105 million actual visitors a month to network Google Plus

Showed the latest data from comScore Foundation for statistics that social networking "Google Plus" has recently been able to reach 100 million actual visitors in one month.
However, it still lags behind in terms of the number of visitors through mobile phones compared to the rest of the famous social networking. The network was able to get 105 million effective Zra├║r during the month of October / October 2012, compared with 65.3 million visitors actually during the same month in 2011, an increase of 60.9% relative.
 The social networking site Facebook has received approximately 822.1 million actual visitors during the same period, an increase of 4.3% for the number of visitors in 2011, where he arrived on time to 788.2 million visitors. And got micro-blogging site Twitter to 182.9 million actual visitors during the month, while the number of visitors to the LinkedIn network to approximately 161.9 million visitors. At the same time, the statistical work for the number of network users Google Plus mobile phones, reaching 7 million unique users per month, while Facebook network exceeded the 91.3 million visitors. This statistic includes network users on mobile either through Active application or visit the site directly from the browser. He did not say within the statistical approximate time spent visiting within Google Plus network.
However, previous statistics were published by the company in early 2011 showed that Google Plus users spend about 3.3 minutes on average on the network, while serving Facebook users about 7.5 hours.
In July last report from Google that the average time spent by users of Google Plus within the network is 12 minutes per month. Noteworthy that Google had indicated in December / December last year 2012 that number Mstkhadda Google Plus has exceeded 500 million users, 135 million of them active users.
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