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Google acquires 48% of the advertising world in 2012

At a time announced «Facebook» service search engine chart last weekend, managed to Google, the unquestioned leader in the research, from the acquisition of approximately 48.5 per cent of all international declarations on the Internet in the past year, according to estimates by private overall market prepared Agency Zenith to buy through the media. weight loss success stories

This is higher than the proportion in 2011, which put «Google» on the road to devour more than half of Internet advertising cake this year, or the next.

With the advent of the mobile phone as the preferred way to access the Internet, it is no choice but to rise up to the challenges, at least when it comes to smart phones, and they become capable of delivering relevant commercial messages in a timely manner and become better what you are looking for. And the absence of the word 'mobile' was evident when Mark Zuckerberg is displayed graph search engine.

But it should not detract from his true intentions. Has launched «Facebook» itself in recent recipe first mobile phone companies, and that the world now has social database that can be searched very easily.

In the following further details:

It's not about what you get, but as you enter.

This is the true significance of the search engine'' social'' new'' Facebook'', which will be called is sleek;'' search graph'' Graph Search. And now the company is likely they already know about you more than you know any other company wants you to spread her secret, a great secret value. She wants to know what you want.

A long time ago had been expected to move'' Facebook'' deeper into the research, it's no wonder in it. It is hard to overstate the commercial importance of being able to predict the needs of a person and attention to it at the moment is most in need more than any other time. Nothing could fulfill that as he was doing the search box.

And managed Google Inc., the unquestioned leader in the research, from the acquisition of approximately 48.5 per cent of all global advertising on the Internet in the past year, according to private estimates the overall market prepared by agency Zenith to buy through the media. This is higher than the proportion in 2011, which put Google's on the road to devour more than half of Internet advertising cake this year, or the next. hedge fund trader x bonus

With the advent of the mobile phone as the preferred way to access the Internet, it is no choice but to rise up to the challenges. At least when it comes to smart phones, and being (CME) capable of delivering relevant commercial messages in a timely manner and become better what you are looking for. The absence of the word'' mobile'' It was clear Mark Zuckerberg search engine chart. But it should not detract from his true intentions. '' Facebook has launched'' itself in recent recipe first mobile phone companies, and that the world now has social database that can be searched very easily.

He's smart phone, did not achieve any role other technology before: A Guide, a personal assistant, and reliable information center, and remote control of the digital life. And rework'' Facebook'' to keep up with this new program are already in full swing. This includes so far, reducing the company's service complex desktop computer and converted into a set of simplified mobile applications, such as messages, pictures and share.

And property in natural language search service, which was unveiled this week is in the user's writing words and try to'' Facebook'' devised what it means by and will return to you something useful. Facebook and see'' future'' allows you whisper to your anything and find your best answer to that of the existing social world around you. It is a voice service are natural language questions. Does seem inquiry service sound familiar? He has made'' Siri'' Siri,'' Apple'', in the early review of what is possible, even though the technology was not quite ready for it. If Facebook was able to overcome this problem, there will be a deficit in the advertisers lined up at the gates. AFS Fortunately, it's easy to talk about this more than achieved. This is not only because of the great technical challenges.

The problem lies partly in that it limited the scope of the search queries that are likely to be able to Facebook handled well. You may want to send a comment about movies, or restaurants that I enjoyed to see it, but there may not be many people discussing favorite remedies for colds, or the plumber who found that the most reliable. This lack of inclusiveness is one of the reasons that make it difficult to remove Google'' Home on the Internet''. Another reason is the value that can'' Facebook'' that the findings of the exploration in the information at hand. The data base arising from their own social networking - all of them impressive and preferences of its users - is still less than that amount to the entire Internet. And not necessarily to love a restaurant simply because one of your friends loves: Sometimes the views of thousands of strangers who have the same mentality, and who put touring '' fell short'', can actually be the best guide. By giving anyone the opportunity to'' follow'' fashion makers and trends, the impact will spread rapidly as the'' Facebook'' and'' Twitter''. But as a community center, the attractive'' Facebook'' threatens to devour an increasing amount of this user-generated content. The rest you'll find Google's increasingly difficult to crawl - as is the case in battles with companies such as'' fell short'' and'' Twitter'' about eavesdropping on their content.

