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Profit Prophecy Review In 2009, released the State Department for a number of official documents relating to economic policy and monetary to the United States during the period of 1969 -1972 , which is a very important time cast a shadow over the global economy of trade, financial and monetary since that time and are still so far, despite the lapse of more than four decades, and documents released by the phrase about the details of the meetings and interviews to the American administration, which led ultimately to the announcement by President (Nixon) on 15 August 1971 for the closure of the gold window and stop swapping gold in dollars, according to the Treaty (Bretton Woods).

According to the documents released and the other (John Konalla John B. Connally) and Minister of the Treasury in the administration of President (Nixon) I think that if it does not exist in the American administration that time perhaps that history was doomed in a different way than it ended up, (Konalla) was the focus of The basis of the United States will abandon the Convention (Bretton Woods) or, as they say from (AZ a TO Z) has been present before, during and after the decision of the President (Nixon).

The appointment (John Konalla) Profit Prophecy for safe _alma that a democratic, unlike the President (Nixon), a Republican, despite opposition from many of this Altaaan_ was something strange, he came to the administration of President (Nixon) on February 11 of the year 1971, ie before 5 months of stop the United States dollar exchange for gold and left on 12 June 1972, he spent less than a year and a half in the administration of President (Nixon), his every step led to the cancellation of the Convention (Bretton Woods), he knows what needs to be done like a man on a special mission or came to one goal; Having led what came of him left, ie, he personally presented to the administration of President (Nixon) for a single task, a support or to persuade or clicking on the (Nixon) to abandon the agreement (Bretton Woods) .

Even in the morning following the decision of the President (Nixon) any in the August 16, 1971 AD there was a kind of chaos by companies and workers on how to deal with the decision to freeze where he was Presidential Order provides for the freezing of prices and wages with the exception of agricultural products for a period of ninety days, if not a has the answers, even the presidential decision has not been issued yet; no one knows how to deal with the situation with the exception of (Konalla) responded to questions from journalists at the Ministry of Treasury and took explains what it means to freeze wages and prices, and said: "The decision as you have heard no prices nor wages can increase for ninety day except agricultural products, "then took explains's (Virginia Nair) Virginia Knauer advisor to President saying:" Remember, Virginia if the option _mntg Zraaa_ you can raise prices, but when it becomes pickled freezes " Profit Prophecy so that option after manufacturing is subject to the system to freeze prices.

Another incident occurred three days after the issuance of the presidential decision was announced, an official source from the Pentagon that the freeze would not include the increase in the salaries of military personnel, which was scheduled to begin by the end of August, but (Konalla) Contact the Ministry of Defence said: "It seems that the Ministry of Defense have a bad understanding of the president's decision, "and added that the freeze also includes brass and asked the Defense Ministry issued a statement stating that the salary increase parked in accordance with the decision of the President, and after an hour of his request was issued the statement.

All from inside and outside the administration was carried out as requested Press For Profit until the President (Nixon) was afraid and horrified of (Konalla), this is what the historian (Bruce Shulman) and added that Secretary of State (Henry Kissinger) also stated that (Konalla) is the person or the only party in the administration of President (Nixon), who did not speak or criticize the president behind his back.

Based on the above I say that (John Konalla) was the leader who convinced President (Nixon) or rather persuaded the administration to close the gold window, despite opposition from many in the administration of President (Nixon) of this resolution, including (Arthur Barnes), President of the Reserve Bank former Federal under President Nixon, has said Burns, in his memoirs, which were issued in a book in 2010 entitled (Diary of Arthur Burns, the secret 1969 -1974 AD) that he was opposed and strongly plan President (Nixon) in (the closure of the gold window) and approved in (Camp David) during the period from August 13 to 15, 1971 AD, but was considered (Burns) closure is an admission of defeat against inflation, and added that it will gladly Soviets and their newspaper, the official (Pravda), which will be considered closure collapse of capitalism, but (Nixon) rejected the argument (Burns) and went with the opinion of the Secretary of the Treasury (Konalla), which he described (Burns) in his memoirs that he does not know anything about the economy and is not interested to know or learn, where he was (Konalla) and strongly supports the closure of the gold window.

Not head of a former federal (Arthur Burns) is the only one in the administration of President (Nixon) who had opposed the closure of the gold window, (Henry Kissinger) who served as Assistant to the President for National Security also part amazed that such a decision is important or historical without consulting or invitation of Foreign Minister (William Rogers) or the National Security Advisor (Kissinger) to a meeting at Camp David, where he was Secretary of the Treasury Press For Profit Review is Almistr the meeting and house and taken decisions during the meeting; therefore find his name is present in every step taken by the , during and after the decision, the existence of (Konalla) in the American administration is essential for decision-making and support for President (Nixon) in the closure of the gold window, unlike many members of the administration who were opposed strongly the principle of abandoning Treaty (Bretton Woods).

So the question is: Was Set (John Konalla) _alve linking him strong relationship with oil companies in the (Texas), which was suffering from heavy losses due to low prices and nationalization, which has started to take its way to the industry minister of a safe at a critical stage of the American administration in its relations with Europe and the world? A Democrat, a Republican president within the Department of the majority of his administration opposes abandoning Treaty (Bretton Woods) with the aim: to persuade and support and the support or pressure on the president (Nixon) to abandon the agreement (Bretton Woods)! Is the alternative was ready and who was known to as (petro)? And most importantly, is this: Is the American President (Richard Nixon) had prior knowledge of the arrival of (petro) before closing the gold window August 15, 1971 AD?


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