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60 Second Trading App Review May be the ones to sell or give these options to investors, individual or company.
The issuance of the options " pledge " from the source to perform certain financial obligations if the owners decided to implement the options .
Source options bear a degree of risk is much larger than income Rush endures buy options, due to the commitment of the source to buy or sell securities or Multi Item option at a predetermined regardless of the income Rush differences of these prices on the market at the date of these options .
How is organized options markets ?

There are two types of option markets :

 Unregulated markets (Over the Counter) is done through brokers and traders conclude the negotiation of options contracts ( not exceeding trading in this market, 10% of the total trading volume in options contracts in the United States ) .
 Organized markets such as : income Rush Chicago Board Options Exchange , which was established in 1973.
 What are the requirements for the success of the options market ?

 Patterning options contracts and contract terms .
Palace of activity on the shares of companies that have high liquidity .
 Assigning responsibility for implementing and ensuring the seriousness of transactions for clearing and settlement company which ensures that income Rush each party to fulfill its obligations , including by the other party .
 Put the stock exchange under the conditions of membership in this market both for brokers or market makers in the adoption of the Capital Market Authority .

What are they?

Is one of the oldest financial instruments that have emerged in Japan during the eighteenth century has been used in the exchange of rice and silk. The U.S. started to use the futures markets only in 1850 has been done for wheat and other agricultural crops
 While contracts require cash (Cash Contracts) Immediate delivery to the original place of contracting the delivery futures contracts will be at a later date specified by the contract, the price identifies the date of the contract.
 Unlike options contracts in which the execution of the contract optional by the buyer , the implementation of futures contracts will be mandatory for the terminal , however, can each party to cover its obligations in the contract , futures and so to enter into another contract , but in the center of reverse (Reversing Position), namely that if a salesman in the first decade will be a buyer in the second decade with another party .
Why resort to futures investor ? - To cover : the investor aims to avoid exposure to the risk of price changes on the center taken or will take in the present 60 Second Trading Review market for a commodity or a specific security .

 And coverage are taking center reverse in the futures market so that the expected gains offset losses that might be exposed to the investor.

 But the coverage does not just mean just taking a reverse in the center of a futures contract , but that the timing of taking that position and the timing of exit from the fundamental issue of coverage in order to achieve their goals.

There are so-called full coverage (Perfect Hedging) that would contribute to the elimination of the risk of a full price changes , which relate to 60 Second Trading Review delivery date and the size of the original contract and replace the second decade of the Center for the investor who took him in the first decade .

 For speculation : in order to exploit the opportunity to make profits .

 To leverage (Leverage): The purchase of 60 Second Trading Review futures contract worth million pounds only requires payment of an amount not to exceed a few thousand pounds using an initial margin .

 The cost of transactions in the futures market is dwarfed by the cost of transactions in the market today.


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