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The Big Cash Giveaway Software And even complete the picture displays the following directory in the accounting treatment of treasury shares when purchased and when sold as follows :
When you buy a company's shares :

When the company purchased The Big Cash Giveaway shares Whatever the mechanism of implementation , is recognized as the procurement process by making the expense of the treasury shares Medina at a cost of purchase of such shares ( the purchase price as well as buying commissions and any other costs such as advertising costs for the desire to purchase ) , and makes a cash account or the expense of creditors creditor the value of the costs incurred , whether paid in cash or the company pledged to pay back at a later time can be illustrated by the following example :
If the number of issued shares of the company (r) is one million shares with a par value of LE 10 per share, and total reserves in the amount of 31/12/2006 2 million pounds a legal reserve , and 1.5 million pounds in reserves 0.2500000 pounds profit stage . On 25/3/2007 , the Company repurchased 100 thousand shares of its stock for cash at a price of 20 pounds and endured for the sake of the commission of $ 1000 pounds , whereupon the The Big Cash Giveaway company to demonstrate the process of acquisition of these shares accounted for by crediting the following:
Is a set of financial instruments that represent contractual arrangements " derived " or whose value depends on the performance of a particular asset or an instrument of financial markets or commodity markets .

 Why resort to the investor ?
 Usually resort investor experienced derivatives in order to :

Increase the return on its investment portfolio ,
Or cover the risks related to its investment portfolio (hedging)
How is dealing in Secret Millionaires Club derivatives ?
 Being treated derivatives to investors in the context of the expected changes in the price of the underlying instrument specific ( securities or other instruments ) as a result of a change in :

The performance of the specific asset
Interest rates
 Rate of exchange
 Indicators domestic or foreign (Indices)
What are the forms ?
 The most common forms of derivatives are:

What are the requirements for the success of the derivatives market ?

 1 . The existence of a favorable investment climate
Enjoy a free market disclosure and transparency and justice
High liquidity
An active market for financial management identified core
 Stability of the foreign exchange market

 2 . The existence of a favorable Secret Millionaires Club investment climate
Laws and regulations which define the rights and responsibilities of the various parties .
 Control body working on the application of laws and rules in order to protect the investor.
Binding mechanisms for the implementation of laws .
 3 . The existence of the organization of the market to ensure protection and justice between all parties .

The existence of the stock exchange membership rules and systems allow easy handling and control and instantaneous control over risk management .
The presence of a destination for clearing and settlement work to reduce credit risk.
The presence of the procedures followed in cases of disagreement or failure to fulfill obligations or perform illegal operations .
The formulation of models for derivative contracts in defiance of manipulation.

What are they?

Is a derivatives that do not have stand-alone value , but are Secret Millionaires Club derived from the securities ( or Item ) replace option .
The options give the holder the right ( but not the obligation ) to sell (Put Option) or buy (Call Option) or out of a specific security at a specified price during a specified period ( American option ) or on a specific date ( European option ) at a price agreed upon in advance . So do not give the option holder the right to purchase directly in the ownership of the asset is not implemented as long as the option to purchase.
Because the buyer of the option has the right to implement or not to Secret Millionaires Club implement the option , it pays to those who gave him the right to return for a purchase value of the right to choose (Premium)
And is determined by the value of the option in the light of a number of variables are:

 Market value of the share price execution
 Date of implementation
The degree of volatility of the share price shop option
The level of interest rates in the market
Cash distributions conducted by established Secret Millionaires Club exporters of shares
What are the edges ?

 Investor who represents the option buyer (Buyer / Holder)
The source , who represents the option seller (Seller / Writer)
Why resort to the investor ?

To cover risks : Options are a type of insurance risk high-yielding investments .
For speculation : The investor expects that gets the call option to increase the price of the asset specified in the option , but who gets the put option is expected to decline in price of the underlying replace option .
If the asset price trends replace option , contrary to expectations , it could be the option for owners to refrain from exercising their right to buy or sell during the validity period of the options , in which case you will lose all Binary Pro Cloner value paid for these options .
Of issuing options?


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