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Specialized search sites contraction of the dominance of Google

Suppose that someone wants coffee latte, it is expected to use his smart phone and opens application Yelp looking for the nearest coffee shop, but if he wanted to buy the espresso machine, it is likely that uses Amazon dot com. Whether in the first or second case Google is losing one of its customers.

However, Google is still the undisputed Queen Find It controls about two-thirds of the U.S. market for the Internet. But the search method is changing, especially with the increasing number of people from what researchers want to buy it or eat it or learned on their phones. This led to the development of the Internet search industry's worth $ 22 billion, which is perhaps the most lucrative Internet activity and influential, the most important crossroads since invented.

People no longer want to search the network as if they were looking in the index of the book - in the sense Find links shows where a particular word. But looking to new types of Find Almtla├║m by them that develops knowledge and understanding to answer certain questions and not just to guide people in the right direction, and therefore sites such as Auto Bettors Bot or Tripp Advize, or Amazon gradually reduce the control of Google.

He said Oren Aatzione a Professor at the University of Washington who co-founded a company specializing in research and flight shopping: «What people want is: to ask a very simple question to get the answer is very simple. He added: «We do not want those ten blue links on a small screen, but we want to know the nearest restaurant thickness and reserve it and we are on the road heading of him.
Astounds people the massive congestion that it has become the Internet. Google says that there are 30 trillion title site compared trillion site five years ago - and people Itusm to their computers and their phones are more intelligent and better able to serve them. In fact, many of the new efforts are services not notify the minds of people already they search engines.

Amazon, for example, share than Google's share in the research shopping in the United States is the most profitable search types. In websites such as  select the best people on the network needs such as clothing, gifts or other.

And avoids Google smart phone users go directly to specialized applications such as Kayak or Weather Underground, to know the weather. There are other applications are sent directly to the users of mobile information such as flight delays or traffic crashes even before you ask for it.

It uses people (YouTube) to search for things such as the way a tie, and use the site (Siri) to search for phones iPhone and use maps of the Internet to search for local places, while using Facebook to search for things liking to their friends (Like).

And services such as seeking to serve as different types of search engines means places to search for the contents of specialized high-quality and dimension from indulging in vain in other entries in the network. In the Kura service are the answer to questions such as, 'How do you feel when you're working at Steve Jobs? »By people who have already gone through this experience, something Google can not answer it.

However Google still unique, even after that there is an alternative search sites commonly used.

Said Danny Sullivan, editor of the blogging site named Display Search Engine Land: «The Google Store-like destruction, but not specialized of certain varieties.

However, searching the Internet sector is still promising and so great that Microsoft is sticking to it, despite losing billions of dollars a year on 'Bing' and its inability to make even a slight impact on Google's share in the U.S. market. It is noteworthy that Microsoft, which amounted to a market share in those 17% in February, rising to 26% if it included Yahoo Research, said it considered the research necessary for other products such as Xbox or phones.

Sullivan said: «You have millions of people a day asking for exactly what they want and if you are declaring the search is a very appropriate way.

The Foundation estimates that Google earn about three-quarters of the money spent on search advertising in the United States. So to ensure that the search engines for companies huge amounts of data and a barometer of how Iqbal users to identify those companies. There are signs of a gradual change in the behavior of people towards the search affect these companies like Namshi.

Fell research on traditional services dominate Google by 3% during the second half of last year after rising for years, according to comScore, as the number of research for each researcher at 7%. In contrast, increased research on specialized sites known as vertical search engines, by 8%.

Although conventional research, increased again this year, but there are other data that reflect Google's exposure to risk.

In the first quarterly period decreased spending on search ads increased by 1%, which is a significant decline to Google, according Ojnichen the company and digital marketing. Google lost last year, part of its share of the U.S. search advertising market, for the first time by E. Markir, where its share fell to 72.8% from 74%.

It is expected to slow down the growth of advertising spending on traditional search engines as more than a total research spending slowdown on the network, which is a turning point, as it was the growth of spending on search engines than traditional network advertising spending growth so much last year, according to E. Markir.

Google does not stand still, but they are more changes on the offerings of search engines at a faster pace than it used to for years. Where one of its founders Larry Page and CEO of the launch of a new name on the discussion section is 'Knowledge' no 'knowledge' in Arabic, he now wants people to have their information from Google.

Google now displays answers rather than just links mean if a person search for something like 'air' or even 'journey' In this case, Google can be derived flight information from a person's account on Gmail.

Google also conducted the biggest change last year when introduced the so-called monitoring map information, while the search generally matching the floor with web sites, monitor map information is used semantics that understand the meanings and relationships between people, places and things.

The usual quest for the word 'Diana' appears on the pages where this word contained both on the site and Wikipedia as the late Princess of Wales or a company specializing in the sale of the engagement ring.

However, the search engine more knowledgeable and intelligent can detect whether a person is looking for information about a girlfriend called 'Diana', or that he is also interested in the search for Kate Madleston.

Said Ben Gomes, a fellow Google: «what Google is doing now is a collection of some of the information circulating in the mind of the people, and thus in a position to communicate with users on Google about approaching very way of thinking.

Google said that these small steps describes the objective of the company.

Gomez said: «in the future it will be possible for Google to respond to the more difficult questions such as:« km distance between me and the Eiffel Tower? Where can I go to the prom in a warm atmosphere next year? ».

Despite the achievements of search services alternative offer, then the user's habits on the network difficult to change, like habits actual, especially if they are useful, according to Andrew Abasman vice president of comScore, which also said: «People used to Google them, because they will help them with daily and get them the information they want, if they are to serve as a self-reinforcing cycle. Not that anyone can do these things in a manner inconsistent with the familiar habits.

