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500K Project Review

500K Project Review Trading skills acquired rolling after a period of trading and in this case to review his mistakes and the search for causes and follow-up on an ongoing basis.
In this article, we talk about one of the critical skills that may take time, "a long time" from rolling even go unnoticed and applied in a practical way in spite of its simplicity implied, this skill is:

500K Project Review skill choose the currency pair: the rolling sometimes, "analyzed some couples then choose pairs" certain "and enter into a deal to buy, spend hours and the pair did not act like his peers was the least profitable despite achievable for direction, this happens a lot," among traders and even professionals and for choose a suitable husband rolling follow the following:

To be seen rolling into the majors and the following is analyzed which: EUR / USD GBP / USD AUD / USD USD / JPY USD / CAD USD / CHF.

If what he saw rolling that the EUR / USD in the rise of the largest of the AUD / USD what this means may be trading a pair of EUR / AUD best, and vice 500K Project versa if he wanted to choose between the couple in terms of purchasing Vzoj the EUR / AUD assisted in identifying whichever is weaker or stronger.

In the case of rolling saw that both my husband the EUR / USD and the GBP / USD in the fall, he help of a pair of EUR / GBP to determine if the weaker bearish "what this means is that the weaker euro and the pair EUR / USD the most suitable for sale.

In the case of vision that the husband of the USD / CHF on the verge of a strong reduction as well as he saw that a pair of USD / CAD on the verge of the rise of a strong, it is preferable to choose a pair of CAD / CHF selling "because the Canadian in its weakest and the franc at its strongest Let us take a peak at the dissonance of In order to produce the largest number of points is.

In the case of a rolling analysis of the pair USD / CHF and found the upside, "and then he analyzed the pair GBP / USD and found the upside," it is preferable to enter into a deal to buy a pair of the GBP / CHF.

So, in other words, that the rolling analysis of the majors (which enters where the USD) and then linking them to each other and compares them to choose the most profitable couples.

Friday is considered one of the important trading days in the week, where usually "what shaped clear opportunities during the Asian and European as well as American and usually consists of many key turning points during the 500K Project Review American session the same day.

After NOTE times and times of market opportunities constitute observed at a given time is usually "what shaped him opportunities at short time and this time is Friday at 21:00" GMT Winter "and time 20:00" GMT (during the summer period ).

Test this time was repeatedly "and again" over the full year by a team in the Gulf Forex analysis, it was noted that it is always "At precisely 21:00" (Mecca) is formed at the entrances clear couples active FPS short time between 5/10/15 minutes.

This shows the importance of timing in trading in the currency markets and instead "that eliminates rolling all the American session in front of a computer, he can count that trading in Insured Profits the first two hours of them and return at exactly 9:00 (Mecca Winter") to seize the opportunity proved to follow it almost certain that the couples active moving in a particular direction after this time on Friday.

Usually, "What are the Christmas period period of" quiet "500K Project trading where couples moving horizontally slow known as b (horizontal price channels), and usually" These are moves in the last third of December.

But unlike every year that saw the month of December of 2010, the movement of "strong for some couples, especially" in the first week and last month, where it was noted Turndat constitute a powerful movements and movements dominated by the character of continuity for some couples.

And therefore is considered the month of December of 2010, a departure "from the norm, but it was positive," many of the traders who are used to slow the market this month, where they could make a profit if they are less than in the active months of the year.

And building "on what has been observed during this month For rolling that warns trading in the second week and the third of December, where witnessed the case of fluctuation is clear, but these results have been drawn for the year 2010 and therefore must not forget the general nature where the period of 500K Project oscillation often" are in the last 500K Project third of the of the month.

Here, we must mention the importance of the month of January next year, where the beginning of the year and the beginning of a new cycle of economic and financial new to many central banks and large commercial like 500K Project HSBC Bank, Bank of America, UBS Bank ..... etc..

