Social Scalper System

Social Scalper System While I'm at a conference of investment and money in New York over a week ago I have had the opportunity to speak with representatives of several financial companies and experts in the field of investment and was the focus of our discussion about the modern methods in the management of the assets used by some companies financial advice through the Internet .

The bulk of our conversation relates to the program that we are developing in the company for this purpose and how it will serve the American investor to manage investment accounts free of charge and without counsel Mali.

During the discussion, the experts raised a question about the reason for lack of attention by firing the same service in Saudi Arabia, I replied that there was no directly to the Saudis any investment savings accounts similar to the astonishment of the expert to the dashed when I mentioned to him that usurious returns on bonds are considered taboo in Islam .

But after that I left the conference a few days I started to think deeply about this important issue and how he was forced to invent a Saudi individual solutions and methods of multiple investment during the last period .

As we all know , the culture of saving the tyrant on Saudi society provides for investment in real estate is almost full , the first ordered by the captain of our fathers is to buy land with the first function for the purpose of investment.

This behavior continued with us throughout our lives to the point that we are contributing and investing in schemes distant lands .

Investment Centre in the property as you know is the main reason inflation prices and the continued rise now , Social Scalper investment opportunities available to individuals is very limited , even the stock market is still individuals suffering from rival financial institutions strong companies offered for subscription in the market IPO , which ends customized to be very little for individuals .

Add to that the Social Scalper government Treasury bonds are still available only to banks and have not yet institution in any attempt to make them available to the general public or offered for subscription agent.

This must not continue on the case should be on the government financial institutions open the way for the establishment of savings accounts, investment real benefit of all members of society to help build well-being and that of government treasury bonds in which the main component , but after modification developed to be compatible with Islamic sharia law .

Amendment to the instruments of government bonds will provide a resource for members of the community Edjaraa provides extra liquidity is not the end of it to the government to carry out developmental projects needed by the country in all the different regions without being a monopoly to finance the current annual budget .

These savings Social Scalper accounts that rely on the instruments of government will not be content with its role only in the construction of the well-being of citizens, but will exceed that affect different areas of the country , when the citizen knows that his money savings grow direct relationship with the development of the country's economic stability and this will be a catalyst for him to focus on construction , not demolition.

In addition, the unit will be less Social Scalper investment in land and property for its current size , thus easing pressure on the real estate market and limit the operations of the speculator continuing it.

In addition, the Wolf on Wall Street growth of these savings accounts will increase the strength of our economy before any economic collapse, local or international , Just how much is happening in the bubbles America's continuing presence savings accounts to make it easy to build a base of investment in the market is protected from any collapse similar to the collapse of the 1928 accounting for savings accounts the largest percentage of equity investors and managed by a professional financial institutions .

I think that the government financial institutions to Social Scalper study the matter seriously and turn to Treasury bonds and Islamic bonds offered for public subscription .


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