Google intends to integrate e-payment service Google Wallet with Chrome

Company intends to "Google" American integrating e-payment service Google Wallet with its web browser "Chrome", in their quest to bring this service to the various platforms and other services.
Said Francois Beoffor, one of the developers working in the company "Google", on his account within the social networking "Google Plus," browser "Chrome" on the way to support the process of electronic payment within the KD Suite application In apps payments in reference to applications browser.
The company seems to be in order to provide service shop raised in the upcoming "Chrome" application bears the name of Chrome Wallet Service would provide this service to users, but it is still under development.
Referred to as the "Google" has earlier this month, adding this type of application to the App Store "Chrome", he also worked under version 28 demo of the browser, which was launched a few days ago, to support the so-called "alerts rich", real quick app which alerts issued by the applications or web browser extensions but has been redesigned to be "rich" text and images with the ability to respond and interact with them, including direct, and these changes may confirm the determination of "Google" on the Google Wallet service support within the browser.
Some argue that what you are doing "Google" to enrich web browser its applications and advantages that make the user dispense somewhat from the operating system, may be tempted to turn to the use of the operating system cloud its "Chrome OS", and in addition, it is believed that the company pave by providing this service to encourage developers to build applications driven within the browser or operating system "Chrome OS." Option Bot 2 Review
It should be noted here yesterday that the company has added a new feature to the open-source web browser its "Chromium" Chromuim, in order to allow users to re-adjust the settings of their own personal files, if exposed to the futility of malware. سوق دوت كوم


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