Auto Income Bot Review

Auto Income Bot Review And is used when deals to buy or sell foreign currency , will be implemented at a later date to the date of conclusion of the contract . And forward rate range depends on several factors such as : 2
* Outlook for the direction of prices
* Interest rates and expectations.
* The length of time between the Auto Income Bot conclusion of the contract period and the date and put it into practice.
And because of the risk of exchange rates around the resort a lot of dealers in the foreign exchange markets to use " options contracts " as a means of precaution and protection from these risks . And plays the volatility of exchange rates of foreign currencies against the dollar , whether local or foreign currencies versus a big role in determining the gain or Mkhasr invest in foreign currency , both for dealers in the foreign exchange market , or for international portfolio owners .
And determines the exchange rate of local currencies in many developing countries, especially on the basis of the " basket of currencies " and defines this basket usually by the Auto Income Bot central bank of a group of foreign currencies , and different weights are changed from time to time .
And can be measured by the exchange rate of the dinar against other currencies by the following equation :
For example, the price of the dinar / sterling = [ ( dinar / dollar ) / ( GBP / USD ) ]
Ⅱ -2-2 - Tools long-term financial investment :
A - ordinary shares :
Defined : ordinary shares representing ownership of funds , enjoy the rights of the holder , and set norms and law firms, the best description of it comes through the identification of rights Auto Income Bot campaign . [12]
The rights of ordinary shareholders : the rights enjoyed by the holder of ordinary shares , including his law firms are:
1 - the right to a share of the profits when distributed .
2 - the right to a share of the value of the company's assets at liquidation .
3 - right to be present at meetings of the working body of shareholders.
4 - the right to vote on the issues presented to the general assembly of shareholders.
5 - the right to transfer property by sale and donated .
6 - the right of priority in the Auto Income Bot subscription when you ask the company for new shares .
7 - the right of nomination for membership of the Board of Directors , if it has the minimum required in stock .
8 - the right to elect the Board of Directors and accountability .
9 - The right to retained earnings .
Note :
              There are several classes of ordinary shares , in the United States based companies to issue two classes of ordinary shares in terms of the right to vote , a class " A" and Class « B " category which "A" have voting rights greater than the rights group « b " . And first appeared in the European countries where given for the class "A" 10 ten votes per share , while the Class "B " one vote per share .
Majority voting and cumulative voting :
              Candidate wins a majority in the state receiving the most votes , but in the case of a vote Synthesis , in the case of the number of votes required for the success of the candidate or more by the following relationship :
Number of Members desirable in Auto Income Bot × number of shares
Number of members of the Board of Directors +1
B - preferred stock :
              Shares are issued by companies as well as ordinary shares , has been named the preferred shares because they differ from ordinary shares that have the right of priority over ordinary shares in obtaining their rights .
The difference between common stock and preferred stock


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