Social Networking Sites and Online Marketing

The importance of social networking in having become a reality in people's daily lives, not a day goes by without visiting one of us signed socially, and in fact confirms that if you were not part of the social networking sites you lose the best way for direct contact with your clients current or future as it is in and other traditional means of communication company that publishes or deliver her message to the customers of one party, but through social networking sites online you'll receive messages to customers, they are way bilateral communication between the company and the Easy FB Commissions 2.0 client.

Recently recent study revealed that the cost of access to admire a new "Facebook" may exceed thousands of dollars in the United States, as pointed out another study that the cost of obtaining a fan of one Arab does not exceed U.S. $. Indicated a joint study prepared by my company "Syncapse" Marketing via social networks and "Hotspex" research indicates that the average cost of obtaining admire new in the United States up to $ 175 and study analyzed data from advertising campaigns carried out by companies in order to attract Easy FB Commissions 2.0 fans new United States of America, to their pages on "Facebook" as pushed the car company such as "BMW" in some advertising campaigns in 1613 dollars for access to admire one of the front, while paying shop such as "Wal-Mart" 834 compared to $ admirer, while paid trademarks such as "Coca-Cola" and "Nike" and "Adidas" for tools Sports amount of $ 75 or less for admirer of one of their pages.

Reveal the study carried out by the company "Online Project" Marketing through social networks, through data collected from campaigns carried out in 11 Arab countries, the cost of obtaining admirer Arab less than one dollar was higher cost paid, is to attract fans Qataris renewed for a page to companies operating in the field of "Banks and banking," and the cost was $ 0.90; while the cost was to attract fans to a page working in the same field in Egypt about $ 0.30. UAE $ 0.78 to admire one, and in Saudi $ 0.54, and in the contrast, the less expensive paid 10 cents and that peer-to get impressed with Egyptian or AED pages public figures, the study revealed that the average cost of obtaining a fan in the Arab countries of Egypt's 16 cents, UAE 43 cents, Saudi Arabia 35 cents, Bahrain 43 cents, Qatar 45 cents , 41 cents Kuwait, Oman 38 cents, 21 cents, Jordan, Iraq, 20 cents, 30 cents Lebanon and Palestine 28 cents.


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