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Europe calls for Google to make concessions on electronic searches

The European Commissioner for Competition Joaquin yesterday, said that the American search engine on the Internet giant "Google" will claim to offer more concessions in order to address the concerns of the European Union on the results of his research-mail.

Joaquin said during a panel discussion in the European Parliament, "we will ask Google to improve their proposals." The conduct of the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, an investigation into the practices of Google since November 2010, after competitors such as Microsoft complained about the dominance of the U.S. company on the Internet search market. UNHCR fears that Google give specialized services, such as "Google Maps" and "Google Shopping" and "Google Places" preferential treatment in the way that displays search results, e hindering competition and harm the user options.

Google proposes to make changes to the way that displays search results in a bid to secure access to the settlement and avoid exposure to fine equivalent to up to 10% of the value of its annual global sales. Proposals are reviewed now by the complainants, stakeholders and other interested parties, where they can share their views with the Commission before they take a decision on how to deal with the issue. Binary Options Bot

According to Joaquin, it was expected to end the so-called market test next Monday, but has been extended for a month until the end of June in order to allow more time for observations. Joaquin expressed hope that the settlement had been reached with Google "so that we solve the problem by the end of this year," but will not hesitate in dealing Commission to take "a negative decision." The number of employees Google has more than 32 thousand employees.

Google intends to integrate e-payment service Google Wallet with Chrome

Company intends to "Google" American integrating e-payment service Google Wallet with its web browser "Chrome", in their quest to bring this service to the various platforms and other services.
Said Francois Beoffor, one of the developers working in the company "Google", on his account within the social networking "Google Plus," browser "Chrome" on the way to support the process of electronic payment within the KD Suite application In apps payments in reference to applications browser.
The company seems to be in order to provide service shop raised in the upcoming "Chrome" application bears the name of Chrome Wallet Service would provide this service to users, but it is still under development.
Referred to as the "Google" has earlier this month, adding this type of application to the App Store "Chrome", he also worked under version 28 demo of the browser, which was launched a few days ago, to support the so-called "alerts rich", real quick app which alerts issued by the applications or web browser extensions but has been redesigned to be "rich" text and images with the ability to respond and interact with them, including direct, and these changes may confirm the determination of "Google" on the Google Wallet service support within the browser.
Some argue that what you are doing "Google" to enrich web browser its applications and advantages that make the user dispense somewhat from the operating system, may be tempted to turn to the use of the operating system cloud its "Chrome OS", and in addition, it is believed that the company pave by providing this service to encourage developers to build applications driven within the browser or operating system "Chrome OS." Option Bot 2 Review
It should be noted here yesterday that the company has added a new feature to the open-source web browser its "Chromium" Chromuim, in order to allow users to re-adjust the settings of their own personal files, if exposed to the futility of malware. سوق دوت كوم

The value of social media in business

The competitions and an excellent, effective and relatively inexpensive to create a large fan base and quickly, it is easy to create a contest on the Facebook page your own, and that admiration page is a requirement for participation in the competition, and after a brief period of about two to three months chose a winner at random from among those who impressed with your page, and give the winner and the best gift to be a gift of your products or services or anything than you Real Quick App, because it serves as a promotion for your products or services or your industry.
This will push people to buy your products you offer on your site. Of course, the situation is quite different in the majors.

You can take advantage of this competition by creating a list of emails to the participants in the competition or inquirers, the presence of these people are working on publicizing your page on the social networking sites. You should always communicate with them and inform them of all new products or services.
You will also be doing a paid announcement on the Facebook page has cost this declaration the amount of money it will have a significant impact on the publicity location and Real Quick App on Facebook and other social networking sites. The ad will appear in all pages similar to the subject of your progress or services similar to the industry to offer you. So as to encourage people to see on your pages in social networking sites or go to your site.

The value of social media in business

You might guess this question, why do I need to followers on the Facebook page?, And it may be you have hundreds of followers and then say what do I do now? It is necessary to understand that these followers on your Facebook page are a real opportunity and value to build a communication channel with them.
In previous periods and before there was social networking sites Real Quick App marketing at the forefront of marketing and business but this method has become inefficient because you do not know the interest of the people reading your messages.
In social networking sites, the situation is different because the observers read that you type and interact with him, and this unique method you can only find in the social networking sites.
The value of Facebook and other social networking sites you are building and consolidating relations with the followers of your page.