Desert Millionaire Review

Desert Millionaire Review The law of supply and demand of the foundations of the science of economics is the basis of economic laws different determined by the markets, is intended to supply that amount of goods or services offered by the producers who are able to sell at given price during a specified time period, while demand is the amount of goods and services that consumers are willing to buy at price reached a certain level during a specific time period. Moving goods markets and financial markets on the basis of the different supply and demand, and can be explained by rises or declines, resulting in the market are as follows:

Secret Millionaire Society Resulting from the increase in demand commodity or currency rise in price

Result in an increase in the presentation of a commodity or a currency will drop in price

It could be argued that an inverse relationship between the item or service that you want to buy and the price of that commodity and therefore an inverse relationship in the law of demand, and the relationship is a direct correlation between what the displays of goods and services between the price and the relationship is direct correlation in the law of supply.

Supply and demand in the forex market

The Forex currency trading market such as markets would be subject to other laws, there are various economic goods (currency) and there are buyers and sellers, any process of trading on a particular aspect has the reverse process on the other side, when you request the currency can be bought and when you can offer to Secret Millionaire Society Review sell. And looking traders usually levels offer good just like consumers, looking merchant points move strong for the price of a currency demand here waiting to move strong to be the purchase of low price (demand), and the process is counterproductive in the law of supply where it is seen Quincy Brooks Secret Millionaire Society sellers low price for the sale takes place.

The difference between the sale price and the Secret Millionaire Society purchase price (spread)

Is the difference between the selling price (Bid) and the purchase price (Ask) for a particular pair of currencies in the trading platform, but according to the law of supply and demand is the difference between the price at which the buyer will pay the merchant for the pair and the price at which the seller would accept or Secret Millionaire Society waiting. The difference between the two prices is the cost paid by the parties to do the deal, each broker versus implemented through the trading platform, and vary these Alforac between the currency pair and the last is the currency most liquid is the least difference between the price of view, and the price requested by the other currencies of less liquidity ratio where it is the largest difference between the Secret Millionaire Society price and the price displayed Desert Millionaire request. What distinguishes trading using the (trading simulator) with Easy-Forex, is the possibility of trading without obligation or restriction, and without the cost or risk. Sense of fun during the actual trading platform virtual reality simulator, and to know the benefits and services provided by Easy-Forex trading platform to its customers, and try it for yourself easily start trading with us. You will be able during your use of our platform default Simulator of the reality of identifying our unique and exclusive and that will not be found in any other platform, you will learn to property viewer procedure, which is considered an effective tool to help you learn more currency popular during trading and the amount of inclination and preference for one from the other, as you'll learn property trading to control and which will allow you to manage risk and to determine the levels of profit and loss in a manner visible, quick easy and simple. If you are trading already using our software, and the emulator will be considered a great way to hone your skills in trading or in some test trading strategies. You can also use the emulator through the help of your friends start easily with the Easy-Forex. To access the trading platform simulator, but what you can click the link below. Traffickers gets registered in advance with the Easy-Forex at the time of the extra credit they can enjoy and training to trade for a longer period. If you were not been joined yet, click here to register. Click here to start trading through the Desert Millionaire Review platform (trading simulator) There is a great risk to your capital investor Please note the following: The trading simulator is a virtual Swiss Binary Robot platform customized for display and education only. Does not consider gains or losses that result in profits or losses are real, and this means that those trading through the trading platform is a virtual reality simulator only, and therefore does not involve financial risks or responsibilities. It also should not be based on the results of trading default with respect to financial risks on the grounds that it would be similar to the results that may be obtained during your trading real. Fat Burning Foods

Secret Millionaire Society Review

Secret Millionaire Society Review As I learned, there are many possible types of goods traded such as stocks, commodities and bonds, and many others, and each type of these commodities bourse own where one chooses one or some of these types of trading him.

There are a lot of reasons why it is trading in the currency market better than other types of trading markets is the most important of these reasons:
Work throughout the day
Bourses in direct exchange exchange is working for a limited period each day where the stock market opens in the morning and closed its doors in the evening.

For example: if you want to trade shares of American companies, you can not buy and sell, but when you open the doors Profit Prophecy Stock Exchange at around 9:00 (EST EST) to 4pm the same time. This means you are limited this time to monitor the market, which requires a full-time, and this applies to all other exchanges, each according to the timing of the state affiliate.

