Google dominates the search operations across smart devices

Explained statistical continue the search engine "Google" ascending to the throne of the search engines on the Internet, whether searching through computers or smart mobile devices.


It showed statistical carried out by Net Market Share Corporation that the search engine "Google" dominated the 83.46 per cent of searches in January (January) 2013 on the World Wide Web using computers. Forex Sniper Pro Review

The search engine "Yahoo" after him in second place with a share of 7.83 per cent of searches, while dominated search engine "Bing" private company "Microsoft" on the rate of 4.85 per cent of the searches, did not get the Chinese search engine Baidu only ratio 1.81 per cent of the global search operations during the first months 2013, although the engine controlled largely on local searches in China. Souq KSA

The number of Internet users in China 564 million people, according to news agency reported "Xinhua" China issued middle of last month, but that the large number of two Chinas Web site did not help in increasing the share of "Baidu" of searches global, as well as increasing the share of search engine "Google "at the level of smart mobile devices where controlled the rate of 89.83 per cent of searches via smart phones and tablet computers in the last month.

Solving "Yahoo" also in second place behind Google in the volume of searches across smart devices where controlled the rate of 6.27 per cent, against 2.2 per cent for the search engine "Bing" rate of 0.57 per cent of the Chinese search engine Baidu. Try To search for Adonis Golden Ratio for exemple.


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