Shares of Google highest close in its history and is heading towards $ 1,000

Continued rise of Google's shares to their highest close in its history yesterday at $ 821.50, and some analysts expect that the company's share price up search engines to $ 1,000 soon. '' Reuters said'' The rise of stock to new levels comes with the dominance of the Android operating system'''' invented by Google's mobile phone market, and the continuation of the company issued to the field of mobile ads. Quick Fire Social

And consolidated these gains Google's site in third place among American companies in terms of market value, after Apple'''' and'' Exxon Mobil''. Belly Dancing Course

And stepping up Google's shares strongly since late last year and recorded new highs in several times as high as 16.1 per cent since the beginning of this year. That makes it the most expensive stock on the index'' S & P 500''.

The shares of Google's has received considerable attention after the initial public offering in August 2004, and was this IPO is the most important at the time as the share price was 85 dollars. The stock opened at $ 100 on the first day of trading and has since stock rose 721 per cent. safe simple cash


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