To this day alone preparations were under way, but this is out of Google's its social network launched by'' Google Plus''.

Now, lines the new search wars battles lie on the ground. From Amazon that deal with related searches significantly more products than any other company, to serve'' Siri'' based on'' iPhone'','' Apple'' and, finally, social research'' Facebook'', became fighters ready to start fighting from their positions in all its comparative advantages.

As a result of this battle, as well as the result of a clash of smartphones and operating systems, will shape the digital future.

Analysts expect the success of search engine Facebook

Mark, senior analyst at Pivotal Research Group, that the new search engine issued site Facebook, Graph Search, is appropriate and clever idea. On the other hand, questioned the possibility of success and profitability.

Analysts had predicted that the amount of research using the new service will be very low, and the search engine will not compete with "Google", but it may only attract advertisers who arrive to their customers through Facebook.

Similarly, the analyst said Gartner "Ray Valdez," told Reuters that data shared between friends can be a powerful tool for research, but it will not serve the average user who does not have a lot of data shared with friends and does not require such inquiries.

While Forrester analyst noted, "Nate Elliott," that such a feature was supposed to be present within Facebook years ago. He added that he does not doubt the importance of this challenge analyze communication and information between billion users, but the important news is not that Facebook has developed its own search method, it is why not do it a long time ago.

Noteworthy that the value of Facebook shares had fallen by nearly 3% on Tuesday, and this value was not higher than 1% of the original value of the shares when the markets traded in for the first time.

Google consumes 220 million watts of power

Imagine life without the Internet, of course, can not it! This reflects the extent to which became a significant effect of the Internet in our lives, that uses multiple Internet has become huge, we are in the present day using the internet in search of billions of documents and share your photos with our mail in addition to writing blogs and watch the video.
In the current era of an explosion of data and information overload data centers have emerged to play a key role in the Internet, but there is a dark side to these centers are insatiable consumer of energy. Of the total energy consumed by any facility of a data center, the up to between 6 to only 12% actually used in computing and the remaining large proportion of the energy used in either cooling or is lost through distribution. Syndication Rockstar
The report recently published in the New York Times the U.S. entitled "Energy pollution and the Internet", that these digital repositories in the world consume up to 30 billion watts of energy which is equivalent to almost produce 30 nuclear plant, and as the report also consumption of data centers in Google including Nearly 300 million watts, and Facebook, including nearly 60 million watts, also pointed out that Facebook pulls annually 509 million kilowatt per hour for their data centers (Facebook manages 180 thousand server).
The other giants in the field of Internet, such as Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple also consume similar amounts of energy, according to estimates published recently that Google manages more than a million server consumes nearly 220 million watts of power.
If we make a simple comparison between those numbers and the production of energy projects in India, for example, the consumption of Facebook, which up to 60 million watts up to between 20 to 50% of the capacity of power plants in India, while consumption Google of energy, which is estimated 220 million watts roughly equivalent total production capacity for medium-sized power plants in India. How to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Google plans to get rid of passwords

Indicated a research note by two security experts in Google Inc. that traditional passwords are no longer sufficient to keep users safe. Instead, put the company envisions new forms of authentication that would allow users quick access to their accounts with the help of a USB port. And depending on the site of Wired, who explained that this note is supposed to be published later this month. Reveal The Thin Within

The researchers found in the company that it only requires some amendments to the Chrome browser for the login process smoothly through a physical element. But Google is trying to make things as easy as possible, and considering the development of physical security code in the form of a small circle (ring) finger placed in, or perhaps merge security code in smart phones directly.

The company will need to do so to gather endorsements and support for the idea widely across the Internet, and it seems they are trying to lay the foundations soon.

Special protocol has been established new authentication method which works independently from Google, and to allay the fears of those who feel that the company collects personal data significantly.