If you're working in an Arab country and want to trade shares in New York Stock Exchange, you are restricted to operate between the hours of 4 pm to 11 pm which corresponds to the timing of the opening of the New York Stock Exchange for most of the Arab countries. Such a difference in the times of work causes a lot of problems and difficulties in the long run.

As in the stock exchange and that it does not have a central location specific, and because the operations were done by computer networks, the work does not stop Currency Stock Exchange 24-hour in the last two days a week (Saturday and Sunday) ..!
   Banks and financial institutions in Japan to open its doors at 12 pm GMT (8:00 pm Japan time) starts buying and selling not only shut down the institutions Japan 9:00 pm GMT (5 pm Japan time) ...

But the work will not stop because it is to close down institutions, Japanese, Asian, and most notably in Tokyo and Hong Kong and Singapore so that the European institutions, notably in London, Frankfurt and Paris has opened its Private Wealth Circle doors, and that the convergence of the European institutions to close even be American institutions have begun to work and the most important in New York and Chicago , and American institutions to close their doors even begin to institutions in Australia and new Zealand in trading, before closing its doors be the last Japanese institutions have started a new day at work ..!

And so depending on the timing of each state would be for you to deal continuously for 24 hours. With the exception of Saturday and Sunday ..lonhma holiday in all states.

When shut down American institutions doors Friday at 10 pm GMT, almost That would be Saturday morning in Australia and New Zealand, a day off, as you know, so stop work to evening on Sunday at 10 pm GMT, where it is Monday morning in Australia and New Zealand to return the ball for the week, which followed days behind the day. In each country, and depending on the timing of the end of the following week .. and so on. Of course you will not deal with all of these institutions in each of these countries individually, but will deal with the Guaranteed Profits brokerage firm, which in turn Stervtk with all other institutions across the world.

What concerns us here that he learned, is that the action in the currency market will continue 24 hours a day throughout the week, and this gives you the opportunity to choose a time that suits you to operate it without fear "that comes too late" in the currency market can not come too late, because the work is continuing throughout the day because the opportunities are many and the clock.
High liquidity high liquidity
When you want to sell shares that they must find a buyer for him, and when you want to sell a commodity there must be those who wish to purchase from you.

In some circumstances, when there is news of what caused a sharp decrease of the shares owned by all holders of shares that have like her want to sell it, too, becomes a supply of stock much more than the demand for them and this causes a drop massive share price and quickly superhero So in some circumstances, you may find great difficulty sell your stocks at a reasonable price, but you may have to sell your stocks at a loss when large Atjd there who wants to buy them. This so-called liquidity liquidity of any ability to convert their existing securities into cash and this also applies to the commodity commodities in conditions of economic and political changes are important.

In the currency market, Secret Millionaire Society this market, which as we mentioned the largest market in the world, you are always able to sell ownership of the currencies in the time it deems appropriate, and you will find always buy from you before it is too late and this feature reduces the risk that you may encounter in other financial markets.
The fairness and transparency of the market Fair and Transparency
The currency market is the fairest market in the world ..! Why?
Because it is a huge market, it can not be a very limited class of hand or what affect it that easily.

For example, if you compare it to the stock market, if you own shares in a company once a simple statement of one of these officials, the company is liable to affect the share price, which is owned upwards or downwards.

In the currency market and that market is huge it can not be for an individual or entity that affect it, are not affected by exchange rates, but moves the huge economic and estimated billions, and are not affected, but the The Wealth Factory official statements of government is not of any state, but from the larger countries economically, such as the United States or Japan or the European Union. Or statements that finance ministers and central banks of these countries.

This avoids "movements" manipulation that often suffered by owners of stock young and carried out by the company officials and senior shareholders and which may - say might - have a personal interest in raising or lowering stock prices, there has been a lot of these stories even in the shares of global companies despite the stresses and control procedures.

