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The Big Cash Giveaway Review Became today's world only recognizes the state strong , not only in terms of military power , but in terms of its economic power , and if the military force necessary for any country to protect its sovereignty , the economic power have become a necessity as well; protect its decision, the state that rely on Moklha , and its industry , and trade ... etc. on others lose a lot of controls in the decisions - that was her own decision in the original - and the old saying : " eat from the ax , his decision from his head !" , and this does not interfere with trade, technical , and technological , and agricultural ... etc. between countries , based not participating dependency ; Free State not be a burden on others, whether they are state or global economy .

It is no longer a secret that measure progress states is as produced and provided for its people first, and then for the people of other countries , here it is: the world is marked by the developed world - (7 +1 ) : United States , Britain, France, Germany, Italy , Canada, Japan , and Russia - did branded progress only through his whole world of advanced industrial technology , produced by which advanced products and variety .

And adopted the advanced countries in the renaissance of scientific and practical is owned by the wealth of mankind , the bulk of its investments are geared towards the development of this human wealth and empowerment of the tools and means of theoretical science and practical application of Advanced ..! The aim behind it to raise production efficiency , and this wealth of human excellence , has achieved its goal , and in fact the best proof of that.

Though progress the United States, Britain , and France - they are the victors in World War II - naturally , it is natural that we find among the developed countries (Germany , Japan ), and the two countries are at war ! They are the best model for the interest in investing in human resource development , especially Japan , which has a scarcity of severe natural resources, however ; has managed the holdings of human wealth to build a strong economy , stands through the ranks of the eight adults - referred to above .

Before entering into talking about The Big Cash Giveaway and the importance of investing in human resource development , and contributions in addressing economic development , we would like to talk briefly about some of the concepts for development in general , as well as talk about productivity , and the importance of productivity at the level of each of : the individual, company or organization , and return it on the national economy and society as a whole ; and then talk about the importance and uses of job analysis and training as a means important share of each - with many other means - in the process of investing in human development.

Development Development:
Development concepts of several different concepts in different area desired by development , there is a special concept b ( economic development ) , cares about making changes economic help to give the community the ability to satisfy their basic needs ( physiological ) ; including food , snack bar , and the dwelling , followed by other stages up this community to increasing levels of well-being , and through rationalization and continuous alert in the community to take advantage of this wealth of human and economic resources available .
There are specific concepts ( political development ) , and ( cultural development ) , and ( social development ) .. and others.
What concerns us here is the The Big Cash Giveaway concept of ( human development ) ; interested in where this concept is supported by special abilities the individual community , which consists of it , and measure the degree of the individual's standard of living , and the improvement of living conditions in the community to which it belongs .

Given the concept of human development - as mentioned - we find a more comprehensive concept of human development , which has dominated the thinking of countries after the end of World War II until the beginning of the nineties of the last century ( the twentieth century ) , and the old concept of human development was limited to the amount obtained by the individual material goods and services ( physiological ) , ie: whenever the individual was able to get more of those goods and services ; higher standard of living ; then increased well-being, and human development achieved here .

However, with the expansion of the concept of development to include many aspects of mental ( psychological ) , such as: the goals and objectives of the individual , and which bring with them the same and ambitions ... etc. , in addition to economic goals , which led to change the concept of human development than just satisfy the physiological aspects of an individual - as evidence of his arrival to the decent standard of living - to the broader concept of human development , which is linked to the quality of life of the individual , the satiation of the physiological and psychological needs together ; life and not just physiological .
The United Nations took it upon themselves to highlight the concept of human development , since the year 1990 ; while called b ( United Nations Programme for Development ) , and has allocated an annual report .

This is because the world's attention to the development of human resources that humans are the real wealth of any nation , and a nation , the more able the nation to maintain its human resources , and worked on the development of their capabilities through training and ongoing training , to give them the ability to deal with the new shows on the international stage from time to time and the other ; whenever made ​​this nation economically, socially and culturally among other nations.

Human development aimed at expanding the perceptions of the individual, and to find more The Big Cash Giveaway Review options available to him , also aims to improve levels of health , cultural, social , and develop the knowledge and skills of the individual , as well as to provide opportunities for creativity , self-esteem , and to ensure human rights , and to ensure his participation positive in all walks of life .


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