New updates on the service Google Drive

Google announced today, for new updates on the service "Google Drive" for cloud storage, makes it easier for user access and organize frequently used by application.

Feature "create a list" in the Google Drive, is the first feature in updates, This feature allows the user to create a list that contains applications used by that support, "Google Drive" for easy access in the future.

The advantage of a "browse and touch" for all applications that support "Google Drive", allows user review application in support of the service "Google Drive" with specify which applications are willing to work with directly during the shoe in money review.

Google said that all applications supporting the service "Google Drive" and already in the Chrome store will be included in the list of applications in the "Google Drive" directly.

It is worth mentioning that Google launched service "Google Drive" cloud on April 24 of 2012, which allows the user to store files on the Internet with the possibility of collective participation and amendment after merging properties "Google Docs" Google Docs it.


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