Google allow you to download content Blogger and Google Plus

Expanded "Google" of the characteristics of the service "Take Out" to allow users to download the contents of their blogs in Blogger or web pages "Google Plus" personal social to their devices if they wish to keep a copy of them. Fantasy Lover Formula

The service enables bloggers Single download blog entries from blogs to serve the "Blogger" Blog or download the entire file format "xml", the pages "Google Plus" can be downloaded in the form of HTML files.

The "Google" service offers "Take Out" to facilitate the users of its services to get their data on the grounds that these data are the property of the user and is entitled to receive full when he wanted.

He was team interface to edit the data in the U.S. company service "Tech Out" in June 2011, and began to expand gradually to include more services, including echo Google, mail lists Gmail, and photo albums of "Picasa", documents Google, and video clips from YouTube.


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