Europe calls for Google to make concessions on electronic searches

The European Commissioner for Competition Joaquin yesterday, said that the American search engine on the Internet giant "Google" will claim to offer more concessions in order to address the concerns of the European Union on the results of his research-mail.

Joaquin said during a panel discussion in the European Parliament, "we will ask Google to improve their proposals." The conduct of the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, an investigation into the practices of Google since November 2010, after competitors such as Microsoft complained about the dominance of the U.S. company on the Internet search market. UNHCR fears that Google give specialized services, such as "Google Maps" and "Google Shopping" and "Google Places" preferential treatment in the way that displays search results, e hindering competition and harm the user options.

Google proposes to make changes to the way that displays search results in a bid to secure access to the settlement and avoid exposure to fine equivalent to up to 10% of the value of its annual global sales. Proposals are reviewed now by the complainants, stakeholders and other interested parties, where they can share their views with the Commission before they take a decision on how to deal with the issue. Binary Options Bot

According to Joaquin, it was expected to end the so-called market test next Monday, but has been extended for a month until the end of June in order to allow more time for observations. Joaquin expressed hope that the settlement had been reached with Google "so that we solve the problem by the end of this year," but will not hesitate in dealing Commission to take "a negative decision." The number of employees Google has more than 32 thousand employees.


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