Twitter and advanced thought

When intervention Twitter find many speak and breathe freely find people from all walks and private scientists and company owners, writers and all is thought sophisticated you feel in a world full of science and freedom, everyone expresses his opinion without fear or inhibition like living in Sourcing meaningful discussions, everyone sings say what he wants does not have to be convinced the idea person, but it is necessary to respect the seer, but otherwise no people shallow in some of their tweets, but few beside those with science.

In fact, a great Twitter experience is conveniently includes a lot of media like IM John Chow, owners pens to free, beautiful and from which you can follow the latest news before they reach the pages of newspapers
It is distinguished from other social sites circles almost be small or large but speaks in the same domain in the sense that you

Always in Twitter find talking about your field and meet the same concerns that talking about other than sites other social When you place publication of some friends or knowledge work admired and that compliment you without any interest but Twitter completely different you internal pressure to talk to who cares your domain to share ideas with groups that are interested in the same area often find thinkers and developers in all fields discuss all that is new. For example, we care about the field e-marketing and publicity sites and social networks so Fat Burn Doctor to Twitter and are always looking for interested people and experts in the same field in order to continue to gain experience not to friendship and sharing photos and clowning like most social networks aimed at that, but Twitter various find always the privileged who are always looking from their parents in the same science in order Atkedzbwa experience and constant development of all that is new in their field, especially when talking in Twitter and find that your words found echo somewhere in the world and will be re-note, until you find yourself attracted a same attention and find suddenly that he might become your followers you because they care about the same domain, In addition to that that Twitter chance to talk with those who do not know with people who may not like us in our habits and thinking of other countries, but gaining them many experiences in your field and this always helps development for the better, for this reason Twitter distinct


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