The magnitude of the currency market and they are not affected, but the official statements of the largest countries in the world economically and officials of these countries makes it official currency market more transparent, there are no secrets or manipulation. This avoids the currency market stores a lot of bumps "hidden" that may be faced by Insured Profits traders in other markets.
  Take advantage of the emerging market and bearish market
As mentioned initially trading and can get a profit in the commodity market, whether bullish or bearish.
In spite of that, most dealers do not stock markets, for example, traded only in the bullish market.
What does that mean?

Meaning that the majority of stock market traders are looking for stocks that they expect to increase their prices in the near future to be buying these shares in the hope of selling them at a higher price, but when they know that the shares of a company will fall not they take advantage of it do not they sell these shares to re-buy them again at a lower price of the sale price and keep ahead of the two prices as profit. Why?

Because trading in bear market shares is characterized by complex and frequently restrictions, making it the area dangerous, because the states and exchanges impose special regulations for trading in the market bearishness in the stock for fear of being deliberately officials, companies or those with an interest rate cut the stock for their own benefit, so there are a lot of restrictions that make of equity Trading in the bearish market is a complex issue that does not deal only with professionals and owners of extensive know-how.
As well as in the commodity markets Despite that you can trade in and get a profit when you expect that the price of a commodity will decline, but in practice it is, most dealers commodity markets also tend to work in the market bullish Binary Matrix Pro, which are just looking for the goods that they believe that prices will rise, while in the markets Few downlink of goods are dealt with.

This is because commodities mostly traded in a special way called derivatives derivatives as mentioned a method is difficult to explain here makes trading market bearish dangerous high therefore does not deal with only experienced and capabilities and know-how high, whereas the vast majority of traders from the ordinary people, they and the principle of safety only deal in the market bullish.

The various currencies, where he told her that the market is bullish and bearish market faithful Sian ..! And all can be traded in the currency, whether the expectation that the price will rise or fall without that increase risk or less revenue, but it Sian in both cases.

If you want to interpretation it is because the currencies are bought and sold in pairs pairs and not individually. When you push the dollar and buy the Japanese yen, it means that you sell the dollar and buy the yen, and when you pay to buy the yen and the dollar, you are practically you sell the yen and buy the dollar.

What is important to understand that now in the currency market and, unlike other markets can be traded in the market such as trading in the bearish market completely upside, which gives high flexibility and much greater opportunities for trading and get profits.
It is another advantage of the currency market to the rest of the other markets.
The clarity of the currency market and the relative simplicity
It is the result of the magnitude of this market, which makes it not only affected by the data of the macroeconomy.

When you are trading stocks Task clear as we mentioned, a research company expects that its stock price will rise in the near future. But the search process is not a trivial issue ..!

There are dozens of companies, but hundreds and thousands of them, and this requires a study of hundreds of companies and their performance so you can see which ones will increase the price of its shares, and this requires time and effort enormous, and despite the fact that there are modern methods of scanning and filtering and that there are specialized institutions to provide advice that you need, but that the matter remain tired of the large number of companies.

In the currency markets, despite the fact that there are tens of currencies that can be traded, but that 80% of the deal market currencies are the four currencies only, the euro and the Japanese yen and the pound sterling and the Swiss franc and each of these currencies against the dollar, and if you want to expand, there are 8 coins only are of interest to traders, which are 90% of the operations confined to them. This means that the options in front of you is limited, which makes the issue easier and more focused, and this undoubtedly helps you succeed without that reduces revenue compared to equities.
From this point ..

But on the other hand As we mentioned talk about the fairness of the market the stock markets are affected by dozens of factors, some obvious and some subtle. Before you buy shares of a company must have studied the performance of this company for a long time earlier and be familiar with the performance of competitors and the knowledge economy in no state to which they belong this company and its position in the global economy .. etc. .. etc..

Such studies require stores that have the economic background and the accounting and wide so that the evaluation and Binary Matrix Pro Scam, correctly, and in spite of the presence of Homes for experience and consulting, but that these services not offer free of charge, but a fee is often high. But if you want to do it yourself it must prepare yourself for years of research and study and training to be able to proper evaluation of the performance of companies.
In currencies Vldkhama this market and because it is not affected, but mainly macroeconomic data of the issue will be much easier and including the Aigas.

