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Facebook peaking benefits when they reach ninety years old!

Interesting study: the benefits of Facebook peaking at age ninety years old!
Seems to be the social networking site famous Facebook will attract millions of followers in the coming period, especially from older, where recent study revealed recently supervised by researchers from the University of Arizona, USA for health benefits new and exciting for Facebook older, and that these benefits peaking whenever challenged human life.

The researchers pointed out that older men and women, who over the age of 65 years, ranging between 68 and 91 years, and using the social networking site famous "Facebook" may happen to them leap awesome in the functions of cognition and their memory and improve their ability mindset by up to 25 %, and also composed their new skills were not present than ever before.

The researchers continue to seniors with each other via social networking sites reduce loneliness and isolation to a large extent, represents psychological support big for them, which will ultimately result in strengthening the functions of perception and capacity cerebral have within 8 weeks, just from the beginning of the use of networking sites Social, the study noted.
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Google allow you to download content Blogger and Google Plus

Expanded "Google" of the characteristics of the service "Take Out" to allow users to download the contents of their blogs in Blogger or web pages "Google Plus" personal social to their devices if they wish to keep a copy of them. Fantasy Lover Formula

The service enables bloggers Single download blog entries from blogs to serve the "Blogger" Blog or download the entire file format "xml", the pages "Google Plus" can be downloaded in the form of HTML files.

The "Google" service offers "Take Out" to facilitate the users of its services to get their data on the grounds that these data are the property of the user and is entitled to receive full when he wanted.

He was team interface to edit the data in the U.S. company service "Tech Out" in June 2011, and began to expand gradually to include more services, including echo Google, mail lists Gmail, and photo albums of "Picasa", documents Google, and video clips from YouTube.

Microsoft mockery of Gmail in a propaganda video

Microsoft introduced Thursday, a video clip on the occasion of Valentine's Day, highlighting the advantages of privacy in e-mail service provider company's, and parody of the disadvantages of Gmail e-mail service offered by Google Ping Fresh

And starts advertising emergence Truck mail private service Outlook, and a second private service Gmail, and moves the scene to a man's mail service Gmail is open letters before putting them in the box of the user and read, and then put ads suitable for content within the envelope the letter, while the man's mail service Outlook message was delivered without access to their content.

The announcement serves as a clear signal from Microsoft to penetrate the privacy policies that Google believes that followed when reading the content of messages users of Gmail service, and it seems that one part of the propaganda campaign that will attack Microsoft rival Google. easy insta income

Noteworthy that these are not the first anti campaign facing Microsoft rival Google, where she launched the company in November / November, campaign under the name Scroogled attacking what they called abusive practices Google in the field of online shopping engine to search your shopping Google Shopping Souq Egypt.

New updates on the service Google Drive

Google announced today, for new updates on the service "Google Drive" for cloud storage, makes it easier for user access and organize frequently used by application.

Feature "create a list" in the Google Drive, is the first feature in updates, This feature allows the user to create a list that contains applications used by that support, "Google Drive" for easy access in the future.

The advantage of a "browse and touch" for all applications that support "Google Drive", allows user review application in support of the service "Google Drive" with specify which applications are willing to work with directly during the shoe in money review.

Google said that all applications supporting the service "Google Drive" and already in the Chrome store will be included in the list of applications in the "Google Drive" directly.

It is worth mentioning that Google launched service "Google Drive" cloud on April 24 of 2012, which allows the user to store files on the Internet with the possibility of collective participation and amendment after merging properties "Google Docs" Google Docs it.

Google dominates the search operations across smart devices

Explained statistical continue the search engine "Google" ascending to the throne of the search engines on the Internet, whether searching through computers or smart mobile devices.


It showed statistical carried out by Net Market Share Corporation that the search engine "Google" dominated the 83.46 per cent of searches in January (January) 2013 on the World Wide Web using computers. Forex Sniper Pro Review

The search engine "Yahoo" after him in second place with a share of 7.83 per cent of searches, while dominated search engine "Bing" private company "Microsoft" on the rate of 4.85 per cent of the searches, did not get the Chinese search engine Baidu only ratio 1.81 per cent of the global search operations during the first months 2013, although the engine controlled largely on local searches in China. Souq KSA

The number of Internet users in China 564 million people, according to news agency reported "Xinhua" China issued middle of last month, but that the large number of two Chinas Web site did not help in increasing the share of "Baidu" of searches global, as well as increasing the share of search engine "Google "at the level of smart mobile devices where controlled the rate of 89.83 per cent of searches via smart phones and tablet computers in the last month.

Solving "Yahoo" also in second place behind Google in the volume of searches across smart devices where controlled the rate of 6.27 per cent, against 2.2 per cent for the search engine "Bing" rate of 0.57 per cent of the Chinese search engine Baidu. Try To search for Adonis Golden Ratio for exemple.

Google and Facebook E-occupation of the world map

The figures derived from modern global statistics site'' Top'' that the social networking site'' Facebook'' and the search engine Google's global occupy more space on the electronic map of the world showing countries most visited by location.

It is surprising that the color'' Facebook'' does not appear across the United States is also far from the control of Europe, which has Google's first place. And if looking at the map as a famous game to control the world  the win will inevitably be an ally for Google's, which is characterized by its lead in some countries via address global and across the headline of each state, and provided to find search results more localized. Forex Sniper Pro

And achieved'' Facebook'' with the beginning of 2013 made progress in every continent of South America, which was in a fever Google about a year ago from now, but the Latin American countries for the benefit of the social networking giant, which in turn maintained its presence in the countries of the Arab Spring, which was is precisely individuals involved in its launch in some places, such as a link to the opposition forces.

The two'' Facebook'' also battle to control and face arch-rivals in places more distant, it is ahead in North Africa and East and in many parts of Asia, with the absence of figures approved for many countries because of its failure to technical as in Central and West Africa, or because of political tension as In Syria, where it was not possible to get the order in 2013, but the latest statistics indicate a'' Facebook'' in the lead, especially with the worsening situation and the resort of the rebels to the sites for the exchange of news and information. Internet Business Factory

And two sites sharing the Arab Gulf states, and controlled'' Google'' in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain was'' Facebook'' is the most popular in the UAE, Kuwait and Qatar.

It is very exciting to site'' Twitter'' Although the number of participants and attracting a lot of users in the site'' Facebook'' and the high number of daily tweets it to about 400 million note, but it is completely missed the first five positions, he recorded his best to attend in: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Venezuela, while showing Kv most visited sites, while not occupy only tenth place in the United States, and falls more in Europe, where it appears in the center of the 11 in Britain and 15 in France and 36 in Germany which is the largest state in terms of population in the European Union.

Despite the decline experienced by'' Yahoo!'' but that the site was a favorite of the Japanese, where he scored the first place there, and in Taiwan, too, has also emerged in Central Africa as the most visited sites in Cameroon, which is in addition to all of this came one of the top ten in more countries around the world, particularly those characterized by abundant population, but it was still far from being the favorite in the list of Arabs with the exception of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where finished fifth and seventh respectively. Preferably'' YouTube'' to stay in the shade after intractable first place in all countries of the world, is in second place in both Saudi Arabia and Algeria and the United States of America and many countries. It seems that both Russia and China - as in politics - refuse to American hegemony, Both are characterized by your local location, which tied for first place, In Russia dominated the search engine famous Russian'' Aandicks'' on the movement of the Russians over the Internet, it represents about 60 cent of Internet search there. China chose its Chinese engine 'Beidou', whose popularity has jumped in China ranked fifth in the world, although it provides the results of his research in Chinese only. try success with anthony 2.0