Content: set the tempo Post

That followers seem simple initial reaction to your business and this depends on the first communication, whether competition or a funny story or relationships with your followers, and now it's time to work for survival and honor to communicate on social networking sites.
Your content must include education as well as a sense of humor and fun, and more importantly, tried to operate a referendum about the service or product you are offering and hear the opinions of people around him that product or service.
And thus earn more reactions and people interact on your page and that means more followers, tried to be your content on Facebook swish and useful at the same time and if you do not make people feel bored and leave Continue your page and news on social networking sites.

Process of converting followers to shoppers

Facebook is not a place just to get reactions about your services or products it is a place for real clients, you can appeal to your followers to be new customers for you.
You must accommodate that social networking sites is the real place to publicize your business and your products and convert a lot of followers into real quick app customers.

Social Networking Sites and Online Marketing

The importance of social networking in having become a reality in people's daily lives, not a day goes by without visiting one of us signed socially, and in fact confirms that if you were not part of the social networking sites you lose the best way for direct contact with your clients current or future as it is in and other traditional means of communication company that publishes or deliver her message to the customers of one party, but through social networking sites online you'll receive messages to customers, they are way bilateral communication between the company and the Easy FB Commissions 2.0 client.

Recently recent study revealed that the cost of access to admire a new "Facebook" may exceed thousands of dollars in the United States, as pointed out another study that the cost of obtaining a fan of one Arab does not exceed U.S. $. Indicated a joint study prepared by my company "Syncapse" Marketing via social networks and "Hotspex" research indicates that the average cost of obtaining admire new in the United States up to $ 175 and study analyzed data from advertising campaigns carried out by companies in order to attract Easy FB Commissions 2.0 fans new United States of America, to their pages on "Facebook" as pushed the car company such as "BMW" in some advertising campaigns in 1613 dollars for access to admire one of the front, while paying shop such as "Wal-Mart" 834 compared to $ admirer, while paid trademarks such as "Coca-Cola" and "Nike" and "Adidas" for tools Sports amount of $ 75 or less for admirer of one of their pages.

Reveal the study carried out by the company "Online Project" Marketing through social networks, through data collected from campaigns carried out in 11 Arab countries, the cost of obtaining admirer Arab less than one dollar was higher cost paid, is to attract fans Qataris renewed for a page to companies operating in the field of "Banks and banking," and the cost was $ 0.90; while the cost was to attract fans to a page working in the same field in Egypt about $ 0.30. UAE $ 0.78 to admire one, and in Saudi $ 0.54, and in the contrast, the less expensive paid 10 cents and that peer-to get impressed with Egyptian or AED pages public figures, the study revealed that the average cost of obtaining a fan in the Arab countries of Egypt's 16 cents, UAE 43 cents, Saudi Arabia 35 cents, Bahrain 43 cents, Qatar 45 cents , 41 cents Kuwait, Oman 38 cents, 21 cents, Jordan, Iraq, 20 cents, 30 cents Lebanon and Palestine 28 cents.

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  Options Hybrid

Binary options is a platform exciting trade whatever is you predict if a particular commodity will rise or fall after a short period of time, forecasting offers you a large profit in the trade, but the prediction wrong will loses all the money that traded him, and thus binary option is a work does not mean risky for beginners but for experienced traders is like a gold mine.

Use of the focal points with Options Hybrid of the binary options trading There are many ways and techniques to make the most of trading binary options, based on these techniques on general observations made by the market study, is known as one method can be relied upon, such as trading using pivot points, axes of these lines, which is used in determining the prices of assets, her escape from the trading using pivot points.
Here we will step-by-step doctrine to work this way.
The first step: attended your mind to act quickly and be ready to take risks and start the analysis of stock trends.
Step Two: Find shares Options Hybrid (non-active) usually occurs after a long period of inactivity stocks, any stocks of assets does not appear large profit or loss and stay within two years, the power of the focal points determines the number of times the share price.
The third step: check now because stock prices have tested the level of resilience several times, with tight rebound to get the highest continuation, this refers to the pressure of buying stocks, when you find such a pattern, you must trading as a reference reliable that equity values ​​will increase upwards. You must put your money quickly on to predict that the value of the shares will rise. Case also is the opposite for the stock decline.

Options Hybrid Conclusion

Pivot points with Options Hybrid are a very useful tool for trade binary options, and if you are able to use it to watch the price movements on the levels of vital support and vitality stock, you are making trade a good, fun and reap the profits, should be put in mind that trade using pivot points method for traders with experience only, you can easily misuse your business and making false expectations and lose your money. Should also keep away from using this method trading in volatile conditions, it is recommended that you try this method on Experimental platforms before investing real money.
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