Bitcoin Income Review

Bitcoin Income Review Override the default currency Bitcoin thousand dollars after the company said it would start accepting Zenga transactions in the currency against the default number of games is being sold on the Internet, where the company said in its resolution that the reason is the widespread use of digital currency .
Bitcoin Income referred to , in the form of a computer program are not subject to the control of any country or authority of a bank , darted to about 1045 dollars on the Stock Exchange Mt.Gox on the Internet, which is one of the markets in which the trading of digital currency against the dollar , the euro and other currencies.
Pierced Bitcoin barrier thousand dollars for the first time in late November (November ) and reached a record high of $ 1238 dollars in exchange Mt.Gox on the fourth of December ( December) , then tumbled to the level of 640 dollars after they stopped the largest market , China's currency default on Internet for accepting deposits . The digital currency rebounded in a time when more merchants accept Bitcoin compared to everything from games to the Bears Gomi smart phones on the Internet. Zenga was the last company to accept deal Bitcoin , which can be used to buy virtual items in games .
Said Nicholas course , a senior analyst for market strategists in a ConvergEx, in an electronic message : « Bitcoin he has proved robust in the face of all the bad news coming from China . This force show a continued interest in the currency , which is a very positive signal . »
A year ago the price was Bitcoin in trading is only $ 13 , Bitcoin Income before running wide acceptance for currency speculators to drive prices higher . The price surge has gained strong momentum in October (October ) , after regulators shut down the Silk Road secret site on the Internet , where people are buying weapons, drugs and other contraband using Bitcoin . This led to the generation of feelings of optimism that digital currency will become broader in terms of usage . In November (November ) said law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies for securities in sessions on Bitcoin in the U.S. Senate , he could be Bitcoin a legitimate means of exchange and transactions .
Shopping and payment by Bitcoin
Confirmed Danny Dudek , a spokeswoman for Zenga in San Francisco , what the Bitcoin Income site social web that Zenga has introduced a plan to test batches Bitcoin to buy electronic games on the Internet. Zenga said he will be able to pay the players through the service of the house eBay payments for those wishing to purchase a game FarmVille 2 and CastleVille game and other games .
Zenga said : « We look forward to hearing from the players in our test Bitcoin , so that we can continue in our efforts to provide the best possible service for online games » .
The Company has signed a « Victoria's Secret » site with Gyft, a letter and an application that allows users to buy gift cards and payment Balpetkoan . Bitcoin Income company also plans to begin accepting Bitcoin next summer , said Patrick Byrne , the company's CEO , in an interview last month.
He added: « We believe that there is a part of the market is not getting enough of the transactions on digital currency , which wants to use Bitcoin but he can not do so. » And the company needs to be some time before you begin to accept Bitcoin to come up with a way to conduct transactions and procedures for transactions that are Balpetkoan , and in order to hedge and protect the sales that are digital currency , where he says that this is a volatile currency are extremely large .

Digital money
Alpetkoan introduced in 2008 at the hands of a computer programmers , or a group of them , under the pseudonym Satoshi Makamoto , which exists in the form of a computer program , and include rules governing the presentation currency . Nor can issue new units of Bitcoinonly by solving the complex issues inherent in the currency , so that growth remains limited. There are at present more than 12 million Bitcoin currency in circulation , according to the site Bitcoin charts, a specialist in the follow-up activity of these currency exchanges across different .
But Bitcoin Income can be traded without being pursued , which involves reducing the fees banking transactions and makes it attractive in the eyes of those who want buying and selling online .


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