In spite of that trading currencies also require a lot of research and practice, but it does not require to have shops that background of economic and accounting that you need equity markets to be successful shops. So you find a lot of successful traders in the currency market belong to the backgrounds are not necessarily linked to traffickers in much the economic sphere, there are basically engineers, doctors or staff or students.

We do not want to understand from this that currency trading is quite easy, of course .. but we do not mean that everyone, even of they do not have significant economic background can practice and experience and found to be reasonably successful traders Unlike other markets.
High Leverage high-multiplexed
You know now that the multiplier is the ratio of the amount that you are required to push a token for each unit of the item to the full value of the item. As you know that the basis for the introduction of margin based on the leverage that enables you to trade in a commodity worth more than what you pay dozens of times while retaining full profit and if you actually have the item.
The higher the percentage multiplier that gives them a company that was able to deal with the trading value of greater than physical goods without having to pay a large sum as a token refundable, and this gives you access to more than profits by increasing the percentage multiplier. سوق كوم

For example: When you allow the company to double by 1:10 you will be required to pay $ 1,000 for trading commodity worth $ 10,000. But when the company allows to double by 1:20 you will be required to pay $ 1,000 for trading commodity worth $ 20,000.

As mentioned, you can calculate the amount of margin required to boost user of the following equation:
Used margin on each lot = contract size / percentage multiplier.

As you know, can be traded on a margin in all financial markets, Whether you choose to trade commodities or equities or currencies, you will find a lot of brokerage firms that opens the way for you to trading volume exceeds several times your size.

The different percentage multiplier granted by brokerage firms depending on the type of market and depending on the company that will deal with it. The currency market is a market which has the largest proportion of doubling among other markets up to 200 times ..! Any payment to you versus the amount of $ 1,000 margin the user will be able to buy and sell coins worth $ 200,000 ..! Which is the rate prevailing in the currency market which is currently much larger than the percentage multiplier that can be obtained in other markets.

For these reasons, we believe that the previous trading the currency market marginal international system offers the best chance for the least risk and stores the normal term for economic specialization and accounting, it is the area most open to the majority of people.

Therefore, we will allocate the rest of the lessons to learn how to trade and the foundations of the international currency market and which, if granted what you need to exercise informed and will be the fastest way to get a huge return of physical Whether you choose to work part-time or partially.

Profit Prophecy Review

Profit Prophecy Review In 2009, released the State Department for a number of official documents relating to economic policy and monetary to the United States during the period of 1969 -1972 , which is a very important time cast a shadow over the global economy of trade, financial and monetary since that time and are still so far, despite the lapse of more than four decades, and documents released by the phrase about the details of the meetings and interviews to the American administration, which led ultimately to the announcement by President (Nixon) on 15 August 1971 for the closure of the gold window and stop swapping gold in dollars, according to the Treaty (Bretton Woods).

According to the documents released and the other (John Konalla John B. Connally) and Minister of the Treasury in the administration of President (Nixon) I think that if it does not exist in the American administration that time perhaps that history was doomed in a different way than it ended up, (Konalla) was the focus of The basis of the United States will abandon the Convention (Bretton Woods) or, as they say from (AZ a TO Z) has been present before, during and after the decision of the President (Nixon).

The appointment (John Konalla) Profit Prophecy for safe _alma that a democratic, unlike the President (Nixon), a Republican, despite opposition from many of this Altaaan_ was something strange, he came to the administration of President (Nixon) on February 11 of the year 1971, ie before 5 months of stop the United States dollar exchange for gold and left on 12 June 1972, he spent less than a year and a half in the administration of President (Nixon), his every step led to the cancellation of the Convention (Bretton Woods), he knows what needs to be done like a man on a special mission or came to one goal; Having led what came of him left, ie, he personally presented to the administration of President (Nixon) for a single task, a support or to persuade or clicking on the (Nixon) to abandon the agreement (Bretton Woods) .

