Google plans to get rid of passwords

Indicated a research note by two security experts in Google Inc. that traditional passwords are no longer sufficient to keep users safe. Instead, put the company envisions new forms of authentication that would allow users quick access to their accounts with the help of a USB port. And depending on the site of Wired, who explained that this note is supposed to be published later this month. Reveal The Thin Within

The researchers found in the company that it only requires some amendments to the Chrome browser for the login process smoothly through a physical element. But Google is trying to make things as easy as possible, and considering the development of physical security code in the form of a small circle (ring) finger placed in, or perhaps merge security code in smart phones directly.

The company will need to do so to gather endorsements and support for the idea widely across the Internet, and it seems they are trying to lay the foundations soon.

Special protocol has been established new authentication method which works independently from Google, and to allay the fears of those who feel that the company collects personal data significantly.

It is expected to be disposed of passwords soon, but there are reasons to believe that the idea of ​​the future able to replace the two-step authentication feature that is used in the e-mail service "Gmail" which offers random symbols appear only once. hedge fund trader x


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