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Binary Pro Cloner Software When the establishment of a joint stock company must determine that the founders in the Memorandum of Association of the company and its statute the maximum number of shares that can be issued by the company and the nominal value of shares which is known as the authorized capital .

 In the case of the company's desire to get money to start its activities are done through the issuance of shares , which does not exceed the maximum authorized is done after notification of the Capital Market Authority .

 When you view the issued shares or any part thereof , whether at the founding of the company , or when the capital increase , it is called a put for public subscription .

And make use of the issuing company investment banks and brokerage firms to promote and oversubscribed by individual investors and institutions .

Opens the door to the public for public subscription after the offering price determined by each of the issuing company and the investment bank and brokerage companies and after the Capital Market Authority agree on the price .

 Advancing potential investors their applications to buy shares during the IPO , if the orders more the number of shares offered for sale are the allocation of shares to investors by the number of shares issued on the number of shares subscribed by Binary Pro Cloner which is what is said about him that the IPO has been covered more than once.

 However, if the number of orders is less than the offered shares announce that the IPO has not been fully covered and may be extended subscription period until the coverage entirely , the not so designate the bank , which received payments from subscribers on behalf of the company to respond to them these amounts full and canceled the process of subtraction .

After the issuance of shares are included company stock tables so that investors from trading on it. The share price moves according to the movement of supply and demand in the market

How do you know that the stock price specified in the subscription expresses its true value ? :

As an investor you must conscientiously Binary Pro Cloner whether the purchase price is the best price or not , through the inquiry about the company's financial performance by analyzing financial statements or annual report of the company.

 And you as an investor that is interested in knowing information about the company as members of the Board of Directors and the company's reputation in the market , must also bear in mind the financial information and non-financial company until the estimated share price fair for purchase in this subscription and avoid a decision is built on unreliable information , including Kalsha├║at .

 Before making your purchase shares in the IPO :

Should consider the Prospectus on the following:

Information about the company.
The quality of the company's activity .
The purpose of the issuance of new shares , and how to use the proceeds of the offering.
Employment opportunities and the risks surrounding the company and the profitability of the company's activity .
 Compare the stock price :

You should compare the share price of the IPO shares at prices other companies with the same activity until they are sure that the price is not exaggerated or less than its fair value.

 Ask for advice

 How do I get on the budgets of companies listed on the stock exchange ?

You can get the financial statements of companies that want to invest in them by :

General Authority for Financial Control
Egyptian Stock Exchange
The brokerage firm , which deals with
It also publishes the financial statements in the newspapers and in accordance with the disclosure requirements contained in the brokerage firm Capital Market Law and its implementing regulations
Of the investee company itself.
Companies specializing in information dissemination.


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