Google consumes 220 million watts of power

Imagine life without the Internet, of course, can not it! This reflects the extent to which became a significant effect of the Internet in our lives, that uses multiple Internet has become huge, we are in the present day using the internet in search of billions of documents and share your photos with our mail in addition to writing blogs and watch the video.
In the current era of an explosion of data and information overload data centers have emerged to play a key role in the Internet, but there is a dark side to these centers are insatiable consumer of energy. Of the total energy consumed by any facility of a data center, the up to between 6 to only 12% actually used in computing and the remaining large proportion of the energy used in either cooling or is lost through distribution. Syndication Rockstar
The report recently published in the New York Times the U.S. entitled "Energy pollution and the Internet", that these digital repositories in the world consume up to 30 billion watts of energy which is equivalent to almost produce 30 nuclear plant, and as the report also consumption of data centers in Google including Nearly 300 million watts, and Facebook, including nearly 60 million watts, also pointed out that Facebook pulls annually 509 million kilowatt per hour for their data centers (Facebook manages 180 thousand server).
The other giants in the field of Internet, such as Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple also consume similar amounts of energy, according to estimates published recently that Google manages more than a million server consumes nearly 220 million watts of power.
If we make a simple comparison between those numbers and the production of energy projects in India, for example, the consumption of Facebook, which up to 60 million watts up to between 20 to 50% of the capacity of power plants in India, while consumption Google of energy, which is estimated 220 million watts roughly equivalent total production capacity for medium-sized power plants in India. How to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks


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