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Rockstar Commissions App There is in every country in the world shops and commercial establishments and industrial may be significant and may be small , these institutions are the backbone of the country's economy . Some of these institutions are owned by one person only , the only legally who is responsible for all of its own towards the state , as it is the only one that can be sold to other institutions in exchange for this individual there are institutions owned by two or more people , called these institutions on behalf of the companies ,

These institutions are legally owned by all the owners and called Rockstar Commissions Review every one of them a partner but can not any partner them to sell the institution or stop them from exercising their activities without the consent of the rest of the partners companies of various types and we studied this we will look at one type of companies known as " public shareholding companies ."

And so named because the number of owners of large (more than fifty usually have thousands) and most of the partners did not know the other one of them , and their contributions to the company may be small or large according to their abilities .

Often have a relatively large share of the state in this type of company , because they are the largest part of the economy of the country ,

 Examples of these companies are oil refineries and cement companies , insurance companies , pharmaceutical companies and many others.

Mm consists of capital of these companies and how you paid ?

 This capital consists of corporate fixed assets such as land, buildings and other structures , as well as assets in cash in banks and so on.

 It also consists of intangible assets as goodwill the company and the present value of its share in the market ............. etc. .

How combines the company's capital ?
 Determines the company's capital among the founding members (who are shareholders adult in the company ) and with the approval of government official , then divides the capital into equal shares called each share of which shares are given for this share value of the specific constant called the summit nominal and can shareholder ( partner ) to buy one share or hundreds of thousands or millions of shares.

 It also can partner to sell its shares in whole or in part in the market , especially the sale of stocks and bonds , known as the stock market or financial market , and the stock sold in the stock price may be greater or smaller than the nominal value of the shares .

 Called the value of the stock , which bought and sold in the market as the current value .

For example, may be the nominal value of the shares of a Rockstar Commissions App bank , while its current value in the market three dinars .

This notion of the stock will become clearer through subsequent examples .

But what are the bonds ?

Bonds are securities issued by a specific nominal value of a public company or a country , and these bonds are of limited duration , it may be five years or more and this period is called the period of consumption Aasind ........... etc. At the end of the term caught bondholder nominal value of the company or the State which rendered it.

What benefit the person from buying bonds ?

There is a bond percentage to pay the full annual profit each year , and much of the stock and bond intervention bought and sold financial value differs from the nominal value of a rise or fall .

So can anyone with enough money to buy ( where there are always sells ) shares and bonds , as he can , sell it ( because there are always those who wish to purchase ), but in the financial market ( stock exchange ) and through a licensed broker to carry out the sale and purchase and receive a commission specific to meet this work .

If a person (or institution ) to buy stocks and bonds in a number of different companies , with the aim of trading by buying and selling , we say that this person ( or institution ) has an investment portfolio , the term portfolio here is used to denote the possession of the person or institution shares and bonds to snare T. and public Rockstar Commissions institutions are different for the purpose of that is mentioned above.


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