500K Project Review

500K Project Review Trading skills acquired rolling after a period of trading and in this case to review his mistakes and the search for causes and follow-up on an ongoing basis.
In this article, we talk about one of the critical skills that may take time, "a long time" from rolling even go unnoticed and applied in a practical way in spite of its simplicity implied, this skill is:

500K Project Review skill choose the currency pair: the rolling sometimes, "analyzed some couples then choose pairs" certain "and enter into a deal to buy, spend hours and the pair did not act like his peers was the least profitable despite achievable for direction, this happens a lot," among traders and even professionals and for choose a suitable husband rolling follow the following:

To be seen rolling into the majors and the following is analyzed which: EUR / USD GBP / USD AUD / USD USD / JPY USD / CAD USD / CHF.

If what he saw rolling that the EUR / USD in the rise of the largest of the AUD / USD what this means may be trading a pair of EUR / AUD best, and vice 500K Project versa if he wanted to choose between the couple in terms of purchasing Vzoj the EUR / AUD assisted in identifying whichever is weaker or stronger.

In the case of rolling saw that both my husband the EUR / USD and the GBP / USD in the fall, he help of a pair of EUR / GBP to determine if the weaker bearish "what this means is that the weaker euro and the pair EUR / USD the most suitable for sale.

In the case of vision that the husband of the USD / CHF on the verge of a strong reduction as well as he saw that a pair of USD / CAD on the verge of the rise of a strong, it is preferable to choose a pair of CAD / CHF selling "because the Canadian in its weakest and the franc at its strongest Let us take a peak at the dissonance of In order to produce the largest number of points is.

In the case of a rolling analysis of the pair USD / CHF and found the upside, "and then he analyzed the pair GBP / USD and found the upside," it is preferable to enter into a deal to buy a pair of the GBP / CHF.

So, in other words, that the rolling analysis of the majors (which enters where the USD) and then linking them to each other and compares them to choose the most profitable couples.

Friday is considered one of the important trading days in the week, where usually "what shaped clear opportunities during the Asian and European as well as American and usually consists of many key turning points during the 500K Project Review American session the same day.

After NOTE times and times of market opportunities constitute observed at a given time is usually "what shaped him opportunities at short time and this time is Friday at 21:00" GMT Winter "and time 20:00" GMT (during the summer period ).

Test this time was repeatedly "and again" over the full year by a team in the Gulf Forex analysis, it was noted that it is always "At precisely 21:00" (Mecca) is formed at the entrances clear couples active FPS short time between 5/10/15 minutes.

This shows the importance of timing in trading in the currency markets and instead "that eliminates rolling all the American session in front of a computer, he can count that trading in Insured Profits the first two hours of them and return at exactly 9:00 (Mecca Winter") to seize the opportunity proved to follow it almost certain that the couples active moving in a particular direction after this time on Friday.

Usually, "What are the Christmas period period of" quiet "500K Project trading where couples moving horizontally slow known as b (horizontal price channels), and usually" These are moves in the last third of December.

But unlike every year that saw the month of December of 2010, the movement of "strong for some couples, especially" in the first week and last month, where it was noted Turndat constitute a powerful movements and movements dominated by the character of continuity for some couples.

And therefore is considered the month of December of 2010, a departure "from the norm, but it was positive," many of the traders who are used to slow the market this month, where they could make a profit if they are less than in the active months of the year.

And building "on what has been observed during this month For rolling that warns trading in the second week and the third of December, where witnessed the case of fluctuation is clear, but these results have been drawn for the year 2010 and therefore must not forget the general nature where the period of 500K Project oscillation often" are in the last 500K Project third of the of the month.

Here, we must mention the importance of the month of January next year, where the beginning of the year and the beginning of a new cycle of economic and financial new to many central banks and large commercial like 500K Project HSBC Bank, Bank of America, UBS Bank ..... etc..



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