Facebook peaking benefits when they reach ninety years old!

Interesting study: the benefits of Facebook peaking at age ninety years old!
Seems to be the social networking site famous Facebook will attract millions of followers in the coming period, especially from older, where recent study revealed recently supervised by researchers from the University of Arizona, USA for health benefits new and exciting for Facebook older, and that these benefits peaking whenever challenged human life.

The researchers pointed out that older men and women, who over the age of 65 years, ranging between 68 and 91 years, and using the social networking site famous "Facebook" may happen to them leap awesome in the functions of cognition and their memory and improve their ability mindset by up to 25 %, and also composed their new skills were not present than ever before.

The researchers continue to seniors with each other via social networking sites reduce loneliness and isolation to a large extent, represents psychological support big for them, which will ultimately result in strengthening the functions of perception and capacity cerebral have within 8 weeks, just from the beginning of the use of networking sites Social, the study noted.
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