Screw95 What's Screw95?

Screw95 The social networking marketing to establish a social relationship with potential customers , in order to sell products and services, via broadcast messages suggest that they specifically targeted each individual read by over social networks. Word suggestion is intended to swindling and fraud , but that every individual feels that this letter addressed to him alone.

Aims at marketing social networks to promote the company's efforts in spreading the brand, and ads between the masses of potential customers , because it in turn helps spread the brand, and increase the appearance on the general population , and emphasizes the presence and availability, which leads in the end because settle tag business in the minds and the minds and memory potential customers , this is a published manual or brand Branding.

Marketing helps the general public social networks to remember the name of your company when they need to serve you or your product.

Helps marketing social networking to develop a brand name for your company, your product, your service before the eyes of potential customers , which helps to achieve the scientific base , which says , that in order to remember the people of this trade 5k in 15 Days name should see him at least 7 times in a row close to each other so that they can remember this the name.

Does not give social networking marketing payoff quickly , so do not waste your time and your resources if you want to get in and out quickly . Marketing via social networks long prolonged activity gives off after long periods of continuous marketing .

Remember very well that the social networking marketing is just part of the effectiveness of e-marketing , e-marketing , in turn , is just part of the marketing effectiveness . As well as ads in turn is part of the marketing effectiveness , do not confuse between the part and the whole . Do not focus on the segment, and leave all , you need to marketing online and off the internet .

Marketing will not meet all the requirements of social networking marketing or e - marketing in general with CB Passive Income.

The social networking marketing on fishing in places fish populations , so if the target group of potential customers you do not hesitate on a social network , there is no wisdom or usefulness of marketing through this social network .

The cost of obtaining new physical client outside the Internet ( Cost of Customer Acquired ) must not exceed the total profits derived from this client in his first year of dealing with you . In 2009, the cost of obtaining an actual client online half of this cost .

Tip 1 : In by Seo events , I know that the Internet audience writes a maximum of 5 consecutive words while looking for something. While using these words in successive contents of your site , you 'll get a preference in the search results. This rate is increasing over the years.

Tip 2: In the world of Twitter , the first 42 characters of the Tweet that you write are of great importance , because they are actually the address of the display this page Tweet , and you see the search sites. Interest in these characters helps to achieve tangible results in the SEO side .

Tip 3: In the world of Twitter, all the links in tweets phenomenon is the trace of a lack of character or NoFollow, and it comes from the same site Twitter , so do not worry about shortening the link . Bndreast site do the same with the pictures brought it.

In conclusion, the answer to the question means to me is this useful book Cash Extractor Pro , saying I am on a personal level I learned many new things , and I got to a completely new locations , so I would recommend buying the book for those who did not buy any book before on this subject. I say it and I confirm that I while summarize the most important points that I've read , it does not mean that I summarize everything , or you will not find more if I bought this book , or that summative Cash Extractor Pro is the best. On the contrary , there are observations important than typed waiting there in this book , which I find only drawback is that many of the sites listed , either stopped working or changed their activity, or is no longer free , as it was in its infancy , although the date of publication was December 2012, but this defect would apply to many books.


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