100 in 60 Review

100 in 60 Review The strategy of the most successful 3F rules effective in activating the site. Mark clear colors and closely related to the topic of the site, and the nature of your 100 in 60 products , and the range in which it operates your products , and choose the font style ( Puntland ) attractive and clearly consistent with the exposure .

Mark texts easy to read by making the white spaces and wide in the rear , with the texts of addresses and forms a special group in small squares , or written in small sizes , it allows for rush quickly browse the page and Neil what it without having to read all the content.

6 . Weakness usability and poor conversion rates

Less than one user 100 in 60 buys from every 100 visitors visiting the eStore average ! Is this sensible ? Will this be a profitable location ?

Improve the conversion rate ( from visits to the buyer ) depends mainly on the usability of the site , and the path that it is on strategy site to activate the conversion rate Conversion Rate .. This includes everything in site : graphics , images , texts , lists the shortcut, navigation menus . . everything , and how it is used to achieve this objective at the site.

Target customer needs to be a clear path for entry to the site and get out of it after buying the products he desires .. The client does not want any complexities or obstacles or resistance of any kind .. You must know the psychology of buying with a credit card over the Internet that he feels that the size of a large frequency It is the probability of exposure to fraud , Femilh to cancel the purchase of a much larger tendency to be completed , and will not put obstacles in front of him in the role of the completion of the procurement process better than this .

So Mark easy way to enter .. way in browsing and product emobile code reviews .. fun and entertaining way to complete your purchase as simple and reassuring .. and guarantee you the time and locations with high conversion .

7 . Confusion and crowds

How many sites you have accessed on the Internet, and it was a lot of 100 in 60
When there is no clear entry gate to browse products , and there is no clear path to the sales process, nor clear evidence to complete the payment process , this equals failure and clear as well.

Mark your design is clear and pure .. Keep it simple .. make it on his way to the point where you want visitors should go to them .. draw a clear path for the visitor and the organizer of the second to enter the site to the second leaving it there. This will not be designed to sell me a clear path to the sale process will guarantee you The Commodity Robot success in completed properly .


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