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CB Passive Income License Program

CB Passive Income License Program I visited Harvard University recently and was amazed when one of the teachers said, "Each student did not graduate now working on his emerging", near the MIT start-ups are placed for new college graduates in business incubators.
For these new graduates wishing to start their company special offer them this advice somewhat Bank.
Do not do it (do not start the company's emerging)! At least for the time being:
 Instead of starting your company emerging then join companies other emerging as an employee founder (Be one of the first employees to not your number 3 to 50 according to the company) experience that you get from working so within a few years will be a great experience, and would be more efficient to reach for success when you decide to start your company start-ups. You'll see how to do a lot of business such as collecting money , project management, leadership .... You will learn from the mistakes and errors of other staff, and build a great network of relationships and knowledge.
There's nothing better than learning while you your job of those people who have more experience you, but it was the apprenticeship system is the dominant system for the transfer of expertise between persons of the past to the future.
Sometimes I'm having many emerging projects and teams who fail to perform simple basic things, and why they do not have experience.
Is a mix of skill: 1 - to know what to do 2 - to know when, where and how to do things.
Online source seductive to know what to do but they certainly do not sings think.
Reading for a quick blog post by someone on the principles of development is helpful to some extent, but remember that the development of these stories simplified and concise and lacks many important details, remember also that the experience of others does not necessarily suit you.
I'm not an astronomer, but I remember I read that the fastest way to refine the lens size 12-inch telescope is to refine size 6-inch lens at the beginning (I think means doing small and then large)
Few people were able to refine the large lens in the first time.
This is a tip for entrepreneurs start work as an employee then building and project manager does not jump without experience.
What do you think about $5k in 15 Days? Is it better to future entrepreneurs start their projects and their companies directly, or that it is worth to learn and grow in their experience of working in an emerging projects exist?
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Google+ has everything you expect from the full characteristics of social networks, but with the exception of the correct category of users and this is a big problem.
Pages companies in the Google + are becoming available as we expect all of us, the fact that it is not bad, I think that is an appropriate time not to talk about the launch last properties in the Google +, but to talk also about how the launch of Google's network as a whole, if you're an entrepreneur so be mindful of this talk.
This is a quick review of what Google has done gradually to the delivery of social network to market:
The first step: I started Google + in particular, to a limited number of individuals, this movement has made a lot of sites of technology in the world talking about this new network and what is expected of them is featured, the network contains social characteristics such as seen by everyone in Facebook, but created some of the things new and exciting , making everyone hoping to attend Google for something spectacular in the new network.
 Assumptions Google: Google has made available the network for people who think they are professionals or are obsessed with technology rather than make the network available to all.
The result was that amateur discovered errors Google +, a Google repaired and provided a better product.
The problem: that Google do this work to make Google + product directed to the technical community rather than public.
Step Two: made it possible to invitations by Users on the network, and cautiously and slowly began to allow all access to its network.
Assuming Google: technical strongly to expose this new product to their friends from the non-technical, will increase the number of users and This would be a threat to Facebook.
The result: the network's new invitees eager to see the thing that speaks them their friends technicians, registered in the Google +, they raised some pictures, and maybe they fill in their personal data. But what then? Are these people began non-technical using Google +? The answer is no.
Problem: I do not have reliable information and accurate about it, but I almost sure that active users in the Google + are technicians who were in the pilot phase, I'm sure that other people are entering the self only when the arrival of alerts or messages to their email and maybe reacted a little bit, but I am confident that these individuals became involved in the Google + without the use of, and technicians have also decreased their activity, now why did Google?
Step Three: Google has established business pages, this means that companies can create pages and not just individuals.
Assuming Google: (Maybe should I call here hope) companies like spam mean promotion, so Sajzbon a lot of visitors to the network
The result: too early to judge the outcome, we saw that Google Logo + began to emerge beside the motto Twitter and Facebook sites, I think he will stay for a while and then disappear.
Problem: Users do not want to be in a social network where activists are only technical professionals who simply do not give up, in addition to business owners who have found a new place to promote their business.
I think that Google + can do some things that may help them to get to the right path.
This is my advice to them and every entrepreneur wants to start offering a new product:
 Stop focusing on the features and additions from now: But what if there was a tool to enable me to conduct video chats with friends, if you want to inductance I use Skype video, you will not need to Google+ Hangouts. Click Here to More information
Circles nice idea, but Facebook now owns similar to her. Users are the ones who make the success of social networks and not the characteristics and features.
Get exclusive content: Users interested in two things and two friends and content, so you must put good content and exclusively in the Google +: movies, videos, photos, music .... This content entertain users themselves every day. Make deals with content providers and subtract content quickly in the network and not very massive influx. Mark the majority of users are happy together and not some users in each period in any manner the contents of the most important and not for small groups.
 Pull the celebrities and influencers: everyone certainly impressed a certain personality, once again we want to attract the majority of people to be users and there is no better way than having them follow their favorite characters in the network. Create content exclusively with these celebrities, influencers, and so you'll get a lot of users who come to follow these celebrities. You can Read More Here
 In the end Start firing characteristics: Now that all the user's friends in the network, as well as his favorite characters, also received a special content, here comes the role of the characteristics and features that can be away FB aside.
Users want something new, something they need him, other social network will be exciting, who knows where it is possible to reach at