Children Learning Reading Program Review

Children Learning Reading Program Review Recent research carried out by the expert Christina Dai of the University of Newcastle in Britain, that the parties to talk, which children showed the process learning to talk is in fact a more sophisticated and complex than was thought originally, it was found that a child at the age of two to three years is used as the time much earlier than expected, to come search results challenge the prevailing among specialists in this field of view of the view that the words of children at an early age combinations devoid of any grammatical words.

The Children Learning Reading research on 50 children speak French together, and between the ages of 23 and 37 months, were recording their sentences spoken, noted Christina and her use of children as "short words" in the formation of sentence structure, such as the word appreciate, or is to be, and others.

According to the report by a recent report of the magazine "Science Daily", the use of advanced recording technology, including highly sensitive microphones were hidden close to the children in order to capture the sounds that minute.

The researchers reached after a big effort in order to analyze each voice intonations for children, and the context in which it was to the word, to be a clear pattern of sounds and puffs of air, have not been discovered previously, solution constantly replace grammatical words in many parts of the talk.

Said Christina Many of the children uttered voice or fired breath lightly, or even paused in the place where the use of grammatical word usually, pointing out that this sound is always issued in the correct place of the sentence, which leads to the belief that young children are familiar with the words grammatical, and more sophisticated grammatical competence.

The Children Learning Reading research team points out that their research is useful in understanding the reason behind the delayed speech in children, lack of children learning to talk naturally can lead to serious problems at the time of Advanced Age.

For example, those people will be more likely to suffer from mental illness, or they are within the category of the unemployed, so what if researchers could understand the reason for this delay can intervene to help those children.
Recent British study found that watching TV for long periods of improvement in school performance in children, contrary to what is known a long time ago, where parents seek to limit their children from watching him to improve their school.

And conducted this study at the University of London and published in the Journal of Sociology and where was the follow-up of 11 thousand children from birth until the age of 7 years, so as to know the various social and family factors influence the system daily in the home, such as food and sleep time and the amount of watching TV on school children's level.

And was one of the How To Teach Children To Read results of the study also found that social and educational level of the people of the most influencing factors on school children's performance, as it turned out that this performance was ahead by a year when children who are working parents in occupations that require skill and high levels of expertise and high-income compared to all the children who are working parents in occupations do not require skill or high or low-income expertise.

For other factors of the study did not have the daily system and strict rules in the home and a clear impact on the performance of school children, where children regular meals improved level by 6 weeks only, and did not sleep improves their level of regular time only two months.

In this regard, the Children Learning Reading Program researchers say that the educational benefits of TV on children have been overlooked and underestimated for a long time, but he can not deny his role in providing them with a lot of information and experiences as well as vocabulary words and expressions that can not hear it at home or school.


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