7 Minute Money Review

7 Minute Money Review Barter or swap gold pattern on what is happening in the foreign exchange market in the foreign exchange market .
  Ⅱ -2 - financial instruments :
              Tools can be classified as a financial investment to diverse varieties , according to different criteria and the most important of these criteria standard term , and which can be divided into investment instruments to main -limits : [9]
Ⅱ 2-1 - financial instruments Short -term :
A - Loans under the request:
              Are loans granted by banks for some securities dealers in the capital 7 Minute Money markets , and the conditions to achieve the bank's call loan at the moment that he wants, and the borrower that the payment within hours of the request for the bank, and so they carry the prices are very low and the duration of short-term may not exceed one or two days .
2 - Treasury Bills :
7 Minute Money Is an uncle of short-term debt , which it leaves the government sold to investors wishing all well , such as banks and insurance companies at a discount from face value in order to borrow short-term to meet the needs of short-term financial , and worthy of such securities in a period of less than one year carry back is low because it is almost without risk.
C - commercial paper :
              Is similar permissions Treasury in all respects , but differ about that commercial paper is issued large companies , rather than the government , that is, they Tools borrowing for the private sector and so it is characterized by the risk of a little more than the risk of permissions Treasury , and therefore the revenue slightly larger than the other .

D - acceptances :
              7 Minute Money Arising from the acceptance of the clouds in the user timeline of Foreign Trade , and the clouds is the time demand for payment sent by the source of the goods to the importer to pay the asking price for the required amount of goods .
When importing accept this claim written on a word drag acceptable Accepté, and puts his signature and date of signing the clouds then becomes acceptable . And can be sold for less than its face value , like the bill of exchange , and the financial institutions to invest in this many acceptances by buying 7 Minute Money them at a discount , and keep it to maturity where you collect the full face value Fterbh difference. 2
E - Certificates of deposit:
              Certificate of deposit and a document proving the existence of a deposit in a bank fixed amount , but a specific period , and the rate of return on a specific interest . And the certificate may be a nominal or bearer , and are usually relatively large amounts , while revenues from taxes Vmafah .
Encourage banks to issue these certificates to be able to get the funds pose a constant resource , leading to relative stability in the bank's resources , encourage long-term investment and to grant credit for the long term you need large-scale projects . [10]
And - foreign currency ( dealing Messaging ) :
              Holds the foreign exchange 7 Minute Money markets on the interest of a large section of investors in our time, where these markets are spread across the world like London , Paris , Frankfurt , Tokyo ... and others.
And characterized the foreign exchange market from the other two elements of the financial markets :
1 - extreme sensitivity to conditions of economic, social and political , which increases the degree of risk of investing in it , including : interest rate risk , and liquidity risk and credit risk .
2 - is the market lacks a physical frame that is available to the stock market , but is treated by modern communication tools .
And foreign exchange rates are affected by a variety of factors can be broadly grouped into two groups : 2
A - political and economic factors :
- International economic conditions - economic cycles
- Import and export market . - The freedom to shift abroad
- International 7 Minute Money loans and foreign aid - political events
- Tax policy and interest rates. - The conditions of inflation and deflation
- And the status of the balance of payments and the state budget
B - technical factors :
- Market conditions and monetary conditions in which traders .
- Supply and demand for foreign currencies .
- Changes in capital markets and the other in the money market .
And are treated in the stock market cash under the two prices are:
1 - exchange rate real-time ( immediate ) :
              Price is the real-time price , prompt delivery, and is to be delivered immediately or currency purchased during the business day at the latest , and may be the selling price or the purchase price .
The price of the purchase is the price at which you buy on the basis of the institution called the declared currency , while the selling price is the price at which to sell on the basis of the same institution called the currency , and the label is in the foreign exchange market by giving the two rates together and leaves the choice of means to buy or sell . The margin or profit rate is the difference between the purchase price and the selling 7 Minute Money price.


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