Microsoft mockery of Gmail in a propaganda video

Microsoft introduced Thursday, a video clip on the occasion of Valentine's Day, highlighting the advantages of privacy in e-mail service provider company's, and parody of the disadvantages of Gmail e-mail service offered by Google Ping Fresh

And starts advertising emergence Truck mail private service Outlook, and a second private service Gmail, and moves the scene to a man's mail service Gmail is open letters before putting them in the box of the user and read, and then put ads suitable for content within the envelope the letter, while the man's mail service Outlook message was delivered without access to their content.

The announcement serves as a clear signal from Microsoft to penetrate the privacy policies that Google believes that followed when reading the content of messages users of Gmail service, and it seems that one part of the propaganda campaign that will attack Microsoft rival Google. easy insta income

Noteworthy that these are not the first anti campaign facing Microsoft rival Google, where she launched the company in November / November, campaign under the name Scroogled attacking what they called abusive practices Google in the field of online shopping engine to search your shopping Google Shopping Souq Egypt.


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