Simple Cash Code Review

Simple Cash Code Review  included registration rules for listed companies stock exchange to be the competent authority to approve the company's purchase of its shares , is the company's board , but if the purpose of the purchase is a capital reduction be the EGM in accordance with law is the competent authority , as for companies operating in the field of securities and unlisted identified operational rules for corporate governance issued by the financial Supervisory authority to purchase Simple Cash Code treasury shares are the EGM and approval by 75% .
In France : the approval authority is the General Assembly of the shareholders, but the type of assembly required approval varies depending on the reason behind the company's purchase of its shares , if the reason is to reduce capital Vtakhts the approval of the Extraordinary General Assembly , and Assembly meets only in the presence of a third, if no quorum in the call first , that is valid Assembly convenes in the presence of the quarter. And necessary for the health of Assembly resolution approving the purchase program approval of two-thirds of the votes present or represented . But if the reason is adjust the price of the Simple Cash Code company's shares on the stock exchange , so the approval of the jurisdiction of the Ordinary General Assembly .

In America : the authority to approve the decision to purchase the company's shares are the Governing Council, which is required to issue a decision to allow the company to implement a program for the purchased shares even allows the company to repurchase its shares .

In England : the authority to approve in all Simple Cash Code cases is the General Assembly , but is required to issue the approval of the Extraordinary General Assembly if the implementation of the program out of the market but if the implementation of the program of purchase of the stock exchange was needed the approval of the Ordinary General Assembly of the company.

 In Germany can not be bought shares without the approval of the Board of German Binary Robot Directors of the General Assembly briefing with the goal of buying and price and quantity .

 In Spain and Italy : required a decision by the General Assembly to authorize the company to purchase its shares .
Ninth: The relationship of treasury shares derivatives :

Allow a lot of legislation possible implementation of the company's program to buy shares in order to assist the company in implementing the processes associated with derivatives , especially purchasing options subsequent where the company issued an option to buy later Warrants under which the right to the holder of the option to purchase subsequent to advance to the company after a certain period of time or on a specific date the issuing company to ask for the company's stock at a certain price , of course, less than the market price , and here the company is implementing a program to buy treasury shares to be able to implement its obligations in respect of those options issued by , and is worth mentioning that Egyptian law did not regulate until now options contracts and operations traded .
Because of the risks associated with the interaction of the company's purchase German Binary Robot options , has necessitated the French legislator to include a note of information provided by the company to the regulator to get approval for an accurate description of the specific objectives of the company behind the use of the program to buy shares for the implementation of options contracts as well as the internal control of the company on the options . It also necessitated the need to take into account the French legislator indicates that General Assembly resolution approving the purchase of the company's shares explicitly to implement the purchase JamieTV options , and must not be less than the exercise of the option period for three months, whether the option is restricted or unrestricted stock exchange , also needs to be the option price in cash .


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