts lists revised and facilitate the search at the top of the page, with amendments in the style of presentation, and view the results of the best in the fund of knowledge.

It is scheduled to be put Google this amendment on the rest of the country specific search engines and all languages ​​in the coming weeks.

The search engine Google most prominent service offered by the company, in addition to being the most prevalent among the services offered by the company, followed by their e-mail free Gmail, Google plus and produces Google also own operating system mobile phones to call it (Android) as well as a web browser Chrome, an operating system for computers still trying hard to achieve his presence in the operating systems market.


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