Analysts expect the success of search engine Facebook

Mark, senior analyst at Pivotal Research Group, that the new search engine issued site Facebook, Graph Search, is appropriate and clever idea. On the other hand, questioned the possibility of success and profitability.

Analysts had predicted that the amount of research using the new service will be very low, and the search engine will not compete with "Google", but it may only attract advertisers who arrive to their customers through Facebook.

Similarly, the analyst said Gartner "Ray Valdez," told Reuters that data shared between friends can be a powerful tool for research, but it will not serve the average user who does not have a lot of data shared with friends and does not require such inquiries.

While Forrester analyst noted, "Nate Elliott," that such a feature was supposed to be present within Facebook years ago. He added that he does not doubt the importance of this challenge analyze communication and information between billion users, but the important news is not that Facebook has developed its own search method, it is why not do it a long time ago.

Noteworthy that the value of Facebook shares had fallen by nearly 3% on Tuesday, and this value was not higher than 1% of the original value of the shares when the markets traded in for the first time.


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