Even in the morning following the decision of the President (Nixon) any in the August 16, 1971 AD there was a kind of chaos by companies and workers on how to deal with the decision to freeze where he was Presidential Order provides for the freezing of prices and wages with the exception of agricultural products for a period of ninety days, if not a has the answers, even the presidential decision has not been issued yet; no one knows how to deal with the situation with the exception of (Konalla) responded to questions from journalists at the Ministry of Treasury and took explains what it means to freeze wages and prices, and said: "The decision as you have heard no prices nor wages can increase for ninety day except agricultural products, "then took explains's (Virginia Nair) Virginia Knauer advisor to President saying:" Remember, Virginia if the option _mntg Zraaa_ you can raise prices, but when it becomes pickled freezes " Profit Prophecy so that option after manufacturing is subject to the system to freeze prices.

Another incident occurred three days after the issuance of the presidential decision was announced, an official source from the Pentagon that the freeze would not include the increase in the salaries of military personnel, which was scheduled to begin by the end of August, but (Konalla) Contact the Ministry of Defence said: "It seems that the Ministry of Defense have a bad understanding of the president's decision, "and added that the freeze also includes brass and asked the Defense Ministry issued a statement stating that the salary increase parked in accordance with the decision of the President, and after an hour of his request was issued the statement.

All from inside and outside the administration was carried out as requested Press For Profit until the President (Nixon) was afraid and horrified of (Konalla), this is what the historian (Bruce Shulman) and added that Secretary of State (Henry Kissinger) also stated that (Konalla) is the person or the only party in the administration of President (Nixon), who did not speak or criticize the president behind his back.

Based on the above I say that (John Konalla) was the leader who convinced President (Nixon) or rather persuaded the administration to close the gold window, despite opposition from many in the administration of President (Nixon) of this resolution, including (Arthur Barnes), President of the Reserve Bank former Federal under President Nixon, has said Burns, in his memoirs, which were issued in a book in 2010 entitled (Diary of Arthur Burns, the secret 1969 -1974 AD) that he was opposed and strongly plan President (Nixon) in (the closure of the gold window) and approved in (Camp David) during the period from August 13 to 15, 1971 AD, but was considered (Burns) closure is an admission of defeat against inflation, and added that it will gladly Soviets and their newspaper, the official (Pravda), which will be considered closure collapse of capitalism, but (Nixon) rejected the argument (Burns) and went with the opinion of the Secretary of the Treasury (Konalla), which he described (Burns) in his memoirs that he does not know anything about the economy and is not interested to know or learn, where he was (Konalla) and strongly supports the closure of the gold window.

Not head of a former federal (Arthur Burns) is the only one in the administration of President (Nixon) who had opposed the closure of the gold window, (Henry Kissinger) who served as Assistant to the President for National Security also part amazed that such a decision is important or historical without consulting or invitation of Foreign Minister (William Rogers) or the National Security Advisor (Kissinger) to a meeting at Camp David, where he was Secretary of the Treasury Press For Profit Review is Almistr the meeting and house and taken decisions during the meeting; therefore find his name is present in every step taken by the , during and after the decision, the existence of (Konalla) in the American administration is essential for decision-making and support for President (Nixon) in the closure of the gold window, unlike many members of the administration who were opposed strongly the principle of abandoning Treaty (Bretton Woods).

So the question is: Was Set (John Konalla) _alve linking him strong relationship with oil companies in the (Texas), which was suffering from heavy losses due to low prices and nationalization, which has started to take its way to the industry minister of a safe at a critical stage of the American administration in its relations with Europe and the world? A Democrat, a Republican president within the Department of the majority of his administration opposes abandoning Treaty (Bretton Woods) with the aim: to persuade and support and the support or pressure on the president (Nixon) to abandon the agreement (Bretton Woods)! Is the alternative was ready and who was known to as (petro)? And most importantly, is this: Is the American President (Richard Nixon) had prior knowledge of the arrival of (petro) before closing the gold window August 15, 1971 AD?