Emperor Social

When companies find enough time to listen to the debates that take place on the Internet for their services and products or field of work and its competitors, and after that you build good relationships with people influential in the world of the web on the views of customers in this area of ​​business in which it operates Emperor Social Company, you will discover that automatically start create a blog, a private company is the most effective step to participate and engage in the discussions that take place on the Web and interact with followers important to its business, such as bloggers or managers forums that discuss the company's products or services are private or public.

Could pose a question: What is a Blog basically? Well, Blog is a Web site that contains the blog entries are displayed in chronological order, but later reversed any of the (top) to the oldest (at the bottom), and this Postings may contain a mixture of text, images and videos. And the important part that can follow the blog subscribe to RSS, or via the mailing list and in most cases, visitors can blog  in dialogue with the blogger by placing comments on the Blog.

Blog can be a very effective communication channel for small businesses. According to the study published in the Emperor Social  marketing at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, that the richest 5,000 companies in the world to adopt marketing social media very quickly, which owns 39% of these companies a blog of their own, at a time that does not exceed the percentage of firms that possess special code 11.6% among the 500 richest companies in the world. Therefore, small businesses can give lessons to large companies a thing or two when it comes to using social media and where success! In this part of the series will share the tools, techniques, and best practices to help you in your blog tee your company or your business like Forex Indicator Predictor.

Small Business Opportunity

Through blogging, you can communicate with followers influencers for your services and products directly and fast, honest, and conducting dialogues with them. And more accurately Entries can be used to achieve:

1. Post new information quickly with customers, potential customers and employees.

2. Show enthusiasm and control over the offerings of products and services and the business as well.

3. Marketing of new products or services.

4. Effective management of affairs in the case of emergency crises.

5. Influence on the media coverage of traditional activities.

6. Audio-visual pigments humane personality to your brand.

7. Improve search results for your products and services.

Blogging is not true for any effective strategy to use social media, so it is important to take into consideration what your goals are and accurately targeted audience before launching your blog. If you have interesting information to share, staff fond of what they are doing to ideas, customers or potential customers want to talk to you, it's time to try to start blogging.


Before you start creating a blog, you have to develop a plan for content that will be offered through them, and technologies and the possibilities that will give her to continue. Here are the basic steps to start:

· Agree on the objectives of the Code and the target category. Like any program of social networks, this is the most important first step. What will you achieve from this blog? Who are the Followers you? How will you measure success? We will address to measure success in Part VIII of this series.

· Select the person or group who will blogging. It can be anyone from the owners of the company or the director of public relations or production engineer. The most important point in a person be familiar with the extensive work of the company and has a passion for, including services provided by the company or products, and has enough time to spend on the blog.

· Developed a content strategy. Select the main theme of which will be centered around the blog and create a diary written so as to ensure that you have content ready for a period of thirty days to come to make sure that the blog is constantly updated. Entries must be submitted between three to five blog entries per week until the viewers constantly returns to visit her.

· Put a name for a blog, and book a special URL address. In fact, may be getting a special address of the code a little difficult as it can be the most appropriate title is reserved in advance. In any case, make sure to reserve a title distinctive and capable of being saved but more importantly that reflects the theme of the Code Statute. You must be some examples of efforts Entries for search engines (SEO), to help pay Entries to the first page of the search engines.

· Select the process in which they are put Entries and approve comments. Probably should have the ability Alyalrd to all comments within 24 hours, because the talks in the blogging world is moving very quickly and you will lose communication with commentators in the case was delayed to respond to comments that may contain ideas positive can be used to improve your services or products, or can be that contain criticism and complaints from customers.

· Designed and programmed code. There are two wonderful programs to offer two blogs and WordPress, Blogger. Speaking to an open source, but the point distinguishing it in Wordpress content you put on your blog is the king you completely, but Blogger is not belongs to you, so you could disappear or be closed forums in case violated the conditions without having to have the right to restore to content .

· Entries fired. Forums presented to key followers you as a new source of information, and start blogging. Put a link to the code in the mailing list, on your site, on your Facebook page. And try to publish as much as possible.

Best practices

Based on the experience of the Dell team and in consultation with small business owners and medium-sized enterprises, best practices were identified for start creates Blog:

· Place a link to a blog on the company website.

· Dedicated team of bloggers, the division of labor and bring lots of new content, but keep the leader of this team to control the rhythm of work and coordinate efforts.

· Provided a simple guide for bloggers and let them publish without severe restrictions.

· Place your company news and discussion of ideas that are around in the company, but also Place answers, the core rotates in the mind of your customers.

· Post at least three blog entries per week ranges from a single length of each between 150 and 300 words. The greater the number of Articles published by per week the greater number of visitors who return for follow-up all that is new to you.

• Use text with images and video in your posts. Entries that contain video clips are usually called vlogs visual notation is a great way to display new products and services or to view an interview with the company's employees or experts you have. Easy in WordPress and Blogger add photos and videos.

· Do not skimp put links in your posts to codes of other famous and especially those pertaining to bloggers regulars in the field of business. This will give a good impression and encourage bloggers to put links to their blog too. These links they put you will contribute to the improvement of forums from the standpoint of the search engines.

· Allow comments are encouraged to hold discussions and dialogues between observers and between observers and the editors of the Code.

A typical case

The Dare Hurt founder of Plaid design and advertising create a blog called Brand Flakes for Breakfast in 2005. Beginning saw in the blog is the easiest way to share articles and ideas about fat loss to use e-mail or video clips. I quickly decided that he would not use code to bring direct sales. Instead, Hort focused on talking about the trends of the business sector in which it operates, creative ideas, fun ad roads, and small news for his company. The plan worked well, and turned Entries to the best reliable tool to generate opportunities for more sales. Blog is now read by 100,000 people a month and take the order of 85 in the list of the most powerful 150 in marketing forums issued by the Advertising Power.