Commission Blockbuster Review

Commission Blockbuster Review Changed companies and institutions operating in the country of its strategies , finally, to focus on the presence on social networking sites as a tool to attract more new customers and upgrading existing customer loyalty .

According to estimates by the heads of companies, 69 % of companies in the Arabian Gulf view that can not hope to succeed without marketing strategies for the activities of social media , and that 50% of companies in the Gulf region has been able to attract customers renewed through the activities of the social networking business.

It was estimated that 62 % of companies in the Gulf region are using social networking sites to communicate with existing customers and inform them of the developments , compared with 52 % of companies globally.

The Heads of Commission Blockbuster companies to create pages on social networking sites has become of the most basic means to communicate with clients and promote products and services , prompting new industries to break into this area, such as hotels and Free Zones , in order to spread the media locally, regionally and internationally.

They pointed out that social networking sites such as « Facebook » and « twitter» allows companies to identify the target population of dealers accurately , in the sense that the promotional message addressed to the right person , who cares actually the product, arguing that the studies indicate that the year 2011 will see the presence of more than seven million users of the site ' Facebook ' in the Gulf States, all of whom are potential customers for companies.

And detailed, said Director General of the company « Regus » , specialized in studies and providing innovative solutions to the workplace , Mark Dixon , said that « several companies keen to reconsider the practice of previous work , having managed to overcome the repercussions of recent global economic crisis , becoming the preferred strategies work more flexible and competitive .

Progress boom

The Director-General of the company « Mediasto » , specialized in the field of research information , Mohammed Zubair , said that « the means of social communication via the Internet is a breakthrough progress subject to the demise during a limited time » , spoiled on that what happened to a number of the most famous social networking sites such as « MySpace » , who vanished during a short time , as well as site ' Jiu - Cities ' , which collapsed at breakneck speed .

The Zubair that «the Commission Blockbuster site established the end of 1994, The idea is that it allows the user to choose the city to create a special page on the site where , called this page as the content after the name of the city which have been selected » , stressing that « after 10 years of buying ( Yahoo ) global site , the company announced first that the site has had 38 million users will stop its services in America in 2009, and became so Geo is not available in the next day completely . Zubair warned that «the transmission users in the regions of North America to use other sites due to the excessive use of saturation continues social site (such as Facebook) , and some perception that this is not only an occasional phenomenon will be gone soon .

He pointed out that « according to an internal report on (Facebook) , the site has lost about six million users in the United States last June , to decreasing the number of users it from 149.4 million to 155.2 million users, also lost a site about 1.52 million users in Canada , bringing the number of users to 16.6 million , representing a loss of 8% , in addition to the loss of 100 thousand users in the United Kingdom , Norway and Russia , and expected not prolonged Entrepreneurship ( Facebook ) to more than 10 to 15 years maximum .

He added that « one of the most important strategies that companies keen to follow the growing use of video communications , and work while roaming , as well as a focus on social media as a tool to attract more new customers and upgrading existing loyalty them » .

He explained that « the past year has seen the use of GCC companies successful networks of relationships and social networking , blogging , microblogging , and electronic forums to bring more business deals » , adding that « social networking sites are no longer just a luxury, but has become an essential requirement for companies , especially with the agreement of most companies in the Arabian Gulf (69%) , according to a study conducted by the company , finally , that it can not hope to succeed without marketing strategies for social media activities .

Dixon pointed out that « 50 % of companies in the Gulf region has been able to attract new The YouTube Cash Blueprints Program customers through social networking business activities .

He explained that « 62 % of companies in the Gulf region are using social networking sites to connect with existing customers and inform them of the latest developments , compared to 52 % of companies globally » , pointing out that «32 % of companies in the Gulf region allocates currently about 20 % of the budget Marketing activities have to social networking business .

For his part , Chief Executive Officer of the company « Peacock Hotel Management » , Ghassan Al Jaber , said that «the social networking sites have become one of the primary means to communicate with clients and promote products and services provided by companies .

He added that « the hotel industry in the world has come to rely on to create pages specialized on those sites in order to spread the media locally, regionally and internationally , through the definition of customer promotions and new news , as well as the possibility of attracting guests renewed through positive reviews for clients active » .

He stressed that « social networking is a double - edged sword , companies must pay attention to him, especially in terms of comments and observations received via social networking sites .

He explained that « the comments received from the hotel guests can be exploited badly , if the observations negative and contrary to fact, and must Hotels in this case to clarify the truth and ignore it », but he pointed out that « the comments and negative views that are across sites can also be very useful , as useful in the treatment of deficiencies in services , and to avoid complaints from guests in the future .

In turn, the Executive Director for Commercial Affairs in the free zone of Jebel Ali « » , Ibrahim Mohammed Al Janahi , that «the social networks are the largest and fastest communication channel to communicate information to the largest segment of people in the world .

He said that « financial institutions and industrial companies of various types can benefit from social networking , to inform the world about its products and services , with access to all segments of society , in terms of income level , age and other categories .

He added that « some social networking sites (such as Facebook) , ( Twitter ) allows companies to promote their products on the slide accurately target of dealers , in the sense that the promotional message directed to the appropriate person , who actually cares about the product .

He pointed out that «the companies can also use these sites to solicit the views of customers about their products and services , and receive development proposals and complaints, to work on developing strategies », pointing out that « the free zones of different also benefit from their pages on those sites by connecting the mission and to promote themselves to the largest companies, institutions and global figures .

For his part , he said, partner and managing director of Boston Consulting Group , said that « the importance of social media is that it prove its presence as a conduit continues to achieve significant benefits for companies in general, and insurance companies in particular » , adding that « social networks strengthen the recommendations in the works, as that consumers are turning to communicate with companies through them, and when they do , they are showing a growing amount of satisfaction and the desire and the desire to purchase filtration products to their friends .

He described The Youtube Cash Blueprints Program spread of social media as a phenomenon of amazing , as it is in some advanced economies, the rate of PC users , who have membership in the social networking sites to 80% , and spend 25% of the total time they use the Internet and are connected to these networks » .

He predicted that « testifies in 2014 and there are more than seven million users of the site (Facebook ) in the Gulf States , all of the dealers potential for companies » , stressing the need for the attention of companies through social media to take advantage of the enormous potential for the growth of its business through social networks , which are still untapped fully until now


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