Online Shopping Tips

With the end of the twentieth century and early twenty-first century Internet has become an optimal way to buy, no longer one has to wait several months or to go by himself to buy goods from another country. Fbnaqrat specific on the keyboard it was possible to compare different products, demand and also paying for it and then awaited brings you to the door of Arc.

But with the prevalence of selling services and e-commerce emerged also need to educate users of the threats to their online banking information. In these lines offer a glimpse of secure online shopping.

Amazon may be famous for selling books is the first site began purchasing online service before it spreads the idea for all sectors.

How to shop online
The online shopping sites usually display pictures and descriptions of the products marketed on their websites. And you choose the products you wish to buy and add them to your shopping cart. You can add and delete these products from those cart to complete the purchase through you pay the amount you owe encounter products that you choose to buy, noting that the most common way to pay is by using a credit card, where is filled application for a product which usually consists of the name of the buyer, address and number its own credit card, and it is assumed that this process is done in a way that automatic and encrypted so keep your credit card information secure and protected from the eyes of others, and after to make sure the site of the validity of the card will be deducted for products automatically and then begin extradition proceedings products to the buyer. التسوق الالكتروني

Safe shopping sites specifications

Some shopping sites safe have increased security measures to prevent unauthorized persons from seeing information sent to and from the site and these security measures: it usually starts URL Safe Shopping with https instead of http and add character s means secure any safe and are placed lock code next to the address bar or at the bottom of the browser window. موقع سكر للتسوق

Using secure shopping site technology called Secure Sockets Layer, or (SSL), which is working on the process control required to keep data secure as it travels across the Internet.

Electronic Shopping Tips
* Keep confidential your password
* Protect your credit card details
* Keep a record of all your transactions
* Know the company online before you buy
* Search for data privacy protection
* Make sure that the site you want to purchase it contains all the contact information provided service such as phone numbers and street address and e-mail for more information or to obtain technical support.
* Make sure that they have easy-to-use Web-site security encryption standards apply safe and includes all the legal details (such as method of payment, and policy relating to return the goods, etc.). So that they are clearly written and easy to use.
* Search the Internet for other people's opinion of that site and ask your friends, neighbors or acquaintances whether they have dealt with him before.
* Do not send your payment information via e-mail at all
* See shipping methods and carriers they use, and freight rates, and if they provide tracking and insurance. Also find out the place from where it is shipping, sometimes goods are sent from international locations, which requires payment of customs duties and needs additional time.
موقع سكر للتسوق


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