It is expected to be disposed of passwords soon, but there are reasons to believe that the idea of ​​the future able to replace the two-step authentication feature that is used in the e-mail service "Gmail" which offers random symbols appear only once. hedge fund trader x

Online Shopping Tips

With the end of the twentieth century and early twenty-first century Internet has become an optimal way to buy, no longer one has to wait several months or to go by himself to buy goods from another country. Fbnaqrat specific on the keyboard it was possible to compare different products, demand and also paying for it and then awaited brings you to the door of Arc.

But with the prevalence of selling services and e-commerce emerged also need to educate users of the threats to their online banking information. In these lines offer a glimpse of secure online shopping.

Amazon may be famous for selling books is the first site began purchasing online service before it spreads the idea for all sectors.

How to shop online
The online shopping sites usually display pictures and descriptions of the products marketed on their websites. And you choose the products you wish to buy and add them to your shopping cart. You can add and delete these products from those cart to complete the purchase through you pay the amount you owe encounter products that you choose to buy, noting that the most common way to pay is by using a credit card, where is filled application for a product which usually consists of the name of the buyer, address and number its own credit card, and it is assumed that this process is done in a way that automatic and encrypted so keep your credit card information secure and protected from the eyes of others, and after to make sure the site of the validity of the card will be deducted for products automatically and then begin extradition proceedings products to the buyer. التسوق الالكتروني

Safe shopping sites specifications

Some shopping sites safe have increased security measures to prevent unauthorized persons from seeing information sent to and from the site and these security measures: it usually starts URL Safe Shopping with https instead of http and add character s means secure any safe and are placed lock code next to the address bar or at the bottom of the browser window. موقع سكر للتسوق

Using secure shopping site technology called Secure Sockets Layer, or (SSL), which is working on the process control required to keep data secure as it travels across the Internet.

Electronic Shopping Tips
* Keep confidential your password
* Protect your credit card details
* Keep a record of all your transactions
* Know the company online before you buy
* Search for data privacy protection
* Make sure that the site you want to purchase it contains all the contact information provided service such as phone numbers and street address and e-mail for more information or to obtain technical support.
* Make sure that they have easy-to-use Web-site security encryption standards apply safe and includes all the legal details (such as method of payment, and policy relating to return the goods, etc.). So that they are clearly written and easy to use.
* Search the Internet for other people's opinion of that site and ask your friends, neighbors or acquaintances whether they have dealt with him before.
* Do not send your payment information via e-mail at all
* See shipping methods and carriers they use, and freight rates, and if they provide tracking and insurance. Also find out the place from where it is shipping, sometimes goods are sent from international locations, which requires payment of customs duties and needs additional time.
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105 million actual visitors a month to network Google Plus

Showed the latest data from comScore Foundation for statistics that social networking "Google Plus" has recently been able to reach 100 million actual visitors in one month.
However, it still lags behind in terms of the number of visitors through mobile phones compared to the rest of the famous social networking. The network was able to get 105 million effective Zraúr during the month of October / October 2012, compared with 65.3 million visitors actually during the same month in 2011, an increase of 60.9% relative.
 The social networking site Facebook has received approximately 822.1 million actual visitors during the same period, an increase of 4.3% for the number of visitors in 2011, where he arrived on time to 788.2 million visitors. And got micro-blogging site Twitter to 182.9 million actual visitors during the month, while the number of visitors to the LinkedIn network to approximately 161.9 million visitors. At the same time, the statistical work for the number of network users Google Plus mobile phones, reaching 7 million unique users per month, while Facebook network exceeded the 91.3 million visitors. This statistic includes network users on mobile either through Active application or visit the site directly from the browser. He did not say within the statistical approximate time spent visiting within Google Plus network.
However, previous statistics were published by the company in early 2011 showed that Google Plus users spend about 3.3 minutes on average on the network, while serving Facebook users about 7.5 hours.
In July last report from Google that the average time spent by users of Google Plus within the network is 12 minutes per month. Noteworthy that Google had indicated in December / December last year 2012 that number Mstkhadda Google Plus has exceeded 500 million users, 135 million of them active users.
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